Очередное обновление списка изменений патча 3.1.0 PTR

Blizzard во второй раз обновила список изменений тестового патча 3.1.0 к World of Warcraft. В новой версии апдейта разработчики добавили большое количество классовых символов (glyphs), включили в клиент альтернативный набор текстур для сетов и изменили размер стека амуниции до 1000. Колчаны и патронные сумки больше не увеличивают скорость стрельбы Охотников, вместо этого 15-процентное ускорение теперь встроено в Auto Shot ("Автоматическую стрельбу").

Подробнее об этих и других нововведениях читайте ниже.

Изменения патча 3.1.0 PTR от 28.02.09   General
  • New high-resolution player textures for Northrend armor sets have been added. Players can enable this feature by setting Player Textures to High in the Effects Panel of the Video Options.
  • Players can now return items purchased with an alternate currency back to the original vendor within 2 hours of the purchase time for the original cost of the item. Stackable items (such as Frozen Orbs and gems) and charged items that can be purchased with an alternate currency are not eligible.
  • Confirmation boxes have been added to purchases over 150 gold.
  • Copied Test Realm characters will no longer be copied with their achievement history in order to better facilitate the character copy process.
Death Knight
  • Talents
    • Blood
      • Abomination''s Might: This effect can now also be caused by Death Strike.
      • New talent: Improved Death Strike. Increases Death Strike damage by 10/20.
  • Lifebloom: Mana cost of all ranks doubled. When Lifebloom blooms or is dispelled, it now refunds half the base mana cost of the spell per application of Lifebloom, and the heal effect is multiplied by the number of applications.
  • Talents
    • Feral
      • Heart of the Wild: Stamina bonus changed to 2/4/6/8/10%.
  • Ammunition: All types of gun and bow ammunition now stack to 1000. All quivers and ammo pouches no longer provide haste. 15% ranged haste is now built in to Hunter Autoshot.
  • Call Stabled Pet: This new ability lets the hunter remotely access the stable. 30 min cooldown.
  • Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity pets now all have +5% damage, +5% armor and +5% health bonuses. This should make more pet families feel viable, while additional talents have been added to distinguish a pet’s abilities based on its specializations.
  • Pets now inherit more spell hit from the hunter. Pets with magic attacks should not require a player to stack additional hit compared to pets with physical attacks.
  • Viper Sting re-designed: Stings the target, draining 4% of mana over 8 sec (up to a maximum of 8% of the caster''s maximum mana), and energizing the Hunter equal to 300% of the amount drained. Only one Sting per Hunter can be active on any one target.
  • Talents
    • Survival
      • Explosive Shot: Base damage lowered by 10%. Attack power scaling reduced by 12.5%.
      • Trap Mastery: This talent has been moved up to tier-2, up from tier-9.
  • Pets
    • Bullheaded now adds 20% damage reduction for 12 sec along with its current CC-removal effect.
    • Cornered: The crit reduction when this ability is active has been increased.
    • Feeding Frenzy increased to 8/16% damage up from 6/12%.
    • Furious Howl (wolf special ability) now stacks with Battle Shout and Blessing of Might, however, it only affects the wolf and hunter. Its effect and cooldown have been doubled so that it provides the same benefit but isn’t up 100% of the time.
    • Grace of the Mantis and Roar of Sacrifice are now also available to Cunning pets.
    • New Talent: Shark Attack: This new two-rank talent is available to Ferocity pets. It increases pet damage.
    • New Talent: Silverback: This new two-rank talent is available to Tenacity pets. It heals the pet when Growl is used.
    • New Talent: Wild Hunt: This new two-rank talent is available to all 3 pet trees. It increases the stamina and attack power inherited from the hunter.
    • Roar of Recovery cooldown decreased to 3 min, down from 6 min.
    • Thunderstomp is no longer a gorilla-specific family ability and is now available to all Tenacity pets. It has been reduced to one rank.
  • Talents
    • Protection
      • Divine Protection: Cooldown reduced to 3 min. (Kody note: Blizzard put this under talents, don''t blame me!)
  • Talents
    • Discipline
      • Renewed Hope: This talent also now allows you to proc the Renewed Hope buff on all party/raid members every time you cast Power Word: Shield, reducing damage taken by 3%. Lasts 20 sec.
    • Shadow
      • Psychic Horror: Has been redesigned and is now a 1-pt talent. You terrify the target, causing them to tremble in horror for 3 sec. and drop all weapons (disarm effect: including bows) for 10 sec. 1 minute cooldown. Instant cast. The horror effect can be dispelled, but the disarm cannot.
  • Shiv: This ability can no longer generate a critical strike, and the poisons it applies cannot be critical strikes either.
  • Talents
    • Enhancement
      • Unleashed Rage: Reduced to 3 points, down from 5. Each point now also increases your total Expertise by 3/6/9. (Was total Agility)
  • Drain Soul: Each time Drain Soul deals damage to a target which can grant experience, it now has a chance to generate a Soul Shard.
  • Soul Shard: This item now has a maximum count of 32 in inventory.
  • Talents
    • Demonology
      • New Talent: Molten Skin: Reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6%.
    • Destruction
      • New Talent: Molten Skin: Reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6%.
  • Charge: Duration of stun effect now lasts 1.5 sec. This effect no longer has diminishing returns.
  • Talents
    • Protection
      • Last Stand: Cooldown reduced to 3 min.
User Interface
  • Spell Effect Level setting has been split into Particle Density and Projected Textures. Previously, Spell Effect Level controlled both of these features.
  • Added new Video Mode Ultra (should only be used on the highest-end systems).
  • Glyphs
    • Death Knight
      • Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon: Increases the duration of Dancing Rune Weapon by 10 sec.
      • Glyph of Death Coil: Reduces the cost of Death Coil by 8 runic power.
      • Glyph of Disease: Your Pestilence ability now refreshes disease durations on your primary target back to their maximum duration.
      • Glyph of Howling Blast: Your Howling Blast ability now infects your targets with Frost Fever.
      • Glyph of Hungering Cold: Reduces the cost of Hungering Cold by 10 runic power.
      • Glyph of Plague Strike: Bonus lowered to 20%.
      • Glyph of Unholy Blight: Increases the duration of Unholy Blight by 10 sec.
    • Druid
      • Glyph of Berserk: Increases the duration of Berserk by 5 sec
      • Monsoon Glyph: Reduces the cooldown of your Typhoon spell by 3 sec.
      • Glyph of Nourish: Your Nourish heals an additional 6% for each of your heal over time effects present on the target.
      • Glyph of Savage Roar: Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 6% bonus damage done.
      • Glyph of Wild Growth: Wild Growth now affects up to 6 targets.
    • Hunter
      • Glyph of Chimera Shot: Reduces the cooldown of Chimera Shot by 1 sec.
      • Glyph of Explosive Shot: Increases the critical strike chance of Explosive Shot by 4%.
      • Glyph of Explosive Trap: The periodic damage from your Explosive Trap can now be critical strikes.
      • Glyph of Kill Shot: Reduces the cooldown of Kill Shot by 6 sec.
      • Glyph of Raptor Strike: For 3 sec. after using Raptor Strike, you take 20% less damage.
      • Glyph of Scatter Shot: Increases the range of Scatter Shot by 3 yards.
    • Mage
      • Glyph of Arcane Barrage: Reduces the mana cost of Arcane Barrage by 20%.
      • Glyph of Deep Freeze: Increases the range of Deep Freeze by 10 yards.
      • Glyph of Ice Barrier: Increases the amount of damage absorbed by your Ice Barrier by 30%.
      • Glyph of Living Bomb: The periodic damage from your Living Bomb can now be critical strikes.
      • Glyph of Mirror Image: Your Mirror Images gain the Winter''s Chill talent, granting their Frostbolt spell a 100% chance to apply the Winter''s Chill effect, which increases the chance spells will critically hit the target by 1% for 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.
    • Paladin
      • Glyph of Beacon of Light: Increases the duration of Beacon of Light by 30 sec.
      • Glyph of Divine Plea: While Divine Plea is active, you take 3% reduced damage from all sources.
      • Glyph of Divine Storm: Your Divine Storm now heals for an additional 15% of the damage it causes.
      • Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous: Your Hammer of the Righteous hits 1 additional target.
      • Glyph of Hand of Salvation: When you cast Hand of Salvation on yourself, it also reduces damage taken by 20%.
      • Glyph of Holy Shock: Reduces the cooldown of Holy Shock by 1 sec.
      • Glyph of Last Stand: Now reduces the cooldown of Last Stand by 90 sec.
      • Glyph of Shield of Righteousness: Reduces the mana cost of Shield of Righteousness by 80%.
    • Priest
      • Glyph of Dispersion: Reduces the cooldown on Dispersion by 45 sec.
      • Glyph of Fade: Now reduces cooldown by 9 sec.
      • Glyph of Guardian Spirit: If you Guardian Spirit lasts its entire duration without being triggered, your Guardian Spirit cooldown is reset to 60 sec.
      • Glyph of Holy Light: Can no longer crit and has had its range updated.
      • Glyph of Hymn of Hope: Your Hymn of hope provides 2 times the normal amount of mana per time, but its duration is 50% shorter.
      • Glyph of Mind Sear: Increases the radius of effect on Mind Sear by 5 yards.
      • Glyph of Pain Suppression: Allows Pain Suppression to be cast while stunned.
      • Glyph of Penance: Reduces the cooldown of Penance by 2 sec.
    • Rogue
      • Glyph of Backstab: Now increases remaining duration on Rupture by 2 sec. each time it is used, up to a maximum of 6 sec.
      • Glyph of Cloak of Shadows: While Cloak of Shadows is active, you take 40% less physical damage.
      • Glyph of Fan of Knives: Increases the damage done by Fan of Knives by 20%.
      • Glyph of Hunger for Blood: Increases the bonus damage from Hunger For Blood by 3%.
      • Glyph of Killing Spree: Reduces the cooldown on Killing Spree by 45 sec.
      • Glyph of Mutilate: Reduces the cost of Mutilate by 5 energy.
      • Glyph of Shadow Dance: Increases the duration of Shadow Dance by 4 sec.
      • Glyph of Shred: Now increases remaining duration on Rip by 2 sec. each time it is used, up to a maximum of 6 sec.
      • Glyph of Tricks of the Trade: Your Tricks of the Trade grants an additional 10% bonus damage to your target.
    • Shaman
      • Glyph of Earth Shield: Increases the amount healed by your Earth Shield by 20%.
      • Glyph of Feral Spirit: Your spirit wolves gain an additional 30% of your attack power.
      • Glyph of Hex: Increases the damage your Hex target can take before the Hex effect is removed by 20%.
      • Glyph of Riptide: Increases the duration of Riptide by 3 sec.
      • Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem: Your Stoneclaw Totem also places a damage absorb shield on you, equal to 4 times the strength of the shield it places on your totems.
      • Glyph of Thunder: Reduces the cooldown on Thunderstorm by 7 sec.
      • Glyph of Totem of Wrath: When you cast Totem of Wrath, you gain 30% of the totem''s bonus spell power for 5 min.
    • Warlock
      • Glyph of Chaos Bolt: Reduces the cooldown on Chaos Bolt by 2 sec.
      • Glyph of Demonic Circle: Reduces the cooldown on Demonic Circle by 4 sec.
      • Glyph of Haunt: The bonus damage granted by your Haunt spell is increased by an additional 3%.
      • Glyph of Life Tap: When you use Life Tap, you gain 20% of your spirit as spell power for 20 sec.
      • Glyph of Metamorphosis: Increases the duration of your Metamorphosis by 6 sec.
      • Glyph of Shadowflame: Your Shadowflame also applies a 70% movement speed slow on its victims.
      • Glyph of Soul Link: Increases the percentage of damage shared via your Soul Link by an additional 5%.
    • Warrior
      • Glyph of Bladestorm: Reduces the cooldown on Bladestorm by 15 sec.
      • Glyph of Enraged Regeneration: Your Enraged Regeneration ability heals for an additional 10% of your health over its duration.
      • Glyph of Shield Wall: Reduces the cooldown on Shield Wall by 3 min, but Shield Wall now only reduces damage taken by 40%.
      • Glyph of Shockwave: Reduces the cooldown on Shockwave by 3 sec.
      • Glyph of Spell Reflection: Reduces the cooldown on Spell Reflection by 1 sec.
      • Glyph of Vigilance: Your Vigilance ability transfers an additional 5% of your target''s threat to you.
  • Hearthstone: Cooldown has been reduced to 30 min. down from 60 min.
Bug Fixes
  • Leaving a group while in an instance will now port you to the nearest graveyard rather than your Hearthstone location.
  • Mace of Unending Life is correctly a 2H weapon.
  • Hunter
    • Savage Rend (raptor special ability): Fixed a tooltip error to correctly note this ability boosts damage rather than attack power.