Eternal Crusade - Патч 24 и подготовка к релизу игры

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Старший продюсер MMOTPS Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade Nathan Richardsson выложил новое письмо. И удалось узнать следующее:

- На серверы был установлен патч 24:
  • Исправлено большое количество багов, добавлены балансные правки и новые иконки для предметов.
  • Прокачка уровня теперь занимает больше времени.
  • Hard-режим в PvE теперь заставит вас попотеть и т.д (полный список изменений находится во втором сообщении).
- Pre-order бандл останется в магазине еще на месяц.
- Сегодня, 22 сентября, серверы будут отключены и состоится полный вайп.
- Когда серверы вновь заработают, вы спокойно сможете играть и вайпа уже не будет (то есть получится поиграть до релиза).
- Официальный выход игры состоится завтра, 23 сентября. И в этот же день стоит ожидать двухчасовой стрим с разработчиками.

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22 сентября 2016
[COLLAPSE="Список изменений"]New and Noteworthy Additions:

-Road to launch is before us! Prepare yourselves! (XP needed to rank up changed, etc.)

-Rebalanced several things, ranging from weapons to vehicles (details below).

-Build stabilization and optimisation.

-Loooooooots of Appearance, Weapon and Advancements icons are now in!

-Tons of polishing + fixes across the board!

Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

-Items bought with Requisition can now be purchased via the Custom Loadouts screen, when editing a loadout slot.

-The amount of XP needed to rank up has been set to the intended higher XP curve for launch, no more E-Z mode leveling up. It’s almost launch, it’s time to get REAL!

-Interacting with allies is much more reliable now, in addition to making it less likely to use an item on another character when you want to use it on yourself.

-Side vaulting detection has been tightened up.

-Improved the Predator’s side gun first-person view.

-PVE: Decreased the amount of the slow down effect that gets applied to Hormagaunt when under the effect of suppression.

-PVE: Hard mode has been hardened even more! Prepare yourselves, it’s gonna be a rough ride! Enjoy

-PVE: Improved the “visual language” in the usage of the sector lock.

Weapon Tuning:

-You can now vent heat on weapons while bracing.

-Rebalanced all Krak and Meltabomb equivalent grenades.

-Rebalanced the damage of all Heavy weapons (Heavy Bolter, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, etc).

-Increased LP cost of the Eldar meltabomb bundle.

-Rebalanced Plasma Cannon and Power Fist damage against vehicles.

Vehicle Changes:

-Rebalanced the survivability of all vehicles (much tougher in the front).

-Rebalanced the damage of all vehicle-mounted weapons.


-Banshees were not able to trigger the Scream with the gamepad, but this has now been addressed. The Y button is used for this now (temporarily, while we work on the finalized button combo for this ability).

Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

-Equipment stats are now displayed in the store.

-Items in the Store are now sorted according to their type in the following order: Reward Boxes, Equipment then Appearances.

-The Store page now defaults to the selected character's faction when it loads.

-A whole slew of advanced graphic options is in (and they look GREAT!) + graphic settings have been adjusted for each “quality level” as we prepare for launch mode™.

-Loadout costs and character attributes are now refreshed as soon as an item is equipped.

-Added item descriptions for Reaper Launcher weapons.

Art/Visual Improvements:

-A lot of visual customization has been added for Orks, some for certain Eldar aspects, all found under the Appearance tab in the Custom Loadouts screen. We’re working on getting as much more in as possible before launch!

-Most, if not all, Wargear should have a visual element that is visible on your character!

-The leader Standard now fades out in certain camera configurations to avoid obstructing the view.

Audio Improvements:

-Assault Station Maggon now has its own ambient audio track.


-More last minute changes/corrections to translations for items/weapons/Wargear.

Bug Fixes:

-Lots of collision bugs, visual/cosmetic bugs with scenery/décor on several maps and stuck spots fixed!

-Fixed some issues with Supply Boxes, there are likely a few loot-related bugs we’ll be fixing for launch!

-Fixed an audio bug with the Ork vehicle horn that would occur in a specific circumstance.

-Fixed a bug that was occasionally causing incorrect attacker/defender roles in all maps.

-Fixed some execution alignment and visual bugs across all factions, we’re not done though!

-Fixed a UI bug on the scoreboard of failed PVE matches reporting incorrect info.

-Addressed a few visual UI bugs in the Loadouts screen that were introduced with the new Battle/Alternative loadout system.

-Potentially fixed a batch of possible progression blockers in PVE related to AI pathing.

-Fixed a UI issue in the HUB screen that was briefly displaying incorrect RTC and Requisition.

-Fixed the issue where spaces were not allowed in the middle of guild names.

-Fixed some (not all!) ragdolls that were causing the dead person/thing to bounce/jump up after getting killed.

-Potentially fixed the 2D audio bug where players were able to hear vehicles/Quadguns no matter where they were in a map.

-Fixed a lot of cover/vaulting/navigation bugs across several maps.

-Fixed the evade attack for Tacticals and Traitors that was not working as intended.

-Fixed the crazy ridiculous ragdoll for Chaos characters having the Daemonforged Armour equipped.

-Fixed leader Standard location when having a heavy weapon equipped as a Space Marine.

-Raised the volume levels of some Female Eldar and Mark-specific CSM VOs that were too quiet and hard to hear.

-Fixed incorrect spawn VOs when having a Chaos God Mark equipped.

-Fixed an issue with hit box detection on enemies, causing the reticule to not change to red on some parts of their body (but were still targetable/damageable).

-Fixed a display bug with the Friends tab in the Guild menu not showing players as being online when they actually were.

-Fixed the Eldar Fire Dragon's helmet crest randomly having a grey color.

-Fixed a possible case where after using a loadout station, the character would no longer have weapons.

-Fixed vehicle count being wrong on the deployment map (if other players have spawned vehicles) when joining a game.

-Checked certain cases where VFX were uncomfortable on the eyes for players during gameplay and made some adjustments to lessen the eye strain/discomfort.

Known Issue:

-Ork Power Klaw's fast attack animation is not working correctly and is triggering the strong attack animation for the first couple of seconds. We’re fixing this soon, but in the meantime you may want to avoid this weapon or just always strong attack.

22 сентября 2016
И у меня игра стала иногда фризить на секунду хз почему, а еще народ жалуется на пропадание звука
22 сентября 2016
Ура! Завтра релизят нашу альфу! :)
22 сентября 2016
Сообщения от iWaNN:

Ура! Завтра релизят нашу альфу!

счастья полные штаны! :)
22 сентября 2016
Да не то слово :|)

На самом деле больше всего раздражает то, что нет почти никакого смысла туда донатить, ибо понимаешь, что все еще могут 100500 раз поменять и то, на что ты надонатишь может оказаться не у дел :)
22 сентября 2016
а со сколки сегодня можно играть?
22 сентября 2016
Сообщения от tyty77:

а со сколки сегодня можно играть?

Уже поиграл :)

Добавлено через 55 секунд
З.Ы. Орки ноют, что Эльдары имба - выпало 3 катки против орков подряд
Uriel Ventris
22 сентября 2016
Сообщения от iWaNN;154909235"]На самом деле больше всего раздражает то, что нет почти никакого смысла туда донатить, ибо понимаешь, что все еще могут 100500 раз поменять и то, на что ты надонатишь может оказаться не у дел[/quote]
Ты говоришь странные слова, нужно донатить в красивые шмоточки, следуй фэйшену.:)


а со сколки сегодня можно играть?

Так и сейчас играть можно, просто вайпа ещё не было.
Предвижу вайп ближе к 21:00 по Мск.
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