Sid Meier''s Civilization V: Brave New World - Второе большое дополнение


Компания 2K Games и студия Firaxis Games анонсировали разработку нового большого дополнения Brave New World к глобальной стратегии Sid Meier''s Civilization V, выпуск которого ожидается летом 2013 года на платформах PC и Mac.

Новое дополнение перекликается названием с одноименным произведением английского писателя Олдоса Хаксли, и помимо стандартных расширений функционала игры, в виде новых цивилизаций, добавит новые способы достижения мирового господства.

Игроков ожидают:
  • Новые цивилизации, юниты, строения и лидеры, включая Казимира III из Польши.
  • Новая культурная победа, открывающая новые способы доминирования на планете.
  • Мировой конгресс, позволяющий влиять на дипломатические отношения, вносить ограничения, санкции и эмбарго путем всеобщего голосования лидеров.
  • Маршруты международной торговли, открывающие новые возможности для экономического и культурного развития стран.
  • Девять новых Чудес Света, включая Парфенон, Бродвей, Уффици и другие.
  • Два новых игровых сценария, вовлекающие игроков в события Гражданской войны в США и борьбу колониальных держав за Африку.

New York, NY – March 15, 2013 – 2K and Firaxis Games announced today that Sid Meier''s Civilization® V: Brave New World, the second expansion pack for the award-winning Civilization V, is currently in development and will be released this summer for Windows-based PC and brought to the Mac® by Aspyr Media. Sid Meier''s Civilization V: Brave New World brings a massive amount of new gameplay to the Civilization V experience, providing gamers with even more rewarding ways to achieve world domination.
"Civilization V: Brave New World continues the strong tradition of ambitious expansion packs that fans have come to expect from the Civilization franchise," said Sarah Anderson, senior vice president of marketing for 2K. "Brave New World is destined to continue the strong Civilization lineage that already includes massive expansions such as Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and Civilization V: Gods & Kings."
Sid Meier''s Civilization V: Brave New World provides new depth and replayability through the introduction of international trade and a focus on culture and diplomacy. The player''s influence around the world will be impacted by creating a number of Great Works across a variety of crafts, choosing an ideology for their civilization, and proposing global resolutions in the new World Congress. As players move through the ages of history, they will make critical decisions that influence relationships with all civilizations in the game world.
"After adding a number of great new features to Civilization V with the Gods & Kings expansion, the team continued to search for ways to create even more exciting gameplay through new systems and features," said Sid Meier, director of creative development for Firaxis Games. "We''re happy to bring our fans another ambitious expansion that will provide hours and hours of new Civilization experiences.

Key features include:
 New Civilizations, Units and Buildings: The expansion features nine new civilizations, each with unique traits, units, buildings and all-new leaders, including Casimir III of Poland.
 New Culture Victory: Spread your culture across the globe, dominating all other cultures. Create masterpieces with Great Artists, Writers, and Musicians that are placed in key buildings across your empire, like Museums, Opera Houses and even the Great Library. Use Archaeologists to investigate sites of ancient battles and city ruins for priceless cultural artifacts. Become the first civilization with a majority influence in all other civilizations to achieve a Culture Victory, becoming the envy of the world.
 World Congress: The importance of diplomacy is intensified and city-state alliances are more important than ever. Change the diplomatic landscape through a new World Congress that votes on critical issues like implementing trade sanctions against rogue nations, limiting resource usage, designating host cities for the World Games and the use of nuclear weapons. Game-changing resolutions, vote trading, intrigue, and a new lead into the Diplomatic Victory ensures that the end of the game will be more dynamic than ever before.
 International Trade Routes: Build your cities into hubs of international trade by land and sea, creating great wealth and prosperity for your people, while also spreading religion, cultural influence, and science. The number of trade routes increases through the advancement of economics and technologies, the creation of wonders and the unique abilities of your civilization. Will you connect to a closer city for a lower payoff and a safer route, choose a longer route with more risk for the bigger payoff, or perhaps point your trade route inward, sending vitally important food and production to the far corners of your own empire?
 New Wonders: Eight new Wonders are introduced, including the Parthenon, Broadway, the Uffizi, and more.
 New Game Scenarios: Two new scenarios let gamers fight the "War Between the States" and embark on the epic Scramble for Africa. Fight the American Civil War from either the Union or Confederate side, as you focus on the critical action in the Eastern theatre of operations between the capital cities of Richmond and Washington. In "Scramble for Africa", the great colonial powers of the world are racing to explore the Dark Continent and extend their reach into its interior. Search for great natural wonders in the heart of Africa, as you explore a dynamically-generated continent each time you play.
Sid Meier''s Civilization V: Brave New World is not yet rated by the ESRB and will be available for Windows-based PC and Mac this summer. For more information on Sid Meier''s Civilization V: Brave New World, please visit or become a fan on Facebook.
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