Патч Crucible 1.0.4 установлен

access_time 6 января 2012
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Установлен патч Crucible 1.0.4 к sci-fi MMO EVE Online, сообщает официальный сайт этой игры от компании CCP Games. В нем разработчики произвели исправления многочисленных ошибок. Со списком изменений можно ознакомиться ниже.

Читать далее  + Patch notes for EVE Online: Crucible 1.0.4
Released Thursday, January 5th, 2012. The following are the relevant file sizes for client updates:
  • Windows from Crucible 1.0.3 to Crucible 1.0.4 is 5 MB
  • Windows full client 5 GB
  • Mac from Crucible 1.0.3 to Crucible is 1.0.4 is 6 MB
  • Mac full client 5.9 GB

User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where replies to petitions would break and display all the HTML code, making them hard to read.
  • Fixed an issue where the cargo window would move around on its own when docking.
  • Fixed a few synching issues with Time Dilation which were discovered in the recent mass tests (thanks to everyone who participated!). These issues distorted correct calculations of ship resistances, heat damage, and various ship states.