Spacebase DF-9 - Обновление Alpha 4

Разработчики из студии Double Fine Productions выпустили очередное обновление для стратегии-симулятора космичесой станции Spacebase DF-9, которое перевело игру в статус Alpha 4.

Главным нововведением обновления можно считать появление в игре новой системы исследований, которая базируется на Исследовательской Лаборатории и позволит ученым изобретать новые способы улучшения базы.

Перечень изменений  
  • Research Lab zones can be constructed. Citizens assigned to Scientist duty research new projects here. Discoveries can result in new things to build and new equipment for workers, including but not limited to: level 2 oxygen recyclers, heavily armored doors, more efficient demolition beams, better armor for Security personnel.
  • Datacubes containing research data can be discovered aboard derelict and docking ships. These can be marked for collection by Scientists, who will carry them back to a Research Lab to redeem for research progress.
  • Starfield backdrop now uses multiple layers to create a parallax effect of stars, nebulae, and procedurally generated planets. Each new base that’s created gets a different composition. See our earlier blog post for more info.
  • Citizen morale is now apparent from their walk animation. Several citizen animations have been improved.
  • Citizens now choose Spaceface logs appropriate to their personality traits. Added and expanded several personality traits that are now shown in the “Psych Profile” inspector tab. See our earlier blog post for more info on this.
  • Replaced accordion-style tab interface with horizontal tabs. Makes better use of limited vertical screen real estate and provides access to more functionality within same.
  • Hovering/clicking on a room’s walls now hovers/selects that room, making it much easier to select rooms. Likewise for plants and hydroponics cultures.
  • Disabled “center on room” room selection behavior. If anyone misses this behavior we can re-add it as a user option later.
  • Citizens can now mention randomly generated creatures on Spaceface. Examples include: “Venusian Fuzzy Mollusk”, “Land Bird”, “Venomous Beefalo”, “Tralfamadorian Hen”.
  • Spaceface logs are now added to a queue and citizens post the highest priority one(s) within an update period that varies a bit based on their “chatty/quiet” personality trait.
  • Added several new types of Spaceface logs, and reintroduced some of the generic logs from the Amnesia Fortnight 2012 prototype.
  • Citizen inspector now shows the date a citizen became a citizen of your base.
  • Citizens get morale bonuses or penalties based off a rolling average of recent room satisfaction. At the moment, dead bodies are the only thing that negatively affect a room’s morale score. Citizens comment on nice surroundings in Spaceface logs.
  • Plant “healthy” and “sickly” states now match up with their visuals.
  • Citizens no longer display in their own friends and enemies lists. “Self esteem” is shown in the new Psych Profile tab.
  • Healthy garden plants now produce a small amount of oxygen, roughly equal to 1/5th of a level 1 Recycler’s output.
  • Revamped various inspector UI button layouts: door controls, room controls.
  • Demolish button in object inspector now shows amount of Matter that will be reclaimed.
  • Door inspector now shows door state: whether it is open or closed, broken, vacuum-locked, etc.
  • Added a mode for players with red-green colorblindness, available in options menu.
  • Rebound “back” in all menus from X to ESC, and backspace to “cancel” in the construct menu. Game can no longer be paused from non-top level menus, eg construct, roster, etc.
  • Derelicts and docking ship layouts are more interesting and better-decorated. Dead bodies now appear on some.
  • When a depressed citizen has a positive interaction with a happy citizen, they become happier and post to Spaceface about it.
  • Cutaway mode now works on asteroids.
  • Starting citizen duty proficiencies are now determined by a “skill point” system, so most citizens are now more likely to be skilled in at least one duty, and few citizens are likely to be highly skilled at everything.
  • Stoves can be placed anywhere in a Pub now, no longer just against walls.
  • Fixed: Friends and Enemies lists in citizen inspector overflow. Lists are now capped at 5 entries.
  • Fixed: Various bad scrollbar behaviors.
  • Fixed: Alarm Panel uses Fire Extinguisher icons in UI.
  • Fixed: Monitors and signage on right-facing walls appear to hover.
  • Fixed: Many docking ship attempts fail due to broken module data.
  • Fixed: Since Alpha 3(?) citizens don’t post Spaceface logs about eating meals in pubs, or get the morale bonus for eating a cooked meal.
  • Fixed: Camera location isn’t written to save game data.

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