Inferno 1.3.2 установят 23 октября

Патч Inferno 1.3.2 для sci-fi MMO EVE Online от компании CCP Games установят 23 октября 2012 года, сообщил официальный сайт игры. Техническое обслуживание серверов пройдет с 15:00 до 15:30 по московскому времени. В этом обновлении разработчики представят несколько изменений фракционного противостояния – подробности об этом были опубликованы ранее в выпуске блога.

Список изменений  + Patch notes for EVE Online: Inferno 1.3.2
To be released on Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Factional Warfare
  • Added Loyalty Point rewards for defending sites in your own faction territory. Amount of Loyalty Points gained is proportional to the vulnerable status of the system – the more vulnerable, the closer the rewards are with attacking sites.
  • Attacking players capturing complexes in vulnerable Factional Warfare solar systems don’t receive Loyalty Points anymore.
  • Added a donation tax to the Factional Warfare Infrastructure-Hub that is proportional to its respective faction war zone control. The more upgraded space a particular faction owns, the more Factional Warfare Loyalty Points will be wasted maintaining the donation tax instead of being normally spent.
  • NPCs in Factional Warfare sites now contest the capture timer just like players would. This only happens for players attacking a site, defending players can still capture it without interference.
  • Bleed-out from enemy players capturing sites on the same solar system than FW Infrastructure-Hub has been decreased from 50 to 10%.
  • Loyalty Point store price reduction from War Zone Control Tier system has been moved to a raw gain bonus for all Factional Warfare related activities (PvP kills, site capturing and mission running).
The old system was:
Tier1: LP store offers 4 times more expensive, LP gains unchanged
Tier2: LP store offers 2 times more expensive, LP gains increased by 5%
Tier3: LP store offers unchanged next to pre-Inferno levels, LP gains increased by 10%
Tier4: LP store offers 2 times less expensive, LP gains increased by 15%
Tier5: LP store offers 4 times less expensive, LP gains increased by 20%
The new system is:
Tier1: LP gains reduced by 50%
Tier2: LP gains unchanged next to pre-Inferno levels
Tier3: LP gains increased by 75%
Tier4: LP gains increased by 150%
Tier5: LP gains increased by 225%
  • Increased Loyalty Point costs for upgrading FW Infrastructure-Hubs.
Old upgrade costs were:
Level1: 10,000 LPs
Level2: 25,000 LPs
Level3: 45,000 LPs
Level4: 70,000 LPs
Level5: 100,000 LPs
Buffer: 150,000 LPs
New upgrade costs are:
Level1: 40,000 LPs
Level2: 60,000 LPs
Level3: 90,000 LPs
Level4: 140,000 LPs
Level5: 200,000 LPs
Buffer: 300,000 LPs
Further information about above outlined changes can be found in this devblog.

  • Resolved an issue that would remove the lines in the 3D starmap when switching between the solar system and star map.
  • Incorrect translations for “bounty” and “volume” have been corrected in the German client.
  • Various linguistic changes have been made throughout the Russian and German client.

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