Патч 3.2.1 установят 18 января


Патч 3.2.1 для MMORPG Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures от компании Funcom установят сегодня, 18 января 2012 года, сообщение об этом размещено на официальных форумах проекта. Европейские серверы отключат для проведения технического обслуживания в 13:00 по московскому времени (09:00 GMT) – оно будет длиться 6 часов.

Список изменений  
  • Fixed a few memory leaks on the game servers.
House of Crom
  • Fixed collisions with some walls, rubble and statues so it should no longer be possible to clip through them or get stuck.

Threshold of Divinity
  • The Arcanist’s fatal spell opening the Rift can no longer be deflected.
  • The spacing between the mobs on the bridge area has been increased and the Vanir charges will spawn less frequently to make it easier to get past this area.
  • The door to the Artificer should now works as intended.
  • Mobs should no longer attack players on the resurrection pads while Shield of the Risen is active.
  • Players will no longer lose the Frost Fungus quest item when the interaction with the Sacred Water Bowl in order to get the Fortified Frost Fungus is cancelled in the middle.
  • The light blue fog in the Frost King''s Hall should now be rendered correctly.
  • The Royal Atlantean Gown has been changed into a chest item (from head). This solves an issue that caused the "hide helmet" option to render the character completely naked.
  • Players should no longer be affected by the effects of the Frostbitten Trap after death.
  • Mining Vanir in the Threshold of Divinity should now always return to their spawn points when exiting combat.

The Vile Nativity
  • The Ice Mist spell in the Excavation Site of the Vile Nativity should no longer kill players who are not actively standing in it.
  • The Atlantean Inscription above the Hero''s Stairs is now unique and gives players a valuable insight into Atlantean history.
  • Furious Spirits are now group mobs as they where intended to be.
Raids and Group EncountersArdashir Fort
  • Sodabeh should now correctly update the quest "The Scoundrel, the Sorceress, and the Sap" in both normal and hard-mode.

Enigmata of Yag
  • Important particles in the Enigmata of Yag encounter should now also be visible even if particles are turned off in the GUI options.

Coppice of the Heart
  • Balbet Zhun should no longer be invulnerable when breaking one of the large veins in The Coppice of the Heart.

T''ian''an District
  • The mobs and bosses in T''ian''an District should now correctly follow the player after being aggroed.

Thoth-Amon''s Stronghold
  • Daimone, Kharon and Ixion from the Risen Guardian encounter in T3 no longer grant XP individually. The XP is now rewarded over the loot instead.
  • Incubus and Succubus in T2 no longer grant XP. The XP is now rewarded over the loot instead.
  • The Magic Orb in the Eiglophian Mountains, which is part of the quest ''The Magic Orb'' should now respawn correctly after being destroyed.
  • The following quest items should now keep the correct stack size also after zoning:
    • Flask of Oily Pitch used in Kidnapping & Torture quest in Atzel''s Approach.
    • Heliopolian Fire used in The Troglodyte Conflict quest.
    • Flask of Tallow Oil using in Illuminating the Darkness quest in Wild Lands of Zelata.
  • Fixed an issue that made some of the battlekeeps not assign their owners correctly.
  • Chill rank 2 should now be instant again, as well as have the proper synergy with Pestilential Blast.