X Rebirth - Обновление 1.30


Компания Egosoft выпустила обновление 1.30 к глобальному космическому симулятору X Rebirth, главными особенностями которого, помимо многочисленных исправлений и усовершенствований, стала реализация поддержки Steam Workshop и появление в игре нового типа миссий, связанных с содержанием корабля и станций.

С подробным рассказом-демонстрацией ключевых особенностях патча можно ознакомиться с помощью видео, ниже по теме.

Перечень изменений  
• New Feature: Steam Workshop support.
• Improved support for joysticks and multiple input devices.
• Improved mining behaviour for all sizes of ships.
• Improved trade ship behaviour to favour profitable, non-empty runs.
• Improved station scan mode which no longer highlights objects that are not relevant.
• Improved attack and evasive maneuvers and AI.
• Improved flight pathing during normal flight, when following other ships, and when docking.
• Improved collector drone flight behaviour near large objects.
• Improved map handling of ship command hierarchies.
• Improved trade menu, including text search, sorting and colours.
• Improved appearance of small ships flying in lanes around stations.
• Enabled comm/info interactions with player property that is more than 10 km away.
• Added missions relating to the upkeep of ships and stations.
• Added new ship types to DeVries.
• Added list of platform NPCs to station menu (only available if you''re in the same zone).
• Added more information and command hierarchy to player property menu.
• Added information to encyclopedia about stations/ships that can be built.
• Added option to stop displaying steering mode message.
• Fixed missing manager comm option.
• Fixed wrong mouse-steering mode being entered in some cases incorrectly when leaving a menu.
• Fixed several other incorrect or inconvenient menu behaviours.
• Fixed calculations for gathering certain resources out-of-sector.
• Fixed player being sent to NPCs on ships or on hostile stations when asking for directions.
• Fixed some objects left in construction state after building finished (still at least one rare case remaining).
• Fixed trade missions not completing if the station storage was full, notably the food trade plot mission.
• Fixed trade ships not stopping their current order after clearing their shopping list.
• Fixed trade orders for selling items using ships in player squad.
• Fixed ships blocking docking bays after having docking interrupted.
• Fixed incorrect docking icons under certain circumstances.
• Fixed not being able to unlock skills of defence officers on platforms.
• Fixed displayed total counts of stored units.
• Fixed drones that should have a commander appearing in property owned menu.
• Fixed destroyed drones not being properly removed from drone storage.
• Fixed incorrect ship position after leaving a highway with a menu open.
• Fixed stations creating trade offers with higher value than it can afford.
• Fixed building and production remaining paused after modules having been hacked.
• Fixed ships assigned to stations being incorrectly assigned mining jobs.
• Fixed outdated trade offer information appearing on event monitor.
• Fixed trade ships assigned to player stations sometimes not updating their range.
• Fixed object menu not restoring after closing station trade offers.
• Fixed production menu information not updating correctly.
• Fixed production showing very long production times in certain cases.
• Fixed production stalling due to stations filling up with intermediate wares.
• Fixed several pathfinding problems, which should prevent ships from flying through stations.
• Fixed ships equiping drones or ammo getting stuck in the shipyard.
• Fixed problem that could cause following ships to get stuck when the target changes zones.
• Fixed most cases of dropped containers being stuck inside each other (can still happen occasionally).
• Fixed architect destroying drones in storage without adding them to the station.
• Fixed issue with parking ships when manager (stations) or pilot (construction vessel) are not present.
• Fixed trade ships waiting too long for a free parking location when intended trade is no longer possible.
• Fixed calculation of required funds when trading with other player property.
• Fixed pilot not being placed on ship''s platform.
• Fixed ships trying to go to the same coordinates by default.
• Fixed mining for medium size ships.
• Fixed incorrect mining order for ships which can''t transport the mining wares.
• Fixed blocked trades involving discounts if there is only enough money for the discounted amount not the full amount.
• Fixed built ships not leaving the shipyard after shipyard construction module has been destroyed and subsequently repaired.
• Fixed several other cases of ships getting stuck, not moving when they should.
• Fixed owner of fuel station in Gemstone Manufacture.
• Fixed incorrect lasers being used by medium ice collector ships.
• Fixed problem with accuracy of time data in savegames with long play time.
• Fixed rotation of construction ships after flying to build location.
• Fixed visual glitch on map when targeting/entering/leaving highways.
• Fixed animation problem with highways in games with long play time.
• Fixed stalls when entering highways in savegames that have been saved/loaded many times.
• Fixed another cause of the game stalling for a short time.
• Fixed crash when loading certain savegames.
• Fixed several causes of apparently random crashes.
• Various optimisations resulting in performance improvements.
• Significant performance improvements on some AMD graphics cards, particularly R9.

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Реклама: Digital Product Universe erid: 2VtzqvpUqRy

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