Incarna 1.1.1 установлена на сервер EVE Online

Обновление Incarna 1.1.1 для sci-fi MMO EVE Online установлено, сообщает компания CCP Games. Как сообщалось ранее, патч, в основном, исправляет ошибки, появившиеся в игре с выходом патча Incarna 1.1. Ознакомиться со списком изменений можно ниже. Кроме этого, разработчики сразу же установили и Update 1 для вышедшего патча.

Читать далее  + User Interface
  • The corporation member list, when viewed with director roles, will now display blank ship info for docked characters instead of reporting them as flying the station they are currently docked in.
  • While using the system scanner scan results with less than 25% strength using three or more probes will now display the appropriate generic bracket for ships, structures, and anomalies.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause undocking characters to receive the error message, "Your ship is stuck, as server does not think that it is in a hangar. Please contact customer support to resolve this problem."
  • When docking a ship with the cargo hold window open the window will remain open once arriving in the station.
Graphic General
  • Lens Flares will now remain active when ''Interior Effects'' is set to Medium.
  • It is no longer possible to online completely damaged modules in a station, thus preventing undocking in that ship.
  • Fixed an issue where reloading or switching ammo would sometimes fail to properly complete.
  • Resolved a Macintosh crash when exiting character re-customization.
Agents and Missions
  • The cargo capacity check for courier style missions did not correctly check skills and fitted modules. Agents have been informed of this error and will now only giving the warning if the ship''s cargo hold is really not sufficient.
  • Exiting character customization in captains quarters will put your character in the correct position.
Client Update #1 for Incarna 1.1.1
To be released September 13, 2011

Boosters and Implants
  • Boosters no longer disappear after logging out before undocking.
  • Another issue of modules becoming offlined has been resolved.
  • A case of characters being stuck when logging into the Captain''s Quarters has been fixed.