Company of Heroes 2 - Анонсированы бонусы предзаказа


Компания SEGA и студия Relic Entertainment анонсировали бонусы, которые будут доступны игрокам, оплатившим предзаказ исторической стратегии Company of Heroes 2.

Игроки получат дополнительную одиночную мини-кампанию Theatre of War, а также набор дополнительных скинов для техники, Winter Ambush и Voronezh Front, которые помогут внести визуальное разнообразие в многопользовательские режимы игры.
Также, в мультиплеере, игроки смогут использовать двух дополнительных командиров для каждой из сторон конфликта: немецко-фашистская армия получит Joint Operations Doctrine, специализирующуюся на точных ударах артиллерии и Offensive Spearhead Doctrine, для игроков, предпочитающих тяжелую технику и авиаудары для подавления противника.
Советская Армия получит доступ к Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine, активизирующей такие вспомогательные подразделения как огнеметные танки, и Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine, которая позволит укреплять подразделения в эпицентре сражения.


Pack to include Theatre of War mini-campaign, new Commanders and exclusive Vehicle Skins.

SAN FRANCISCO AND LONDON – April 5, 2013 – SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced that customers who pre-order Company of Heroes™ 2, the eagerly anticipated strategy game from Relic Entertainment, Inc., from participating retailers will receive additional in-game bonus content for free.

Eligible customers will get access to a ‘Theatre of War’ mini-campaign when it becomes available post launch, allowing them to experience a new single player story from another part of the war. They will also receive the Winter Ambush and Voronezh Front skin packs to customize the look of their multiplayer vehicles.

As well as the single player content and multiplayer skins, eligible pre-order customers will receive two new multiplayer commanders to customize each army. The German army will receive the Joint Operations Doctrine, specializing in precise artillery strikes and the Offensive Spearhead Doctrine for players who want to use heavy armor and airstrikes to crush their opponent. The Soviets will unlock the devastating Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine, enabling units like flamethrower tanks and the Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine which allows for rapid reinforcement in the heat of battle.

Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2, commented, “We are pleased to be able to reward our most loyal fans for pre-ordering the game with this pack. These items will give them bonus single and multiplayer content to enjoy.”

Underpinned by the cutting-edge Essence 3.0 Engine™, Company of Heroes 2 brings tactical strategy to life like never before, thanks to the realistic ColdTech™ weather system, the revolutionary dynamic line of sight system TrueSight™, and realistic destructibility.

The original Company of Heroes™ was released on the PC in 2006 to critical acclaim and is currently the highest rated strategy title on (with more than five reviews), with an average of 93.82% based on 56 reviews. The game features similar acclaim on with a Metascore of 93% based on 55 reviews.

Company of Heroes™ 2 will be available for PC in June 2013. For more information check, and to download SEGA game assets, please visit