C.A.R.S - Билд 141

На этой неделе ожидается выпуск 141 билда альфа-версии гоночного автосима C.A.R.S, который будет доступен для скачивания всем участникам разработки игры - игрокам, пожелавшим поддержать разработку проекта по системе World Of Mass Development.
Билд уже доступен для скачивания участникам Team Member и выше; Junior Member получат билд в пятницу, 3 февраля 2012 года.

Помимо множественных улучшений геймплея, трасс и интерфейса игры, главной особенностью новой версии стали существенные усовершенствования в системах input & force feedback.

Перечень изменений за месяц  
Build 141 (30/1/12, Team Member+)
Disable visual steering wheel prediction
FFB progressive slip updates for understeer improvements
Protect against no vehicle details having been set for player when doing seat adjustments
Take direction into account when validating quick race track selection
WIP - subtle FFB engine vibration (enabled on Logitech devices for now). New profile required
Input Lag updates
Added F1 menu item for Render Bridge Interval
Legs/fingers micromovement
Updated the TRDs to have appropriate "Setup Group" data (Circuits/Karts/Test Track)
SuperKart: cockpit display added
Seatbelts and face rig added for Driver
Ariel Atom: new collisions finished, WIP ambient occlusion
Massive update to the UI (see UI Engineering Thread)
Corrected maximum opponent count.
Decimal places added to Tire Pressure in advance of Steve reducing the number by 100
Set quick race grid position to random (may change depending on WMD poll result).
Car Setup on main screen swapped over to Options instead
Increase grip of drains and astro turf.
1st pass textures Belgian Forest
Deleted desktop and start menu Wip Lag shortcuts
New Connecticut Hill exports
New Belgium Forest export

Build 140 (30/1/12, Senior Manager)
Added callbacks to modify setup visual values
Remove hardcoded max participant numbers in special effects code
Validate quick race menu options when changing track
Driver paddle animations, idle finger animations
-new 1pv 3pv , in out sets, adjusted with local layers for better manipulation
Driver helmet skin cleanup + visor bones added
Driver rig export + face rig + seatbelt rig added
Moved the starting point for the rolling start for the TT event on Bologna. Player now takes control just before the 90 degree turn before the S/F straight.
Allow 32 participants in quick race again
Add 1st pass textures for Belgian Forest asset
New Bathurst export
New Northampton export
New Caterham export

Build 139 (26/1/12, Team Member+)
Added shortcuts for pCARS_WipLag.exe
Tweak FFB self aligning torque algorithm
Added handling of some extreme cases in AI driver steering computation to avoid invalid float value results
Fix for debug rendering under DX11 - the internal shader was failing to compile, causing a crash when used with the input graph
Constant force balancing work
FFB updates to constant force
Further FFB self alignment work
Allow AI at Belgium Forest
New WDF file based off Bologna at Belgian Forest
Skinning and materials tweaks for driver
Increased the leaves density in one of the zones at CH
All LODs finished, minor polishing to the car, vertex AO baked on LODs Caterham
New Kart physics for the new low speed (<13 m/s) tyre model fix. The 126CC Kart was adjusted at Glencairn. The New 250CC Super Kart is a high speed track Kart so was created using Bologna to test. Both Karts were tested with 360 deg lock
Tweaked AI grip and slip angles to make it somewhat drivable for the AI. Super Kart tyre
New Caterham export
New Leonus F86 export
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forrest export
New California Raceway export
New Northampton export

Known Bugs with WIP Lag Exe version

1. Alt-tab instability.
2. "Unsmooth" visual steering wheel on all systems (not the thing Remco reported).
3. Jerking/flicking steering wheel on some systems (this is Remco''s/vik''s).
4. Camera glitch when pressing escape to pause.
5. Gamepad steering smoothing broken.
6. Live lap timing tab control intermittently broken.
7. Visible steering wheel option broken for cars with "info" steering wheels like the LM11 and Formula B (it''s always on, although driver arms don''t show if you have the option set to off).

Build 138 (26/1/12, Senior Manager)
Default ffb spring coefficient set to 1.0 on custom/TM wheels
Re-instate driving line support.
Get auto gear box metrics from the local driving aid data
Added pit speed limiter state override when in pit lane
Set initial vehicle path based on spawn location
FFB - centre spring increase
FFB pneumatic trail fix for constant force code
Bologna map checked in
Particle zones added for leaves in the CH GP
Dropped engine inertia per forum feedback. Ariel Atom, Mugen and Caterham 500
New liveries for the Caterham
Add textures for stands (California Raceway)
Asano LM11: fixed steeringwheel pivot
Superkart added to the game
Fixed thumb and skin on driver
New Bathurst export
New Ariel Atom V8
New Asano LM11 TDX export
Enabled E-brake to streetable cars. Set to 75% power. All 3 Ariel Atom versions, Caterham 500, Gumpert Apollo.
Change Ride height adjustment granularity from .25mm to .50 mm. Fixed ride height rake on a few cars. Cars changed: Asano TC, Asano LMP, Formula B, GP1977, GP1986, Racer 4, Racer 8.

Build 137 (25/1/12, Senior Manager)
Removed old slider code specific for ride height, fixes inverted ride height display
Front and rear tyre slip FFB work
Front and rear wing invert display in setup screen
Disable fake particles thrown at player car when it is behind an AI car, as they look crap currently
FFB updates: fixed loss of spring resulting from rear wheel longitudal slip, increased spring during forward weight shift, increased power to constant resulting from vehicle yaw, also modify constant based upon terrain type. Tested with Formula B and Caterham at Connecticut Short with G27.
Minor tweak to FFB weight shift code. Also default average weight to 1.0f
Ariel Atom: updated collision for all three with better fitting shapes. Wheel-tire shapes will be removed once wheel to wheel collisions are enabled.
Updated hands pose, steering(±120º)
-latest rig/skinning updates merged
New physics for the Leonus Cars. Changes made along the line of the latest direction in tyres.
GT driver checked in for the TDX
Full liveries for the Kart

Build 136 (24/1/12, Manager+)
Added caching of old leaderboard ranks. Once GUI files are updated, the ingame leaderboards will automatically start displaying rank delta since 24 hours ago below the current rank.
Update patch number to be available for team members
Enable HUD track map tech for future track maps
Ariel Atom: New ambient shadows and Ultra detail settings for Mugen and V8
Paint UV mapping update on the Kart
Ariel Atoms: reduced max steering lock to prevent suspension from exploding
Northampton texture update
Changes to the base cooling of race slicks. Dropped the initial temps to 20c and the sensitivity to being under temp by 3x. Also removed some grip and downforce of the Formula B along balance to suit.
Cars affected:
Formula_B, Asano LMP, Asano TC
Removed profile deletion from the patch

Build 135 (20/1/12, Team Member+)
FFB updates. New spring code, revised rumble strip effects, effects can now be modified by F1 menu.
Expose opponent type selection to GUI.
T500RS wheel spring forces enabled and functional (may require some tuning)
Ariel Atom: All suspension animations finished
Reduced motion blur a little.
Caterham: New liveries added
New physics on Racer cars based on the new tyre direction. Dropped main grip / increased sliding grip. Also even out front and rear base grips and staggered the load sensitivites. Misc chassis balance changes to suit.
Darkened race groove a little.
New export of California Raceway

Build 134 (20/1/12, Team Member+)
Fix for NULL deref that can occur if the stats callback occurs after loading is complete
Ariel Atom Mugen: fixed halfshaft bone orientations
Bumped all vehicle versions ready for stat wipe
More detail changes to the Ariel Atom models. Mostly braking balance, aero drag and a bit more work on the tyres base grip vs sliding grip amounts
New exports of Northampton circuit, Ariel Atom 300 and Mugen

Build 133 (19/1/12, Senior Manager)
Removed hard-coded sync instructions which caused stuttering on DX11 front end
Livery names set back to colour names until liveries are checked in on Caterham
New Atom 300 liveries
New changes to all 3 Ariel Atom versions. Same as previous cars featuring new direction with the tyres and any balance changes need to suit. More control over the peak with a bit more sliding before the peak
New Formula B. Lots of detail changed besides the new tyres. Aero drag a bit too high so re adjusted that down. Also the top gearing was dropped to match the default aero setup better. The brakes were overheating so revamped the cooling parameters and default duct settings. Tested at 360 degrees lock
Slight tweak of the grip for less understeer on Asano X4
Updated pixel shader input
Tweaks to brakes, aero and gearing, Formula B and Asano X4
Tweaks after driving the Leonus F68. Mostly dampers. Removed alot of the slow speed damping and made the high speed more promonent
New Connecticut Hill''s export
New Bologna export
New Bathurst export
Northampton added to the game

Build 132 (18/1/12, Senior Manager)
Fixed the FFB gravel state not working correctly
Atom V8: template fixed (added air intake front)
Livery names update
Fix: RIG: bone name corrections
Atom V8: new collision meshes
Atom 300: QA checks and fixes on all 3 versions. All 3 are Beta1 now

Build 131 (17/1/12, Manager+)
Minor FFB yaw and bump tweaks
Some jolt ffb changes reverted
1Reduced client-side stat & leaderboard cache duration to one minute
Fix for graphics config, whereby it would fail to match up a requested mode in certain circumstances
New Gumpert export
Added 10% more brake torque to each wheel of the Asano
Some new physics. Change to allow more sliding by dropping the base grp considerably, and leaving the sliding grip higher. Also change cornering stiffness and braking stiffness to get the right feel. Lossened the differential up Leonus F68
Added more accurate cut tracks. Left somewhat liberal for curb use up En Rouge and in some of the faster corners with larger runnoffs as it dosen''t affext lap times really. Also added 36 start spots to match a new start graphics placed by the artists

Build 130 (16/1/12, Senior Manager)
FFB updates: raised gear change and brake slopes for balacing reasons. Reduced jolt levels and other constant forces that were too strong. Fixed problem with sudden unexpected force throwing the car off its driving line. Fixed the collision/impact force which wasn''t working. Added steering weight when in gravel. Players MUST press Reset in their controllers panel or start a new profile. Tested on Logitech G27 with 100% Logitech force, 360 degree rotation, 75% in-game controller strength.
Reduced the level before the sounds become virtual, so low RPM/offload engine sounds stay alive even when all volumes are set to low. Also removed the optimisation from PC as the AI swapping is smoother and the cost is minimal.
FFB yaw force increased
Ariel Atom: fixed axis alignment of halfshaft bones. increased droop travel to align things correctly
Ariel Atom 300: Ultra detail now uses chassis_lodx and ignores interior
New changes in an attempt to get more sliding grip once over the peak as noted by Ben Collins. Also balance changes to each chassis if needed. Gumpert also got the grip and downforce lowered.
Cars affected with this release:
Caterham R500
Asano LMP2011
Gumpert Apollo
Vehicle list: Ariel Atom V8 added
Ariel Atom 3: better fitting ambient shadow

Build 129 (13/1/12, Team Member+)
Added a checkbox to clear your profile to the installer, PLEASE LEAVE THIS CHECKED FOR THIS BUILD, AS PROFILES NEED TO BE DELETED.... - please note: graphics config files are not being affected, so you won''t need to reconfigure your graphics
Wheel convex shape vertices are precomputed on startup
Number of sides to approximate the wheel can be specified by integer, to allow for precision control e.g. machine speed
Freecam rotation now scaled by tan of half-FoV so that zoomed in movement feels appropriate rather than being over-sensitive
Added livery selection
FFB tweaks based upon early feedback (reduce centre spring under driving straight line, boost fine detail a little)
Dialled a little more weight back into the centre spring
Caterham R500: Ultra LOD settings file
Ariel 300, ultra detail: ignore chassis mesh until we reoranize the models
Formula B: reorganized models to allow Ultra detail level
New Formula B export
New California Raceway export

Build 128 (12/1/12, Senior Manager)
Calculation and display of potential best lap time and corresponding live delta
Changed free camera nearZ to 0.1m (was 1.0m)
Fix for app-exit crash when asynchronous stat upload is interrupted
Added protection for null response tex
Ariel Atom: WIP Ultra LADX suspension skinning
Hide the Lap Info pages when in minimal HUD mode
New Bathurst export

Build 127 (11/1/12, Senior Manager)
Disabled sky boost until we can reduce the impact on surrounding areas
Input: Fixed handling of multiple controllers
Ultra highlevel cars for Ariels
Higher emap factor to help with bluey sheen
Bodywork2 emap factor set to 0.8
Data changes to get wind buffeting audio working for open topped cars (can be heard with the Caterham R500)

Build 126 (10/1/12, Manager+)
Filter out duplicate DX11 video modes that have identical integer refresh rates
Add predicted position to hd vehicle during rolling starts
Fixed physics DoubleBuffer class template to be thread-safe
Added max springiness and lateral stiffness per tyre / axle to be passed to tyre deformation code
Envmap sky boost. This includes F1 menu editing (can toggle on and off and modify the multipliers), and support for reading the values from the WDF files
PC installer. Made pCARS to append default folder to non-default install path when using browse
New export of Bathurst

Build 125 (9/1/12, Senior Manager)
Fix for incorrect mouse position in DX11
Updated Caterham Client Vehicle version