Crucible 1.6 установят 28 марта

Обновление Crucible 1.6 для sci-fi MMO EVE Online установят 28 марта 2012 года во время продленного технического обслуживания, сообщает официальный сайт этой игры от компании CCP Games. В связи с этим сервер будет отключен с 15:00 до 16:45 по московскому времени (11:00 – 12:45 UTC). С выходом Crucible 1.6 будет запущен японский клиент EVE, а также проведены многочисленные изменения. Ознакомиться с полным списком нововведений можно ниже.

Читать далее  + Patch notes for EVE Online: Crucible 1.6
To be released Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

  • A full Japanese client for EVE Online is now available and joins German and Russian as our third fully localized client on Tranquility.

User Interface
  • It is no longer necessary to select the search type in People & Places.
  • It is possible to search for exact matches in People & Places.
  • Wallet divisions now allow Unicode characters for naming.
Weapons, Ammunition and Implants
  • All Kinetic missiles now have the name ‘Scourge’ back.
  • Three classes of missile launcher have been renamed to better indicate the type of missile they fit. Assault Missile Launchers are now Rapid Light Missile Launchers, Standard Launchers are now Light Missile Launchers and Siege Launchers have become Torpedo Launchers.
  • Zainou ''Gypsy'' Turret Destabilization TD-90x renamed to Zainou ''Gypsy'' Weapon Disruption WD-90x.
  • In the localized clients, bilingual search can be conducted.
  • Players can choose to see translations of important names in tooltips on the localized clients.
  • Players can choose to have important names marked on the localized clients.
  • Players can choose to display a column with the English mission titles on the localized clients.
  • Players can choose if they want to see important names in English or translated on the localized clients.
  • The starmap can now be viewed in a fully localized format.
Corporation & Alliance
  • Corporations can now name divisions using unicode characters.
World Shaping
  • Stargates are now named solely for their destination. This means it will now display ''Destination'' rather than ''Stargate(destination)''.

Agents & Missions
  • The ''Spy Stash'' mission description now displays correctly.
  • Research agents now properly berate you for trying to research too many things. Research ALL THE THINGS.
User Interface
  • It is no longer possible to use font, fontsize and br tags in corporation titles to avoid breaking the formatting of show info windows.
  • A client crash when inputting extremely large numbers into amount fields has been fixed.
  • Market order modification warnings are now fully translated in all localized clients.
  • The descriptions of some items and ships, like the Hulk, are now formatted correctly in localized clients.