Вышел патч 1.0.2 для европейских серверов Black Prophecy

На европейские серверы free-to-play sci-fi MMO Black Prophecy от издателя gamigo установлен патч 1.0.2, сообщает официальный сайт проекта. В нем в мир игры были добавлены новые задания 18-34 уровней; исправлены ошибки, связанные с заданиями кланов при сборе ресурсов; изменена механика ключей «Loot» и «Loot-All» и многое другое. С полным списком нововведений можно ознакомиться ниже.

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  • The following missions have been implemented throughout the game world:
  • "Opening new markets", Babylon Health Club, Level 18, Tyi + Genide
  • "Preparing the attack", Heaven''s Gate, Level 28, Genide
  • "War as a service", Bara Kaitos Hub, Level 27, Tyi + Genide
  • "Genetic engineering? No thank you!", Caldeena Tyi Hub, Level 35, Tyi
  • "End of the recession", Caldeena Genide Hub, Level 36, Genide
  • "Unwelcome intruders", Gyoda Nebula Hub, Level 31, Genide
  • "Every delay helps", Geneera Panorama View, Level 26, Tyi
  • "Looking for Col. A. Stantyn", Geneera Panorama View, Level 28, Tyi
  • "Development assistance", Dozer Dickens Hub, Level 34, Tyi + Genide
  • "Keep it together, Gillvray!", Dozer Dickens Hub, Level 34, Tyi + Genide

  • Increased overall count of resource missions and increased the amount of level 10 and level 20 resource missions available
  • NPCs in resource missions might appear more suddenly now when a producing mission is not challenged within a given time.
  • Fixed issue with resource missions where a clan could fail the mission but still own the resource node.
  • Fixed error messages related to clan creation actions.

  • Changed behavior of Loot and Loot-All keys: They now loot the nearest lootable wreck; it is no longer needed to select the wreck first.
  • Jobs involving killing, interacting, scanning and delivering can now be done in a team.
  • Fixed issues with item value calculation for drones, turrets and transporters. These types of NPCs should now have more durability overall.
  • Commander Noah has a new Job available which can only be completed in a dynamic mission
  • Fixed some incorrectly aligned lines in item tooltips.
  • Removed some unneeded values in weapon mod tooltips.
  • The engine sound for transporters is now correctly removed when the transporter is destroyed.
  • The sound effects of the Vulcan cannons are now correctly removed when the fighter using them is destroyed.
  • Fixed a rare bug that blocked character names during character creation.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when using a character card while one is already active.
  • Feedback messages for unusable items improved in general.
  • Constructor duration update improved, the bar shouldn''t jump around as much.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blueprint results to change after every jump.
  • Fixed "You have left your team" message on disconnect if player isn''t in a team.
  • The Genide clan station hangar module is now visually upgradeable beyond level 33.
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