Вышло обновление Issue 5: The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn


Обновление «Issue 5: The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn» установлено на серверы MMORPG The Secret World от компании Funcom, сообщил официальный сайт игры. После установки патча игроки увидят следующие нововведения:

- Первый DLC-квест «The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn» - все текущие пользователи и те, кто купит игру в декабре 2012 года, получат его бесплатно. Для получения нужно войти в Item Store и получить его в разделе «Boosts / Account».
- «The Uncertainty Principle» - задание на получение нового вспомагательного оружия «Quantum Brace» активировано. Для того, чтобы начать, нужно поговорить с персонажем Moose в Кингсмуте.
- Обновлена линейка быстрого доступа – ячейки инвентаря теперь можно назначить на «горячие клавиши».
- Максимальное количество ячеек Gear Manager теперь корректно равно 100.
- Исправлены ошибки в PvP с баффами роли, минииграми в Фусанге и др.

Полный список изменений  
New Missions

  • A brand new mission line is now available: „The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn“. This is the first DLC mission. All current players and all players who purchase the game in December 2012 will receive it for free. To access the mission please open the Item Store and claim it from the Boosts / Account tab.
  • The Uncertainty Principle – the mission to the new Auxiliary weapon ‘Quantum Brace’ has now been activated. To get started in this mission, talk to Moose in Kingsmouth.
  • From Carthage to Cairo - Tanis in the Scorched Desert needs help in covering her tracks in her involvement of a certain shipment.
  • Obstructive Persons – help Alina Florea in The Shadowy Forest with her plans to leave Morninglight.

  • A new Shortcut Bar is now available, which provides access to inventory slots that can be linked to hotkeys.
  • The maximum number of Gear Manager slots has now been correctly set to 100.
  • Equipping the chainsaw will now play a sound.
  • Fixed an issue where purchased items haven''t been delivered promptly.
  • If you log out or disconnect during the Ground Zero tutorial event, you will now be able to advance when you return to the game.
  • There is a new ‘smile’ emote available.
  • The chest category no longer shows empty when opening the Dressing Room GUI.
  • Albion Theatre: fixed some issues with sound from the stage being occluded on certain occasions.
  • There is now an animation shown from standing to sleeping when using the ‘sleep’ emote.

  • Just a Flesh Wound – Tier 5: Dr. Aldini is again rewarding players with the Chainsaw.

  • The Time Accelerator item can no longer be deleted accidentially.
  • The Casting Toolkit can now create a mould from Shield of Barbarossa and Black Eagle.
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Cosmonaut suit.
  • The ‘Suit Pants. Dark grey’ no longer appear white with blood splatters in the preview.
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the head piece of the Mercenary Multislot Deck outfit.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the PvP role buffs from not showing their stats anymore.
  • Slightly increased the effects of the Integrated Anima Conduits uniform buff.
  • You can now queue for the PvP minigames while in Fusang.
  • Getting killed by Fusang NPCs no longer causes durability loss on equipment.
  • Fixed an issue where the Custodian would walk in the wrong direction before turning around and proceeding in the correct direction.

World Design
  • You should no longer get stuck in the Red Hand Observatory area of The Besieged Farmlands.
  • You should no longer get stuck at the bottom of the Breach area in The Carpathian Fangs.
  • Fixed an issue with a floating propane bottle in The Carpathian Fangs.

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