C.A.R.S - Подписчикам категории Junior стал доступен 124 пре-альфа билд

Традиционно, в первую пятницу нового месяца, компания Slightly Mad Studios обновила пре-альфа билд гоночного автосима C.A.R.S. для подписчиков категории Junior до версии 124.
Он уже доступен для скачивания.

Перечень изменений  +

Build 124 (6/1/12, Junior Member+)
Client Version increments for all affected by recent physics changes for cars requiring leaderboard reset
CDeferredRenderingHelper - only set the specular irradiance map if it is enabled
Ambient only shader fixes
Shader fix for missing brake/light flares (DX9 and DX11)
New camera config for Bathurst
New physics per the Ben Collins thread

Build 123 (5/1/12, Senior Manager)
Various bug fixes

Build 122 (4/1/12, Senior Manager)
First round of new physics (5 cars). See ben collins feedback thread for detials
Mugen: all LODs done, Alpha2 now. V8: LOD/selection set setup WIP
PhysX 2.8.4 PC DLLs
Added missing DLL required by some PhysX installs

Build 121 (23/12/11, Team Member+)
Ariel Atom Mugen added
Belgian Forest track updates
Ariel Atom updates
California Raceway updates
Grass grip reduced

Known issues: Ultra shadows setting causes the game to crash with ATI(AMD) cards.

Build 120 (22/12/11, Senior Manager)
Bathurst updates

Build 119 (21/12/11, Senior Manager)
Adjusted more volumes
New Bathurst export

Build 118 (20/12/11, Manager+)
Fixed a DX9 performance issue with mipmap generation, used in Cubemaps. (Thanks to AMD for pointing this one out).
Provides 1-2% FPS speedup dependent on the reflection detail setting.
Player Vs Guest lap info page and gadgets added. Fixed problem with lap info panel displaying default 1:34.567 times in certain screen resolutions.
Adjusted volumes of turbo, tranny, backfires and splutters
Added subwave to exterior, added comp to rumbles interior and exterior; lowered delay mix for focus; boosted various levels, add subtel distortion dsp to on and off throttle for sat effect.

Build 117 (19/12/11, Senior Manager)
Add ''ULTRA'' shadow detail level (DX11 only). This increases both shadow precision and resolution
Added Player Vs Guest Live Delta page. Drop any .dat file into CARS/Records/Guests folder and see additional Lap Info page. The live deltas displayed are for player''s current track position vs the guest. Also: update delta display more frequently
Adding in attack parameter to the compression settings to allow make up gain to act as additional volume control boost

Build 116 (16/12/11, Team Member)
Added Live Delta tech. Live Delta displays a comparison of your lap vs your previous best lap at a particular track location. Now you can see as you drive the course where you gain and lose time vs your previous attempts. May not work for old PBs recorded before 12/12
Live Delta works on both the Current Vs Session and Current Vs Personal data screens and the information for each screen is tracked separately.
Live Delta data files are maintained in the CARS\\Records folder.
Probable fix for the sector time message becoming sticky.
HUD Lap Info display default changed to show recent laps. Use TAB to cycle.
Updated save & load process for Live Deltas
Current vs Session may display an incorrect same value of 1:34:567 for all sectors. This is a known bug at certain (HD) resolutions.
New export of Bathurst
Changes for several cars audio to levels, compression curves and parameter settings, some minor crossfade changes, distortion dsp added
All Leonus cars audio - adjustments to levels and exhaust params
Car exhausts and impacts audio - adding in attack parameter to the compression settings to allow make up gain to act as additional volume control boost
Removed the Test Track from Time Trial mode.
Leonus F86: Revised engine heating/cooling so it runs around 110C instead of 165

Build 115 (15/12/11, Senior Manager)
Fix to start-up resolution sanity check to allow windowed triple screen rendering in Development builds
Reverted previous Event allocation update after finding an alternative/safer method to this
Caterham: Improved headlights WIP
Caterham: LODX springs fully animated
FormulaB: More forward seat motion

Build 114 (14/12/11, Senior Manager)
Allocate standard Event even if dataSize < eventSize

Build 113 (13/12/11, Manager+)
Fixed a few bugs in the leaderboards
Refined lap info comparison screen

Build 112 (12/12/11, Senior Manager)
Lap Info comparison screen code and data added. Cycle through the various lap and sector info displays, including Session, Personal, World best, Session vs Personal and Personal vs World, use TAB key by default but can be remapped in controller config.
Added HUD_Wait text to textDB
New export of Bathurst

Build 111 (9/12/11, Team Member+)
Increased MAX_SUPPORTED_BONES to 72 on 360. Fixed a missing mem file/line call on PC.
Run the new Predevice reset msg handler in the renderer''s FreeDefaultPoolResources call.
Changed installer''s logic when detecting older installs of the game. Clicking "no" now will allow to proceed with installation w/o attempting uninstall first
(will help those with corrupt/removed/moved installations and those wanting multiple installations)

Build 110 (8/12/11, Senior Manager)
Fixed some problems with loading and saving setups (incorrect value ranges for vehicles)
Autoload correct setup when entering tuning screens (particularly from the Events menu), where one is available
Fixed problem where two Caterhams could appear in the Quick Race vehicle selection menu after entering the Eurogamer event
Correctly unload physics participant when leaving the tuning screens via the mouse controller
Fixed a bug with stat jobs being inappropriately canceled
Store and retrieve sector times / on the server
Added default TAB button hooks to controllers and vehicle set for lap info cycling (not yet active)
Replaced tuning menu exit button event with applink

Build 109 (7/12/11, Senior Manager)
Ariel Atom - LODA interior mapping and texturing WIP 2
Ariel Atom - LODA interior mapped and textured. Minor mesh tweaks and smoothing done
Ariel Atom 3 - Interior texture. Initial check in
New Bathurst export

Build 108 (5/12/11, Junior Member+)
Stability fixes for the leaderboards and events screens
Caterham R500: rebaked rear tires and bodywork with fenders removed
Caterham R500: New damper ranges and other setup changes to improve handling.
Caterham R500: New default setup
Caterham R500: Tyre grip improvements
Added LODA details to gearbox on the Atom

Build 107 (5/12/11, Senior Manager)
Remove cached stats connected to assets that are no longer available
Client fix for not displaying correct maintenance message during controlled outages
Fuel consumption enabled in practice and race sessions