Вышел патч для Gods & Heroes

MMORPG Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising обновлена до версии, сообщает компания Heatwave Interactive. Наиболее важным нововведением стал новый игровой класс «Scout». Кроме того, была доработана боевая составляющая (улучшена скорость полета зарядов дальнего боя, переделано АоЕ), улучшены квесты, устранены некоторые затруднения и многое другое.

Полный список изменений  +

  • Scout class has been added to the list of playable characters

  • Ranged projectile speed has been increased
  • Improvements have been made to AOE attacks and feats
  • Damage for spells has been delayed until the point of impact
  • Individual cases of players being stuck in combat have been fixed

  • Bloody Etruscan Coin will now drop more frequently
  • The ring you receive when you defeat the Immolator Orisphantes on Telchinos Island has been turned into a quest reward
  • Changes have been made to the quest description for Strange Medicine to give the players more direction
  • Map marker has been added to the stage “Speak to Cispei Hosfeia in Disguise” in the quest “Escape from Arges Gorge”
  • The Ghost of Latinus for the quest “Relics of Latinus” should now appear after using the Tomb of Latinus.
  • Usage of the Glaukanos Roots has been restricted until you are on the “Pick Glaukanos Roots” stage of “The Cult of Circe” quest.
  • Problems with items not dropping in quests have been fixed. This includes:
  • The feathers from Heart of the Harpyia
  • The Cuirass of Romulus from The Enemy of Your Enemy
  • Harpyia Talon from Strange Medicine

  • The Atlas Map will now show vendor, skill trainers, and feat trainers locations. These can be turned off from the Options and Features tab in the right hand corner of the map
  • A dual wield tool tip has been added to make it easier to compare multiple weapons and rings when more than one is already equipped. Entire Favor bar now displays favor tool tips
  • Players will receive an error message if you try to get attachments with full inventory
  • Quest-related NPC’s will now always appear on your mini map
  • Mini map now saves zoom settings
  • You can now drag the cast bar
  • Usable objects will now have their names displayed in the quest journal and guide
  • Player and group icons now blink, making it easier to see points of interest underneath and locate yourself on the map
  • Emails now show money icon

  • Item: Phantom Signet now shows correct item bonus description
  • New textures have been added to leather armor

  • Issues with Minion Tryptos Sieros not being recruit-able have been resolved

  • New German localization text has been added

Known Issues
  • There is an issue with ranged skirmishers using melee immediately if the mob is too close
  • Enemies occasionally do not play the correct death animation when killed from a projectile attack
  • When you change group loot settings it displays a number value
  • Quest, “Ocypixia’s Head” is displaying the incorrect quest text
  • When invoking the statue of Diana in the Rome temple, it shows the statue as the statue of Apollo. This is a translation error and will be fixed in the next publish