Обновление Inferno 1.3 установлено

Обновление Inferno 1.3 установлено на сервер sci-fi MMO EVE Online от компании CCP Games, сообщает официальный сайт игры. В этом патче были исправлены многочисленные проблемы с графикой, продолжена работа по интеграции DUST 514 в мир EVE – улучшен чат, появились первые изображения планетарных районов (districts) и их спутников.

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Patch notes for EVE Online: Inferno 1.3
To be released on Tuesday, October 16, 2012


EVE Chat
  • Settings and options in chat windows have been consolidated into two menus. Further information about the improved chat system is available in this devblog.
  • The market has been seeded with infantry equipment however current trade restrictions prohibit the sale of such items to capsuleers.
Planetary Districts
  • New locations called "Districts" have been added to temperate planets in high security and factional warfare systems and are visible from space.
  • Districts can be warped to via the planet context menu.
  • A district satellite is visible while in orbit above a district in space.
  • District satellites will appear globally on the overview while there is a ship on grid with it, including cloaked ships.
  • A new group is available in the overview settings called Satellites, which can be used to show / hide them from your overview.
Factional Warfare
  • Planetary districts are future DUST514 battle zones, and impact Factional Warfare System Capture Status in a solar system.
  • Each district owned by a particular Factional Warfare faction affects the number of Victory Points needed to move a Factional Warfare system into a vulnerable state.
  • If a district owner is the same faction than the one controlling the Factional Warfare system, the number of Victory Points needed to put the solar system into vulnerable mode is increased
  • If a district owner is the opposing faction than the one controlling the Factional Warfare system, the number of Victory Points needed to put the solar system into vulnerable mode is decreased
  • Each temperate planet in Factional Warfare space contributes by 12.5% to the System Capture Status Victory Point pool, for a maximum of 50% Victory Points in Factional Warfare solar systems with four temperate planets.
  • Until DUST514 is fully implemented on Tranquility, planetary districts have been set to belong to the NPC faction that traditionally owned the Factional Warfare solar system before players interference. Further information is available in this forum post.
  • An icon has been added below the System Capture Status bar to represent this new information.
  • Raa is a 0.3 solar system located in Factional Warfare space.
  • Raa has 3 temperate planets, each having a certain number of districts. Each planet affects the System Capture Status by 12.5%, for a total of 37.5%.
  • Districts have been set to the NPC faction that historically and traditionally owned the solar system before player interference, in this case the Amarr Empire.
  • With such changes, it means the system will require 37.5% more Victory Points to capture if owned by the Amarr Empire FW militia, or 37.5% less Victory Points to capture if owned by the Minmatar Republic militia.
  • This change may move a FW solar system in or out of a vulnerable state after the patch depending on how many temperate planets are present during deployment time.


Character Creation and New Player Experience
  • An issue with the Caldari Achura females bra straps always being visible has now been fixed.
  • A texture issue with female coats has been fixed.
  • A colouring issue with the male vest jacket has been fixed.
  • A tucking issue with the male Sterling shirts has been fixed.
  • An issue with missing sections on characters in stations has been fixed.
Player Owned Structures, Outposts and Stations
  • Calendars will now show the correct fuel values remaining for POS towers in empire space.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy ships lock on your faction Infrastructure Hub in Factional Warfare would not be broken when defending the system.
Graphics General
  • Renai tailors have renovated their esquire line of jackets ensuring that the shoulders are firmly stuck to the sleeve and their owner. The female esquire jacket should no longer display a gap between the upper arm and the jacket.
  • Mesh clipping on the womens Acquire ´Structure´ Skirt has been reduced.
  • Occasional white flashes on cargo jettison with some graphics cards were fixed.
  • Enabling anti aliasing in the game menus has now an effect in the Character creator.
  • Fixed an issue with graphical corruption of the Caldari station wreck asset.
  • The planet wide ''oil spill'' effect has been cleaned up on Dantbeinn II - the local environment is in a much better state now!
  • Resolved an issue where the medium ship LOD was not released from memory.

  • Removed visible gaps from some clothing items were removed.
  • A selection of small geometry holes in Captains Quarters character clothing got fixed.
  • Sleeper drones now have more than one missile damage area.
  • Bombs detonation visual effect matches now server side hit information.

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