C.A.R.S. - Junior-мемберам стал доступен билд #164

В прошлую пятницу участники разработки Junior-класса получили возможность опробовать 164 билд пре-альфа версии гоночного автосима C.A.R.S., разработкой которого занимается Slightly Mad Studios.
Напомним, чтобы стать участником разработки Junior-класса, нужно заплатить €10.

Главными особенностями нового билда стали: новая система освещения, значительные улучшения физической модели и функции обратной связи, а также обновленные версии трасс.

Перечень изменений за месяц  
Reduced suspension forces linearly for AI at very low speeds
FFB road noise and force balancing tweaks
Remove custom printf hooks on exit to make sure they''re not called during CRT cleanup
Shadow improvements to work with time of day changing
Add missing default for track order override property.
Tweaked Logitech rumblestrip force
Adding per-car tweakable values for the behaviour of the surface sounds
Weather fix for dynamic particle lighting.
Adjust shadow update threshold
Tyre scrub effect for more capable wheels
Fix for spot shadows
Disabled cloud domes on a toggle
Reduce jolt impact for player to vehicle collisions
Fixed order of in game exit process to prevent the intermittent return to GUI crash caused by particle deletion order. Fixed particle manager cleanup to prevent multiple calls to Reset function
Updated adjustment of friction factors of contacts between vehicles
Computation of relative velocity between vehicles in contact now uses velocities at contact point
HUD: added new minimal HUD
HUD: backgrounds slightly darker
Wtc and sky texture tweaks
Headlights turn off later, wtc edit
Loire texture updates
Ariel Atom 3 - cockpit glow texture
Asano TDX - cockpit glow texture
Asano TDX - Steering wheel glow texture
Caterham R500 - cockpit glow texture
Gumpert Apollo - cockpit glow texture
HUD: fixed broken lap gadgets
HUD: adding laptimes to all HUD variants
Reduced bump amplitude for bumpyroads1 from 2cm to 1.4cm
Hide car when rear looking from roof cam
Reduced adrenalin, stamina and concentration effects on AI
Added new HUD fonts
Quick Race and Display screens updated
Updated the TRDs and tracklists to appear in the correct menu order
Fixed Motec display colour
Fix for START button, and support for Min/Max opponent difficulty
Added HUD Motec to a few cars
Reduced headlight range a little
5-10% reduction in tyre force multiplier
Added 64 grid support to AIW. TRD also updated. Tracks: Bologna, Connecticut Hill, Connecticut Hill Short
Improved DX11 tree shaders - increased alpha cut-off to match DX9, and moved alpha test to before dither to ensure it makes best use of alpha to coverage
New Connecticut exports
New Loire exports

Build 163 (1/3/12, Senior Manager)
Moved hard-coded GameAudioManager skid sound tweaking out into SurfaceSoundConfig.hrdf. Updated the data to use HRDF instead of RTTI XML and removed old RTTI code/data
Widen race groove slightly
Weather system , new sphere dome
Reinstated phase 1 writing to trees, to block sun behind solid areas, plus increased phase 1 alpha test to prevent badly lit edges around trees
Wtc conditions removed to save texture mem
HUD: added generic Motec display
HUD: changed 3D elements for new minimal HUD
Temp sun disc stand in flare updated with proper one. new wtc added that uses hdr skydomes
Balancing changes - engine levels, exhausts, transmission, wind etc for all cars
Volume and 3D distance changes
New Northampton export

Build 162 (29/2/12, Senior Manager)
Fixed bug with "day lights" implementation which prevented light glows from appearing on them if the headlights were set up with a lens flare
Assign available custom liveries to AI.
Removed all the old wdf files as they are no use anymore.
Changed the cloud cover dds file to be clouds_shadow_heavy01
Set default weather clock speed to be 1 sec -> 1 min
Live editing enabled for all configs
Disable HUD vignette as it doesn''t play nicely with night skies
Shadows blurred by FXAA pass
Time scale factor at 60x for now pending GUI additions
Add start time and progression options
Fix for failing to load sky ring mesh
Fix for FXAA blurring shadows on DX11
Changed default race start time to 1pm
Updated camera positions for Formula B and X4
Cloud shadow textures added
Fix for sky dome not rendeirng hdr
Leonus F68: default steering ratio lowered to 12.0:1
Gumpert: changed order of liveries/paint in RCF
Ariel Atom 3 - cockpit glow texture. Doubled size
TDX - cockpit glow texture. Doubled size
TDX - Steering wheel glow texture. Doubled size
Caterham Superlight R500. Cockpit texture. Resized to correct size
Caterham Superlight R500. Cockpit glow texture. Doubled size
Gumpert Apollo S - Cockpit glow texture. Doubled size
Balanced AI tweakers so adjustments are not made based on race phase
HUD: New HUD design
Foliage shader conversion to fully alpha (with solid areas)
Formula A: physics update
Caterham - Stiffer tyres
TDX - Fixed damper slow and fast swapped. Re-adjsuted to suit
Fix shaders to stop DX11 suffering from dithered glass and trees

Known Issue: As this is the first build to introduce the ToD feature, we have quite a few crashes. (We are working on them )

Build 161 (28/2/12, Manager+)
Filter out liveries with missing textures and validate profile data
Reset of custom DOF mode sets the camera focus to selected participant
Updated AI defaults
Fixed Ultra shadows back
Tyre sound thresholds adjusted to suit new tyres
HUD telemetry engine power and torque can show negative values
Adjust dirt buildup for a bit of dirt at race start and a lot at the end
Fixed bug in dirt generation
Reduce magnitude of FFB gear change effect for G25 and G27
Torque limiter and bump amplification, so that road is more visible during other forces
Racer car camera moved back and centered
Formula A: Adding more custom livery slots
Wheels shaders specular factor 1.0. Same diffuse reduction on both wheels shaders to fix evident blur transition
Fixed reported floating trees at Bathurst
Alterations to the chassis scrape sounds; using an additional bump sound and tamed scrape so that it''s more of a hit than before with larger forces and just a scrape with lighter forces. Needs further tuning and per car setup
Asano LM11: switched brake balance with fuel load on cockpit display
Leonus F68: Updated physics
New Bathurst export
New Asano X4 export

Build 160 (24/2/12, Team Member +)
- Added the notion of ''fade level'' to BForceEffect, used as a secondary gain control
- Added the notion of ''boost'' to AppInput::cForce. Used to promote one particular force above the others (0 = no boost - no change, 1 = max boost - completely silences all other forces).
- cForceSteeringSpring modified to include a ''lock'' mode where the effect params are switched to emulate a bump-stop when the wheel lock has been exceeded.
- Removed cForceSteeringLock.
Disabled legacy deadzone helpers.
Removed ultra shadow option, until it can be properly debugged and reinstated taking into account the shadow changes
New Loire export
Known issue on the Racer cars, driver has been removed for now, also cockpit cam is a bit too close to the dash.

Build 159 (24/2/12, Team Member +)
Severity of vehicle crash damage state is not decreased when vehicle collides with heavy dynamic object
Tweaked Logitech FFB kerb settings
Limit fallback AIs to race liveries
Increase freecam speed to compensate for changes to time steps - now correctly matches whether paused or not, and feels more appropriate for fast and slow modes
Disabled other uses of key combinations required by freecam when in freecam mode, to prevent accidental debug information etc
Changed shake effect code to properly reflect requested frequency, by not resetting to a movement endpoint on whole tick boundaries
Pre heat brakes to optimal values based on vehicle
Added PC support for Fanatec CSR, CSRE, CSW wheels using 911 as template - no per device button config applied as yet
Added undertray scrape audio volume
Ensure newer Fanatec controllers cannot match to older Turbo S wheel
Add profile option to toggle HUD map on/off
Completed last few remaining free-camera isses which were effected by pausing and unpausing the game.
Changed call to camera callback when paused to use core tick rate (180Hz) instead of sub tick rate (30Hz) as basis for the timer value, this fixes the camera speed changing when paused
Added custom Depth of Field mode
Enable camera editing when paused
Reduced effect of wheel to wheel collisions (and chance of them happening to the player)
Formula A, Formula B, TDX, Racer4x, Racerv8, Gumpert Appollo, Asano X4, F68, F77, F86, Kart, and Super Kart: Physics updates
Fixed trees cutting through wall at Bologna
Gumpert: excluded paint colours from AI races
Added fresnel/specular maps for all custom liveries
Vehicle client versions incremented in advance of Aries server-side leaderboard reset (physics/tyre changes)
Leonus F68: added metallic liveries + fresnel
Show Map on HUD added
Louder Caterham AI sounds
New Bathurst, Bologna, and Loire exports

Build 158 (23/2/12, Senior Manager)
Improved dither matrix to assist with A2C dithered trees
Shadow updates: Back to 4 frustums. Higher res PC shadow maps. Improved cascade calculations
PC: Added protection against force update thread running during device restart
Fanatec textdb entries and placeholder controller icons
Foliage shaders converted to perform phase 3 light and alpha dithering - also added non-shadow lighting functions needed for these to work in phase 3
HUD: fixed overlapping numbers
Chassis scrape sound in, needs further tuning
Changes to the AI tyre slip, grip balance, and chassis under carrige stiffness. This is to try to settle the Caterham AI down. No change to the player car
Funnel the AI into turn 1 plus a few other corners on the track to keep them off the inside kerbs at CH
Reduced underbody stiffness to match other formula cars. Leonus 78 and 98T
Fixed bustop chicane AI drivng up on first kerb and crashing at Belgium Forest
Fixed lightglows, minor optimizations on Racer cars
Formula A: Added fresnel/spec map for custom livery
Edit fuel milage, underbody stiffness reduced on the TDX
New Racer cars exports

Build 157 (22/2/12, Senior Manager)
Fix for the 30-35kph induced drift/slide
Tyre Force and Tyre Grip F1 menu ranges extended
Deferred centre spring adjustment for DirectInput devices to force update thread
Default damage to visual only
Gumpert: fixed missing alpha on blurred disc spec map
New changes from Ben Collins feedback on the Formula A. Increased turnin through various changes. increased lower RPM torque considerably in the engine
Asano X4: Changes per Bens Collins feedback, reduced the longitundinal stiffness closer to the lateral stiffness. This was proabaly responsible for the "auto centering" noted by some. Rebalanced the chassis to match. Increased lock and adjusted down steer ratio to match
Increased AI grip for some lower downforce cars
Added back in some camber relative stiffness
Leonus F68: fixed wobbling rear wheel
Changed full installer to be split into multiple chunks due to 2gb size limit
New Loire exports
New Formula B export
New Leonus F68 export

Build 156 (21/2/12, Manager+)
Bring Fanatec wheel config in line with other manufacturer wheels. This is mostly for testing with CSRE/CSW and by Fanatec for any potential driver updates. Also the F1 menu items spring coefficient and gain become more relevant. New profile would be required for anyone testing this change
FFB update: squashed a bug that was adding deadzone based upon steering lock
Gearbox damage from an event should not rely on players gameplay flags
Default camera shake effects off until they''re working properly again
PC steering deadzone defaulted to zero
Fanatec steering force mix set at "Hardware"
Updated Fanatec device profile defaults to suit CSW
Default lap info display off
Gumpert: added metallic/matte effects to liveries
Added back some undertray springing for the Formual A, dropped the Formula B to match
Unlocked chase cam so camera looks in direction of velocity a little

Build 155 (20/2/12, Senior Manager)
Added function that will return the numeric version.
Added two render contexts to allow special modifications to the glass shader
Advance player physics after pushing new location during rolling start
Initially picked waypoint on track is behind start line - fixes lap counter for first grid spot and longer vehicles
GUMPERT: Livery names added
Temporary master volume reduction (50%) pending investigation into some users reporting clipping.
Increased sharpening+ mip alpha edge fixed trees at Belgian Forest
Added color variation in the GUMPERT
New Atom exports

Build 154 (17/2/12, Team Member +)
Changed Fanatec wheel default from 270 degree range to 900 degree range. This would be a problem if the player did not calibrate the wheel before driving
Removed memtrace calls from System Pool header expansion due to deadlock issue until they can be sorted properly
Fixed force effect thread crashes by implementing deferred creation/deletion of forces
Removed loading code for obsolete tracksglobal pakfile
Increased fidelity of replays for player and AI vehicles
Aries: Fixed memory leaks in Timings::ExportBestLiveLapData due to incorrect mempool overries
Ambient shadow height editing with F1 menu and reduced default to 5cm (from 25cm) to stop overlapping with bodywork
Camera / replay updates:
Physics tick and pause uses the same sync timer
Update camera using new metrics from physics
Physics sync timer uses app timer exclusively
Deprecated SetPhysicsClock no longer required
Detachable components and attached wheels are now regularly updated for AI vehicles
Detachable components are updated only once per simulation step.
Disabled automatic switch to "photomode" when pressing P - this stops the game pad right trigger from causing the camera to shoot into the ground if you hit P to pause the game
Increased number of op user channels from 12 to 13 to avoid crash occuring when changing window focus with certain wheels and recently added deferred effects deletion code
Corrected custom livery number for F68
Belgian Forest and Bathurst WDF edited and new textures added
Formula A: quick fix for offset sidepod collision mesh.
New livery for GUMPERTS
Increased far clipping dist for all cameras
Removed some understeer from the Kart. Increased front grip
New Caterham export
New California Raceway export

Build 153 (16/2/12, Senior Manager)
Removed all statics from HDR control, these were causing interference between the rear view mirror and the main scene. Hud now copies HDR params from main scene and from environment manager (otherwise mirror dims twice when in cockpit view). This stops the screen changing brightness if you turn the mirror on and off
Fix for uninitialised var in HDR setup
Fix for brake light glows
Aries: Added placeholder files for ghost sources
AI metrics updates:
Added sub-tick metrics for AI vehicles to match the higher updated metrics for the player
Adjustments to timestamping so subticks are marked appropriately
Correct component index is now reported to cockpit render on wheel detach/repair
Added some extra functionality for text merging to aid localisation process, for clearing out strings that change and writing out translations that have missing languages
Updated RCF files to contain custom wheels as well
Added physics tweakers for processing of vehicle contacts
Fixed audio compression settings so that the FormulaB and Leonus don''t use excessive disk space
Increased smoke generation thresholds to make tyre smoke less likely.
New skydome crossfade shader
Tweak to exterior 3d pan levels
Added classic belts and LODs & material
WIP new skydome rendering .. allows cross fading

Build 152 (15/2/12, Senior Manager)
Increased thresholds before skid sounds start
Revised FFB dead zone helper
Updated max steering lock scalar to 4.0
FFB deadzone work
FFB reduced over-aggressive bumps, causing problems in the kart
Racer: Adjusted roof cam to show driver''s helmet by default
Ariel Atom Mugen: AO finished. Ultra detail now using INTERIOR_LODX model
Formula A: merged in UV mapped body parts, lots of fixes, meshes cloned
New textures and improve existing - Belgian Forest
Added custom liveries for all cars
Custom wheel textures added
New Belgian Forest export
New Formula A export
New Ariel Atom Mugen export

Build 151 (14/2/12, Manager+)
Updated the game stat handling to automatically replace any personal bests stored locally in the profile by times received from the server when browsing leaderboards or when loading into a track. Also delete locally stored personal best if a personal best stat query returns nothing
TM F430/RGT FFB config updated. Users of these wheels are required to delete their player profile <default.sav>
Better graphics defaults.
Increase the max clamp of the steering lock scalar created from the steering ratio to allow ratios greater than the natural steering wheel lock. Moved VM_STEER_RATIO enum to correct place
FFB update: deadzone work, also a tweak to road noise with clamp
Gumpert Apollo 3PV steering head fix
Slightly improved Belgian Forest cameras
Initial Kart driver setup
Adjusted roof camera of Kart
Increased the brake pressure +15%. Caterham 500
Upped AI fuel load estimates by 10-15% so they won''t run out of fuel in a 3 lap or less race
Locked chase cam behind car
Turn off cockpit pertubation scaling
Fixed drain Belgian Forest textureBuild 150 (13/2/12, Senior Manager)
Multi-turn wheels now default to maximum lock instead of 360 degrees.
Old sprites removed and lower in memory now, SMS/WMD logos moved to login sprite container, Audio page updated, Video page temporarily fixed (still needs swapping to panel layout), steering lock tidied on Controls screen, Max Steering Ratio added on Setup screen (needs Geds Applink), Fast/Slow labels added on Setup screen, re-arrangement of logos on splash/login
Added MaxSteeringRatio app link
Hidden the max steering ratio value
Gumpert Apollo 1pass animation set + fixed wrong car name in .CD
Gumpert Apollo 3PV steering head fix

Build 149 (10/2/12, Team Member +)
Added Loire track
Wheel-to-wheel contact effects are now attenuated according to axial distance from wheel center
Tyre smoke bug fixes
Fix for particles not appearing in mirror (still has draw order badness)
Further reduce distance at which particles get culled in cockpit view
Code cleanup and remove unnecessary front wheel optimization
Revert two previous CLs to speed free camera up again
Revised Logitech G25 ffb config (owners must start new profile)
Disabling gear wobble again. StephenB reporting it makes some cars sound funny
Fixes problem of rapid drop in potential lap time as calculated on the Live Delta hud page
T500 FFB tweaks to spring and average weight
Added Steering Ratio support for per-vehicle steering locks
Changed Aries Car Setup option from Steering Lock to Steering Ratio slider
Disable ''Steering Lock'' slider in the controller UI
Added -steeringratio command line switch to enable the ratio code
Decision to accept/reject wheel-to-wheel contact is consistent for both affected vehicles
Adjusted computation of axial distance of contact from wheel center
Wheel detach caused by accumulated forces now depends on random chance specified by tweaker
Disabled delayed wheel detach
Kart FFB tuning
HUD telemetry: fixed incorrect scaling of g-force meter
F68: fixed livery names
Revised the load sensitivties and some grip balance, Gumpert, Racer 4, SuperKart
Adjusted the new FFB paramters to a natural feel. Target is to provide good resistance with progreesive lightening into understeer. All cars done
Enabled Formula A mirror in cockpit HUD
HUD: mirror changes (wider, adjusted frame)
Asano X4: added metallic livery support
FFB tyre load multi reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 for Formula B
Formula B: added metallic liveries
New Loire logo and track maps
New Ariel Atom Mugen export
New Formula A export
New California Raceway export

Build 148 (9/2/12, Senior Manager)
FFB load / grip mixer update (setup for Doug''s Caterham tyre forces)
FFB adjust spring to steering lock to avoid dramatic fall-off beyond zero torque point with low steering lock settings
Move some more debug keys into final config
Frame rate independence for free camera movements (rotation was already frame rate independent, but not movement)
Added F1 menu options for FFB grip/tyre force adjustments
changed paused tick to use real time instead of fixed frame rate, to ensure consistent camera movement between paused and not (Fix for slow free camera movement)
Changed strafe to use exec time scaling - for consistency with other movements
FFB clamp the steering lock value to ensure it stays within correct range
Downgraded a level sound error to a warning, as the game works fine with missing sounds
Added debug flags for toggling the engine sounds and the gear wobble
Resurrected Eero''s WIP gear wobble for the transmission sounds. Currently disabled for initial testing, but can be switched on with the "Audio.ToggleGearWobble" console command. The colour of the engine graph values can now be modified from white, helpful for comparing values
Enable gear wobble sound
FFB marble vibration added
Ariel Atoms: camber range set to match the new animations
Ariel Atom 300: AO finished on all LODs. Interior_LODX now used on ultra detail
Fixed CH time trial start point.
Various cars: added wheel colour variations
Lower chance of AI to AI collisions causing launches/rolls
Tyre load numbers recorded and entered for FFB - all cars
Set FFB multipliers for Caterham and Formula A
Limited steering 1pv/3pv (with GT driver)
Enable virtual mirror in cockpit view
New Ariel Atom 300 export
New Belgian Forest exportBuild 147 (8/2/12, Senior Manager)
Fix grid spot assignment when player starts in the middle
Display leaderboard ranks of personal bests when loading a track
FFB update: first pass of adding vertical tyre load
Adjusted attributes of wheel helper shapes, and moved them to separate collision group
Pose of each wheel helper shape is adjusted according to corresponding wheel
Reset alpha when displaying HUD messages texts
FFB tyre load/force mix adjustment
AI UI tweakers hooked up to AI systems and used as the base levels for AI driver abilities
Reset car disabled during AI control for the player
FFB updates: latest WIP tweaks and fixed stationary spring that had gone missing
Ariel Atom: colour variations of rims added/fixed
Bathurst raceline added
Northampton/Summerton racelines added
Reinstated Spa trees for improvement.
Interim trackside camera sets for Bathurst, Belgian Forest, California Raceway and Northampton.
Formula A/B: added blue backfire effects, fixed exhaust positions for Formula A
Reduced max wheel loads for FFB tweaking
Moved the start point in TT back another 10m at Bologna
Disable HUD head physics.
Reduced underbody spring and damper to help fix unrealistic flipping over high, abrupt kerbs
New Leonus F86 export

Build 146 (7/2/12, Manager+)
Added Bink v1.99n
Moved timer update in physics tick pause moved during debugging
Increased mempool sizes to handle increased AI counts
Tyre load:
Added max tyre load (under normal conditions) values per vehicle
Added tracking of tyre load normalised for FFB metrics
Added debug screen tracking of peak tyre load
FFB updates. Reinstated previous grip curve. Fixed problem with forces disappearing when sliding and made oscillation detection more sensitive and intelligent. Track bump sensitivity also increased
Asano LM11 TDX updated rig, exported animations with face rig
First pass on fuel use and tyre wear accuracy. Formula A aprox 1.3Km/L (3.1mpg)
Fuel capacity set to 240L
Increased brake torque 5% - F68
Fuel consumption adjusted to reflect reality. Fuel cell size on the LM11 adjusted to 65L
Gumpert Downforce reduced 30%.
Adjusted all track AIW''s fuel use to 12x Lap length for AI fuel load estiment consistency
Some great progress with the Kart AI. Dropped slips and grips of the tyres way down, along with removing most of undertray spring force and damper amounts
Major revision to all car for Fuel use. Both Player and Human were calcualted out and researched KM/L useage for all car adjusted. Fuel cell/tank sizes adjsuted where necessary, and all starting fuel loads are now to complete a 20 lap race at Belgian Forest
Fixed the missing "CH Short Rev" map and also fixed the CH GP Rev T1 & T2 which were the wrong orientation
Added new set of crowds textures: DDS and PSDs
Updated Bologna crowds placement
New Belgian Forest export

Build 145 (6/2/12, Senior Manager)
Fixed pause control remapping issues
Added debug rendering of AI inputs, tyre wear and fuel to Doug''s debug screens
Tidied up track map texture handling, separated HUD and GUI track maps so they can be managed separately
AI fuel: Enable fuel consumption for AI. First pass at AI fuel levels depending on race laps
Added new helmet lods and adjusted skin.
Ariel V8: added livery names, added frame/badges/wheels colous variations
Ariel 300: added badges/frame colour variations
Gumpert: changed to use some additional metallic/matte paint colours
Helmet variations setup

Build 144 (3/2/12, Junior Members +)
Increased threshold for engine vibe at high speed/revs
Updated run-time creation of wheel collision shape and wheel render mesh setup, so the corresponding actor can be created at wheel offset instead of vehicle origin.
Added wheel shapes (updated according to wheel pose) to vehicle actor to detect wheel-to-wheel contacts.
Added wheel helper shapes to vehicle actor to retain basic collision response for wheels.
Forces and damage resulting from wheel-to-wheel contacts are applied to vehicle.
Added support for factor (specified in data) to adjust the amount of effects applied on wheel-to-wheel contacts.
FFB impact force more authoritative (requires new profile)
Disabled wheel helper shapes.
Threshold for wheel detach caused by damage is now used also for detach caused by wheel-to-wheel contacts.
Fixed intermittent loss of control response (e.g. cycle hud/info).
Restored wheel-to-wheel contacts between AI vehicles.
Added tweakers for wheel contacts
Enable dev pause in all configs
Fix default livery not showing up in menu at first for new profiles.
Game server protocol changes:
- Added support for alternative game server port received from the redirector. This will allow us to switch to Java-only server easily in the future
- The game will now request replies to be in the formatted text format. This argument is ignored by the PHP server as it does not support any other format, but will be required once we switch to the Java server
- Added handling of free trial login replies
Game server protocol changes:
- The game will now request replies to be in the formatted text format. This argument is ignored by the PHP server as it does not support any other format, but will be required once we switch to the Java server.
FFB updates: subtle weight transfer force mixed in. Adjusted grip curve and logic to help with sudden step down of motor response
Stop car and sound effects audio from switching off post-race, since there''s no post-race sequence that requires them to be switched off
FFB: fix for spring force remaining active during locked wheels (bug introduced in my previous checkin)
First pass of code to support new track selection flow
Lowered soft surface roll tweaker to stop cars rolling as easily.
Optimized tyres for the bigger camber angles, Upped brake torque 5% and increaded brake heat to get them in the optimum range more consistently, Change brake glow temp to match 450-500C
Caterham R500: now includes INTERIOR_LADX in ultra detail
Leonus & Racer: add damage replacements for ultra detail
Changes for AI stabilty. Chnaged grips and slip splits for the AI tyres. Adjsuted the damper multi reduction and torque stabilty in the CDF
Dropped AI attempted corner grip usage to help AI.
Formula A tyres tweak.
Formula A lighter steering specular for Fresnel material
Formula A tyres material update, fresnel material added to steering wheel.
Mirror texture tweaked
HUD: Replaced mirror with a rectangular one, added glass over Formula A display
Added physics tweakers for vehicle wheel contacts.
Belgian Forest trees first pass
Added the track maps to the xml and tested they work in game - updated the maps to get the improved green colour that was requested on the bologna map
Boosted the car-car collision sounds further, and dropped some damage ones correspondingly in the FDP
Fixed front right wheel offset for Formula A
Remainder of tyres set to 20C starting temp, Ariel Atoms, Radicals, Caterham, GP1977, Gumpert Apollo
Allow 64 cars at California.
New AIW with new cut tracks, corridors tweaking, and a new raceline recorded with the Formula A at Belgian Forest
Fixes for semi-transparent background, selection, and addition of Cancel button on UI
New Atom 300 export
New Formula A export
New Leonus 86 export
New Racer l4 and V8 export
New Bathurst export
New Begian Forest export
New California Raceway export
New Northampton export

Build 143 (2/2/12, Senior Manager)
FFB: bad var init causing wheel rotation on spawn
FFB oscillation fix
AI UI difficulty tweakers phase 1:
AI config panel and app links
Profile saving/loading of AI config variables
Accessors for AI config variables
Pass proile AI config variables to AI systems
Utilise overall difficulty and aggression in AI systems
Only autoload tuning setup upon entering tuning screen when requested from GUI data.
Physics updates:
Improved low speed tyre model
Adjusted grip point debug screen to show correct state
Fixed CSM mesh rendering correctly with threading changes
Add menu option for controlling camera shake effects
Added LEGENDS driver + driver animations
64 car support at Spa - needs AI work :-)
Steering Lock changed to degrees (was previously percent)
Added Formula A digital HUD display
Formula A: tweaked roof cam position
Initial Pass of the Formula A physics. 740hp, 640kg, aprox 3000lbs downforce @ 150mph. 7 speeds.
Aries - default driving line changed and variations added for when new code is added later.
Formula A - LODX and CPIT tires have 60 segments now instead of 40
Aries - tweaked driving line 04 texture
Formula A - skinned LODC tires, made new CPIT from LODX
Placeholder FormulaA engine sounds are now scaled to match the physics rev range, so it sounds better. Scaling will be removed once the audio/physics match properly
Added placeholder AI engine sounds for the Formula_A. Also fixed R500 using excessive memory and the default settings for non-PC platforms.
1LM11: damage fixes for ultra detail
More changes to the Formula A for accuracy. Dialed in drag, gearing, tyres and blance.
Formula A : tighter grip 1pv, higher sitting driver from 3PV
Added AI sounds for Ariel Atom Mugen and ArielAtom 300
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New X4 export
New LM11 export
New Formula A export
New Leonus 68 and 77 export

Build 142 (1/2/12, Senior Manager)
Added Formula A
Updated animations for 3PV/1PV for the Atoms
Added 64 start spot using the 24 hour (non F1) spots going up the hill and through La Source
BACK button now works on gamepad
ASSIGN control keys now on click/A rather than Square
F68 and F77: Ultra detail fixes
New liveries for the Superkart
Calibration menu tidied up, buttons added to Controls screen to avoid discrepancy betwen mouse and keyboard input
Fix wheel lock selection using mouse and add support for multipe sliders
Fixed ultra vehicle loading
Add jitter tweak GUI option
''info'' type steering wheels are now static when the ''wheel/driver in cockpit'''' option is set to off
Formula A export
Leonus 68 and 77 exports