RIFT - Новый рейд и празднование Autumn Harvest 2017

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MMORPG RIFT получила патч 4.3 "Crucia’s Claw". Стала доступна новая Mage-душа – Mystic Archer, так что теперь вы сможете поохотиться на ваших врагов и пострелять в них из лука.

Открылся новый Tier-2 рейд – Bastion of Steel, где 10 бойцам предстоит сразиться с сильными и опасными врагами. Была добавлена новая экипировка, которая поможет вашему персонажу справиться с новыми противниками. Снижено лечение и урон в PvP.

Кроме того, 27 октября в 01:30 по МСК начнется ивент Autumn Harvest 2017. Появятся новые хэллоуинские маски (например, череп дракона и голова мумии), новое измерение - Iron Tomb, крылья ворона, новый маунт, новые скины для оружия, новый питомец и новые плащи.

Естественно, у вас получится поучаствовать и в прошлогодних праздничных активностях. А если вы войдете в игру до 30 ноября, то тогда вам выдадут бесплатный Harvest-ящик с наградами.

Полный список изменений обновления 4.3 для RIFT находится в комментариях к новости.

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26 октября 2017
[COLLAPSE="Читать далее"][FONT=Verdana]== FEATURES ==

[/FONT]Mages can now channel their magic in a new way thanks to the new Mystic Archer Soul. Take control of the elements and hunt your prey, striking with precision and fury. In addition to access to the new soul, players who purchase the Mystic Archer will also gain access to the Crumbling Ivory Magus Bow, an ascended weapon that will grow in power as the mage does! Take aim, Ascended!

[/FONT]The first Tier 2 raid, the Bastion of Steel, is ready to be conquered! Crucia has created new weapons that threaten to end the Eternal Struggle and pave her way to conquer the mortal realms. Fight your way to the arena beneath Crucia’s Claw and do battle against the Queen of Storm’s new champions!

[/FONT][LEFT][FONT=Verdana]The seasonal Autumn Harvest event will invade RIFT beginning on October 26, 2017 at 3:30 PM server time through November 16, 2017. During this time, players will able to retrieve loot the Fae have stolen throughout the year by participating in Seasonal Rifts. Plus, your favorite events from years past are back, too!

A new dimension– Iron Tomb– is here, as well as new masks, raven wings, and necklaces galore! But that's not all: a new mount, outfit, cloaks, weapon skins, a new companion pet, and even more await you!

[FONT=Verdana]== GAME UPDATE ==

[/FONT][LEFT][FONT=Verdana]* Certain cape wardrobe items will now no longer be replaced by your quiver when shooting a bow.
* Fixed a bug where if you returned a mail to sender, but the sender no longer existed, the mail would vanish into the dark abyss never to be seen again. Furthermore, the attached loot was nommed by monsters of the abyss making them very happy. They won’t be happy anymore: the loot is yours to keep! Take [/FONT][/LEFT]
that, monsters!

[/FONT][LEFT][FONT=Verdana]* Log in between 10/25 and 11/30 to receive a FREE Harvest Rewards Cache, claimable in the RIFT Store!
* Available for a limited time: Gain 5 Bundle of Limited Edition: Magical Broom Troves with your first purchase of a $49.99, €49.99 or £38.49 credit pack. Offer available until November 15th!
* The Mummified Power Pack can no longer be gifted.
* Fixed an issue that caused the Ascended Essentials Edition to not unlock the Specials bank tab.
* The Dimension Plants section of the store has been cleaned up, and a number of new items have been added!
* The Bundles subsection of Cosmetics/Wardrobes in the store has been reorganized, and some additional bundles have been added.
* We've done some optimizations on the Store to improve the speed of displaying items when clicking on different categories![/FONT][/LEFT]

[/FONT][LEFT][FONT=Verdana]* Fixed a bug causing raid marks to sometimes clear for players that respawn.
* Carnage icons now show in custom nameplates.
* The Dimension Items list window now has plus buttons that will open the Rift Store and allow you to quickly buy more of any items in your Dimension.[/FONT][/LEFT]

* The achievement Keep What You Kill no longer requires killing Teth Biye.

* Story Quests: Companions will now show up to have conversations on Story Quests if the timer on them wore off between objectives.
* The Iron Cohort has entered Ahnket’s Glen to reinforce the Storm Legion battle lines against Ahnket’s Forces.
* Vostigar Peaks: Hinder Ahnket - The Landing: Added a platform for players to reacquire SIMBOT if they lose it during the Deploy SIMBOT daily quest. Fixed an issue where the Armor Piercing Rocket temp ability was cleansable, it should not be now.[/FONT][/LEFT]

[/FONT]* The Charhoof boss now gives players a clear warning and more time to escape his Trail Blaze attack.

[/FONT]* Fixed a bug where the Recast Ground Channels option was not properly functioning for some abilities.

* Fixed a bug with Healing Spray and Healing Flood that caused them to interact in undesirable ways with certain bonuses.[/FONT][/LEFT]

[/FONT]* Preset: Phoenix of the Dawn now correctly assigns all 5 legendary points.

* Curative Engine: The internal cooldown per proc has been increased. Players may now trigger the incoming damage proc and outgoing damage proc once each per 3 seconds.[/FONT][/LEFT]

* Healing abilities no longer consumes Legendary Everything is a Weapon.[/FONT][/LEFT]
[/FONT]* Global healing and damage values have been drastically reduced. Time to live should be much longer now.
[/FONT][LEFT][FONT=Verdana]* Eternal Items with passive effects should now correctly restart after leaving a warfront.

* The damage bonus has been increased to 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 20000, 30000.
* These bonuses now work on damage over time effects.
* Mana threshold decreased to 50%.
* Now affects Justicar healing at a reduced potency.
* Eternal Weapons now correctly allow spells to benefit from the bonus damage if they would push your mana below the threshold. Mana cost increase reduced from 100% to 10%.

* The damage bonus has been increased to 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 20000, 30000.
* These bonuses now work on damage over time effects.

* The damage bonus has been changed to a flat damage add, and is now 150, 300, 600, 1200, 12000, 18000.
* 20% of this bonus will work on damage/heal over time abilities per tick.
- Note: This difference is due to how many of the Primalist DoT effects are constructed, the final benefit will be roughly the same.

* The damage bonus has been changed to a flat damage add, and is now 350, 700, 1400, 2800, 35000, 42000.
* 100% of this bonus will work on DoTs and HoTs.
* The internal cooldown has been removed.
* The weapon now reduces base energy regeneration by half, but increases generation after dropping low drastically.[/FONT][/LEFT]


* Fixed an issue with the quest objective before freeing Murdantix that kept it from triggering.
- Note: the objective is now a use objective instead of a talk objective to accommodate the fix.

* Fixed an issue where players attempting to leave the instance via the exit portal, would find themselves back in the instance.[/FONT][/LEFT]
26 октября 2017
Как дела у проекта?
26 октября 2017
26 октября 2017
А я думал его закрыли...:)
26 октября 2017
Сообщения от Nature:

"Crucia’s Claw"

Кто-нибудь в курсе - что в этом патче про Круцию?
Её надо убивать снова, откопать её коготь в рейде или что?
26 октября 2017
в это еще..:)
26 октября 2017
Игра не так уж и плоха на самом деле. Цена разве что высоковата за плюшки,но я вообще не помню,чтобы когда нибудь в рифте за что то платил.
26 октября 2017
Сообщения от Sheptun:


Да было время, когда вброс про "ПИЦОТ" рублей означал завышенную цену.. а сейчас даже WoW "ПИЦОТПИСЯТ" :)
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