Установлено 3-е обновление Incarna 1.1

Выпущено 3-е клиентское обновление Incarna 1.1 к sci-fi MMO EVE Online, сообщает официальный сайт этого проекта от компании CCP Games. В нем были устранены несколько затруднений, появившихся в игре с выходом патча Incarna 1.1, включая случайное исчезновение модулей, а также постоянно открытого трюма. Ознакомиться с полным списком изменений можно ниже.

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Incarna 1.1 Client Update #3

Released September 7, 2011

User Interface
  • The cargo window will now stay closed after jumping instead of re-opening every jump.
  • The cargo window can once again be closed by clicking the cargo button in the HUD when the cargo window is open.
  • Fixed the map option "Color by cargo illegality" when opening the map inside a station.
  • Right-clicking your ship in the fitting window, while being docked in a station, will once again provide the context menu.
  • The Capital Ship Navigation Window has been returned to service while docked.

  • In some cases modules would go offline when switching ships in a station due to them being onlined in an incorrect order. This should no longer happen.

Server changes

  • The mission journal window is now displaying correctly in space, even after accepting the mission and changing ships.
  • Weapon groups will now be preserved correctly when storing ships in a Ship Maintenance Array.
  • When fitting a ship using the Fitting Management window, the last slot in each row wouldn''t be fitted. This is now resolved and the station engineers responsible have been taught to count using all fingers and toes.