C.A.R.S - Билд 86 стал доступен Junior-мемберам


Самой многочисленной группе подписчиков - участникам проекта World Of Mass Development Junior-класса - стал доступен для скачивания 86 пре-альфа-билд гоночного автосима C.A.R.S, разработкой которого занимается Slightly Mad Studios.

Самыми заметными изменениями, по сравнению с предыдущим 73 билдом, стали: добавление новых трасс, автомобилей и расширение игровых настроек.

Полный список нововведений  
Build 86 (04/11/11, Junior Member+)
New exports of all Connecticut Hill tracks
DX11 - improved QualityLevel and SampleDescription (count) handling. required for enhanced MSAA video options
Implemented Graphics Config and app-side support for MSAA 2X and MSAA 8X and also make FXAA seperate so it can be applied in combination to MSAA
Fixed being able to use the F1 menu in DX11
Changes to help with input lag on PC
Disable steering shake effects for now to eliminate them being a factor on visual lag reports
Fixed a buffer overflow crash with DX11
Fix for crash on selecting MSAA modes
Enabled Renderer metrics in all builds (CTRL S still wasn''t working correctly in FINAL - it is now)
Modified shaders for improved car lighting
Tweaked day lighting for Bologna and Connecticut
Tweaked LOD distance settings for all Connecticut Hill tracks
Leonus F68: fixed corrupt skin on LODB suspension. Temporary skin on LODC tires to make deformation work
Ariel Atom: Dropped tire damping for an effective damping ratio of 0.1, which equates to a coefficient of restitution of 0.73.
Sun rotation updated on Bathurst

Build 85 (03/11/11, Senior Manager)
DX11 - Fix for missing GUI text, under certain forced driver settings
Support for spotlight shadows and main directional shadowmap on a single texture/target (DX9 and DX11)
Enabled use of CTRL-S to bring up FPS counter in the build
Added full badging to Ariel Atom, and changed name in game
New daytime lighting setups in game

* We have a bug in the latest build where you cannot use the F1 menu in DX-11

Build 84 (02/11/11, Senior Manager)
Enabled ambient shadows in the rear view mirror
Added new Dbox code for motion chair
Updated the display names in the menu for all tracks, removing underscores
Reduced minimum ride height for the Leonus F68 Cromwell

Build 83 (01/11/11, Manager+)
Fix for sun/flare rotation/elevation not having an effect when wdf loads
Enabled DX11 Vertex Input Assembly tracking/shadowing
Enabled display of connection failure reason
Temp AIW for Glencairn Reverse, Glencairn East Reverse, and Glencairn West Reverse
New suspension geometry and a quick pass over the physics for Nuke 3, to match up some real world numbers like skidpad g''s, ride height and spring rates
Fixed the configure control screen bug which was in the previous build
New exports of all Connecticut Hill layouts. Track lod files added to avoid having popping up trees at Connecticut Hill, Connecticut Hill Reverse, Connecticut Hill Short, and Connecticut Hill Short Reverse

Build 82 (31/10/11, Senior Manager)
Aussie Hill renamed Bathurst
Tweaked lighting values for render mode 3
Completed Bologna Reverse AIW
Checked in a tempory AIW for Glencairn Reverse with 16 start spots
Checked in a tempory AIW for Bathurst with 16 start spots
Extended SimpleBatch shader for new DX11 debug text
Added custom controls for Hud Cycle, Hud Sub Cycle, and Boost
LODC tires skinned temporarily to make deformations work for Leonus F68
Glass shader. Changed kd from 1.0 to 0.6 to reduce diffuse in a similar way we do on bodywork. This reduces the milky look under the sun
Fixed cameras and dynamic objects for Connecticut Hill Reverse and Connecticut Hill Short Reverse
Added "build installed" checks to patches
Added slow change key to F1 menu (hold down control while changing value to get one tenth of the change speed)

Build 81 (28/10/11, Team Member+)
DX11 HDRControl updated to matched optimised bloom threshold and downsampling shader.
The "Texture Filtering" option (set via "Help & Options / Video") was being ignored by DX11 renderer. Now Fixed.
Fixes for WDF lighting menu, to allow extra entries to load/save
Added various HUD tacho variations (Nuke 3, and Kart)
More exhaust smoke for the Kart
Fixed Kart Ai volume and increased the rev limit to 18000RPM
Fixed ambient shadow width and tweaked gearstick movement (Nuke 3)
Changed default livery for LEONUS F68 CROMWELL V8
New Racer V8 RS and L4-RS exports
Upped LOD distance for CALIPER (Nuke 3)
Completed reverse AIW for Connecticut Hill Reverse, and Connecticut Hill Short Reverse
Temporary AIW for Bologne Reverse. Basic path and 32 start spots.
Added track groups to save on build sizes and also organised both tracklists in alphabetical order
Changed loading screen music

Build 80 (26/10/11, Manager+)
New tracks in, Bologna Reverse (prealpha), Connecticut Hill Reverse (prealpha), Connecticut Hill Short Reverse (prealpha), Glencairn Reverse (alpha), Glencairn East Reverse (alpha), and Glencairn West Reverse (alpha)
New export of Asano X4 (beta)
New export of Bologna (prealpha), and Connecticut Hill (prealpha)
Removed slip audio effects at low speed
Fix for shadow mapping ''black edge'' around car bug
Added grip points to debug physics screens
Some bug-fixes and performance improvements for RenderContext setting in DX11
Fix to enable loading of WDF files on the F1 debug menu from the ''lighting edits'' directory within my_documents/cars/
Formula B: multi-part chassis collision for more accurate shape
Improved carbon shader
Improved Fresnel paint
Fixed names of the Leonus cars to match the forum

Build 79 (25/10/11, Senior Manager)
Improve the lift off over steer
Option to turn off cockpit mirrors in options
Fixed issue of ''reset'' button still being active during the steering/pedals calibration process
Fixed right front suspension geometry for LEONUS F68 CROMWELL V8
Telemetry screen layout change
Added engine mesh for the RACER V8-RS
New Aussie Hill export

Build 78 (24/10/11, Team Member+)
Toned down heat haze
Added a few more options to visuals menu
Added gamepad filtering option
Added cloudy weather selection to race menu
Fix for DX9 windscreen corruption bug
Fix for groundcover crash
Updated Glencairn track
Updated Racer car
Improved lighting settings for most tracks
Fixes to car setup menu (still lots of bugs)
Change audio balance to bring out more wind noise
Version number added to UI
Various UI fixes and improvements
Updated kart
Fixed direction of driver head lean in corners
Enabled fuel consumption and tyre wear
Added free camera (Ctrl-F then the mouse and WASD, SHIFT keys)

Build 76 (20/10/11, Manager+)
Car setup menu added (first pass, many bugs)
Kart added (first export, no bug reports yet please)
Glencairn track added (first export, no bug reports yet please)
Nuke 3 added (first export, no bug reports yet please)
Fix for DX11 "grey square around the player car" bug
Updated exports of all tracks (various fixes and improvements)
Various UI fixes
Idle throttle adjusted on all cars so you can stall if clutch not used properly
Disabled exhaust backfire on LM2011

Build 74 (17/10/11, Team Member+)
Instant replay enabled (placeholder UI and cameras).
Fix for 5:4 aspect rendering.
Fix for blue tint bug affecting certain NVidia cards.
Language set to English only.
Security implementation to support builds per member level.
Made look left/right faster.
Racer sound improvements.
AI aggression reduced a little.
AI improvements at Connecticut Hill.
Formula B physics updates for better performance over kerbs and turning in general.
Continued Connecticut Hill art updates.