Открытая бета начнется 16 октября


Компания Piranha Games разослала новостную рассылку с сообщением, что открытая бета MechWarrior Online начнется 16-го октября. До этого момента девелоперы намерены успеть провести очередной стресс-тест 5PM-6PM PST 11-го октября (4:00-5:00 МСК 12 октября) и завершить программу предзаказов 11.59pm PST 14-го октября (10:59 МСК 15 октября).

Благодарности всем участникам закрытого бета-теста прилагаются.

Полный текст письма   Greetings MechWarriors!

The BIGGEST day of our development schedule yet, is now almost upon us! Thanks to your incredible support for MechWarrior Online, we are proud to reveal the Open Beta launch date for the North American region.

Make a MECH-sized marking in your calendars for Tuesday, October 16th. In just one week, we will be opening up the InnerSphere to all MechWarriors and their friends. Our goal from day 1 has been to craft the ultimate online MechWarrior experience. Your incredible feedback and support has enabled us to now enter the next exciting development phase, where we intend to roll out even more exciting content and features.

What a month! We learned about the Cicada and the Cataphract; we had great ISN articles such as this; Wallpaper; a fantastic Twitter chat (which we will be doing again!); Operation Inception was announced (then followed up with Operation Clarification); whatever this Artemis thing is; and another round of Closed Beta invites.
In tandem with this huge announcement, we are also officially bringing the Founders program to a complete close. If you or your friends wish to join the thousands of MechWarrior Online Founders, the closing deadline is 11.59pm PST, Sunday Oct 14th. We are incredibly thankful for all of the amazing support from our existing Founders and it is this commitment that allows us to bring MechWarrior Online vision to life.

Calling all Closed Beta Pilots to arms for one last Closed Beta Test Session! One last challenge awaits! We will be holding an organized stress test on Thursday 11th October at 5PM-6PM PST (THIS WEEK!!!). During this window, we want as many people as possible to log in and do what you normally do! Play the game, chat with fellow pilots, customize your mech – whatever you do normally, please log in during this time and play the game how you would normally play it.

As you have no doubt heard, the closed beta is drawing close to its glorious ending. We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the tickets, forum threads, reinstalls and general persistence literally thousands of you have shown over the past months. It has been incredible; we hope you have enjoyed this period as much as we have.

We look forward to see you on the battlefield and thank you again in advance for your active participation!

The MechWarrior Online Team

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MechWarrior Online

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17 сентября 2013

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