Ghost Recon Online - Патч V. 0.8.1


Стал доступен патч V. 0.8.1 к многопользовательскому тактическому free-to-play шутеру Ghost Recon Online. Усилия разработчиков были направлены на повышение стабильности, производительности, исправление ошибок игры и балансировке геймплея.

Перечень изменений  

  • 0.8.1 is a minor release focusing primarily on stability, performance, and bug fixes
  • Weapon tuning based on 0.8.0 player data
  • Matchmaking initial size changed from 6v6 to 8v8, to improve match quality and lower the percentage of hot-joins

Community feedback changes (we are listening!)
  • Crosshair dispersion indicator display option: player able to enable/disable this feature by check/uncheck "Show aim spread indicator" in the Options menu

Combat Tuning
  • Critical rate rebalance. Increased the gain rate of critical % as a weapon stabilizes, while making it much harder to crit in run and gun. (Crit rate is affected by proportion of bullet min to max spread. This rebalance weights crit distribution heavily in favor of the min spread, so carefully aimed weapons take full advantage of crit potential.)
  • Handgun rebalance. Fixed issue where handgun bullet spread was significantly worse than SMG’s: Improved handgun accuracy to slightly below SMG, reduced reticle return rate, slightly increased recoil to compensate.
  • Weapons that were found to be overpowered relative to other variants within their weapon type (ROF/DPS reduction)
    • P90: ROF from 900 to 800
    • MP7: ROF from 950 to 850
    • OC-14 4A03: ROF from 750 to 700
  • Weapons that were underpowered relative to variants within weapon type (ROF/DPS increase)
    • P90 SD: ROF from 800 to 850
    • PP2000: ROF from 600 to 700
    • SRS: ROF from 40 to 50
    • SVDS: ROF from 150 to 180
    • ACR family: reduced overall recoil of ACR guns by 10%, changed ROF from 600,700,800 to 650,750,850

Magazine size / Ammo pool changes
  • MK16 family: Reduced mag sizes from 30 to 20, increased ammo pool on 30 rd mag from 120 to 150
  • SRS: Extended magazine capacity increased from 6 to 7 rounds.
  • Stock changes
    • ACR family: Fixed capped stock excessive recoil reduction (stocks had more recoil reduction than any other stock in game),
    • PM5 folding stock: Added handling reduction values (originally missing)
    • MK16 family: Added handling reduction values to folding stock (originally missing)
    • SAR-21 family: Fixed stock excessive recoil reduction (stocks had more recoil reduction than any other stock in game)
    • ACR family: Fixed capped stock excessive recoil reduction (stocks had more recoil reduction than any other stock in game)
  • Miscellaneous changes
    • MP5k and MP5A2: Fixed rounding errors in ROF
    • M200 SD: Unlocked bipod
  • Fixed handgun ROF to be under 500 RPM (some values greatly exceeded average human capability to click from a natural hand position), increased damage accordingly
    • P250: Changed ROF from 600 to 500, dmg from 24 to 25
    • TR-1 ROF from 650 to 430, dmg from 26 to 30
    • Five Seven ROF from 700 to 500, dmg from 22 to 28
    • P-45 ROF from 600 to 400, dmg from 34 to 36
    • Blackhawk ROF from 240 to 280
    • PX4 ROF from 500 to 400, dmg from 34 to 40
  • Improved LMG reticule recovery in cover
    • Slightly increased spread return speeds for LMGs in cover to allow faster readying from cover.
    • Slightly increased shot spread increase rate for LMGs to prevent previous change from making LMGs too accurate.

Combat bug fixes
  • Changed vertical grip ready time values from % time reduction to absolute time value (makes VFGs more useful for weapons with shorter ready times, while still being useful for heavy weaponry)
  • Slightly increased AR ready times to compensate for the VFG ready time tweak
  • Fixed PP-2000 reload speed from 3 secs to 2 secs (brings it in line with other SMGs)
  • Fixed an issue with ammo count that could go to negative value when player switch to magnum ammo while firing the weapon

  • Starter bundle contents and availability change to Lvl 5.
  • Add an options (General tab) in the options page to toggle Weapons Disperssion on/off

  • The half-height cover in the sniper perch above Point D in Chertanovo LZ was penetrable. This has been fixed so that it is normal cover now.
  • The minimap of Korolyov Towers was previously incorrect. The minimap has now been updated to accurately reflect the actual layout of the environment.

  • Blitz impact sound improvements (more meaty)
  • Added missed shot stereo slap back effects and enhanced bullet zing sounds
  • Improved Footfall sounds. Increased radius for the listener for better detection and audibility.
  • Fixed a sound bug for devices not consistently playing the audio cues.
  • Fixed a sound bug in Rooftop (point C) that causes machine sounds to play very loud and very subtle map ambience.
  • Added Overcharging audio cues for chargeable devices when it hits "red" in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug wherein some 5.1 sound systems does not play the GRO Logo intro audio
  • Added sound support for Device upgrades
  • Enhanced low frequency emitters to complement 4.0 weapon and ammo boost mix systems.
  • Improved weapon audio experience when shooting indoors. Polished reverb wetness and air absorption of weapon tails.
  • Fixed a sound bug regarding players in cover are hearing the same cover impact sound even if they are not in cover.
  • Added grenade impact/ bounce off sound when it hits the Aegis.

Known Issues
  • The user cannot uninstall the game from add/remove programs.
  • The game does not install for all users of a PC.
  • Under certain circumstances, Players with high latency is showing as "Green ping" on the scoreboard.
  • Client sometimes enters an unresponsive state on launching.
  • A "Login Failed" Error is shown when you try to login in a separate client when account is already logged-in
  • Lack of clear feedback when VOIP is disconnected, resulting in all Players shown as "Not Available" in the in-game tab
  • Melee damage is showing up as multiple damage in the damage log
  • The game executable wants to access the DVD ROM if a disc was inside on startup
  • Using powers in warm-up time will deplete your powers after dying the first time in a round
  • Sometimes an Inconsistent behaviour for energy lost for cloaked recons
  • Specialist''s backpack/Assault''s ADS backpack still have art colours after getting killed.
  • Grenades will be stuck in mid-air without exploding if a player tries to throw a grenade while he is being blackout.
  • Client occasionally stalls during in game.
  • Underwater sound effects - When you die while in Blitz mode, your normal audio will not carry on when you re-spawn. This is because the Blitz while activated has an effected filter state that detunes pitch and cuts down volume of selected mix groups (weapons, devices, ambiences). We will include the "kill" filtered/ effect state in the next patch.