Inferno 1.1 выйдет 25 июня

Патч Inferno 1.1 к sci-fi MMO EVE Online выйдет в понедельник, 25 июня 2012 года, сообщает официальный сайт этой игры от компании CCP Games. Техническое обслуживание сервера пройдет с 15:00 до 16:00 по московскому времени. С выходом патча игроки получат Minmatar V3 для всех моделей кораблей «sub capital», будет обновлена система фракционного противостояния и объявления войны, появится новая модель «Drake», усовершенствован унифицированный инвентарь и многое другое.

Полный список изменений  + Patch notes for EVE Online: Inferno 1.1
To be released on Monday, June 25, 2012.

Unified Inventory
  • The tree view in the Inventory has been updated with unique icons to help identify different Inventory locations; this includes but is not limited to: all specialized ship bays, POS structures, Corporate hangar divisions and Member hangars, Active Ship and Station Delivery. The active ship now has a green background both in the tree view and window view.
  • Increased the minimum scroll speed when navigating extremely long lists in the Unified Inventory tree view.
  • The "My filters" section of the Index tree in the Inventory will now remember if it has been collapsed. The collapsed state in station and in space are remembered separately.
  • Clarified the difference between the Primary main window and Secondary windows. All Secondary windows will now collect under a new location on the Neocom. The Inventory button will only be used for the Primary window.
    • The Primary Window is the Inventory window opened up from the Neocom button Inventory (ALT + C). This windows displayed contents will change based on the Inventory location a user has selected to view.
    • Secondary windows are those opened via SHIFT + Click (including via right contextual menu) that open up with their index tree view collapsed by default. These windows will remember their size, position, icon view state and stack based on their type and/or if they are unique.
War Declaration
  • Ally contracts now have a fixed length of two weeks.
  • Allies now cannot be part of mutual wars – defender cannot hire allies into mutual wars and existing ally contracts are cancelled with a 24 hour grace period.
  • War declaration costs have been capped at 500 million ISK regardless of the amount of members in the corporation or alliance.
  • New UI control has been added for war options in war lists.
  • Added cost for hiring multiple allies for a war – hiring more than one ally now incurse a cost that goes to CONCORD. The cost rises exponentially the more allies are hired into the same war.
  • More information is available in the blog ''Inferno 1.1 Changes to the War Dec System''.
  • The following ships have been added to the game as prizes for the winners of the Alliance Tournament X. More information can be found in the dev blog ''Alliance Tournament X - Full Schedule, Prizes and Streaming Changes''. Etana
    Slot layout: 6/6/3

    The Etana came into existence as one of numerous secret projects under Tibus Heth''s rule. As part of those revolutionary and paranoid times in the Caldari State, political emphasis on technological research was split between a need for inexpensive improvements in warfare and a need for advances in espionage and the arts of secrecy. One of the outcomes of that research was an improvement on the Osprey, whose versatility and low manufacturing cost made it a natural candidate for improvements. The resulting vessel maintained the shield defenses known among similar ships of its type, while adding an array of remarkable black ops capabilities. In fact, it is reputed that initial prototypes were employed to spy on interstellar activities near the recaptured Caldari Prime, as part of Tibus Heth''s continually growing espionage initiative.
    Caldari Cruiser Skill Bonus:
    • 160% bonus to Shield Transport and Energy Transfer Array range and 20% bonus to Shield Maintenance Bot transfer amount per level
    Logistics Skill Bonus:
    • 17% reduction in Shield Transport and Energy Transfer Array capacitor use per level
    Role bonus:
    • 40% reduction in the amount of heat damage absorbed by modules, 50% in CPU need for Shield Transporters, and in power need for Energy Transfer Arrays
    • 99% reduction in CPU need for cloaking devices
    • The Etana can be bridged by a Black Ops ship

    Slot layout: 4/5/3

    The Cambion is the result of Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth''s insistence that modern weapons of war be able to continually outperform previous standardized versions. While that effort is rumored to have been hit-and-miss (resulting in great scientific advances at the cost of a stunning array of misfortunes), it is absolutely undeniable that the Cambion has been one of its great successes, a feat that likely could not have been achieved in a different political milieu. The Cambion an out-and-out brawler. Taking note from the Merlin – a versatile combat frigate in its own right – this ship is intended to rush in, overheat everything it runs, hit hard with everything it has and get out moments before death can find it.
    Caldari Frigate Skill Bonus:
    • 5% bonus to shield resistances per skill level.
    Assault Ship Skill Bonus:
    • 5% bonus to light missile and rocket rate of fire per skill level.
    Role Bonus:
    • 115% bonus to light missile and rocket kinetic damage and 50% reduction in heat damage taken by modules.
  • The following Minmatar Republic ships have had their shaders updated to the V3 shader set:
    • Industrial
    • Battleship
    • Battlecruiser
    • Cruiser
    • Destroyer
    • Frigate
    • Shuttle
  • The Caldari Drake model has been redesigned.
  • Changed the way camera focus works when you board or lose your ship.
  • Flares were added to missiles, making them visible when the camera is zoomed out.
  • All V3 ship materials are now a bit brighter.
  • Character portraits are now captured in 1024x1024 resolution (was 512x512 before).
NeX Store and Aurum
  • Multiple new clothing items have been added to the NeX store. These items are from our historical collection and will be priced at new price points of 100, 300 and 500 Aurum. Current clothing lines remain unchanged in price. Additional information can be found in the dev blog ''Clothing and Aurum additions for Inferno 1.1''.


Factional Warfare
  • Removed all E-War NPCs from Factional Warfare capture sites. This includes NPCs using tracking disruptors, ECM, sensor dampeners, target painters, stasis webifiers, warp scramblers and energy draining / neutralizing.
  • Added highly expensive clothing offers for Factional Warfare LP stores (base price is 100m ISK and 100k LP each)
    • 24th Imperial Crusade: Men''s ''Sterling'' Dress Shirt (gold leather) and Women''s ''Sterling'' Dress Blouse (gold)
    • State Protectorate: Men''s ''Sterling'' Dress Shirt (gray) and Women''s ''Sterling'' Dress Blouse (graphite)
    • Federal Defense Union: Men''s ''Sterling'' Dress Shirt (white/blue) and Women''s ''Sterling'' Dress Blouse (black/white)
    • Tribal Liberation Force: Men''s ''Sterling'' Dress Shirt (red/black leather) and Women''s ''Sterling'' Dress Blouse (red satin)
  • The following changes to Incursions introduced in Escalation to Inferno have been reverted:
    • Lowering the reward for vanguard sites by 10%.
    • Increasing the system influence change rate.
  • Additional information can be found in the dev blog ''Incursion Changes''.
  • The skill "Target Spectrum Breaker" has been renamed to "Target Breaking Amplification" and its description changed as follows:
Improves the continuous reflection of active target spectrum breakers, resulting in much improved defenses against all those who wish to target any vessel in the vicinity.
Reduces duration time and capacitor need of Target Spectrum Breakers by 5% per level.
  • The Reactive Armor Hardener will now reset its resistances when using a stargate.
  • The transition between systems when jumping through a stargate has been improved; the camera will point at the same nebula area between jumps.
  • The wormhole graphic in the Promised Land system has been altered.
  • Extra geometry elements on the Wolf have been removed as they were causing intersections with turrets and launchers installed on the ship.
  • ECM modules now have a graphic effect in space. It’s the same effect as Tracking Disruption and Sensor Dampening.
Agents & Missions
  • Fixed the description for the Leviathan wreck present in the second deadspace pocket of the Guristas Epic Arc mission "Foxfire".
User Interface
  • Changed the way timestamps are displayed in the wars lists. You will now be able to easily read when the war starts or finishes, as well as when your ally is expected to join the fight.
  • The Area of Effect attribute now states that the value is a measurement of radius for extra clarity.
  • You will now receive a better warning message when fitting a rig to a ship.
  • Audit Log Secure Containers anchored in space are now valid targets for drones, just like regular Secure Containers.
  • There is now a ''jumping to beacon'' message when jumping to a cyno/jumpbridge, similar to the ''jumping through stargate'' notifications.
  • Planets are now displayed in a correct order in the solar system information window.


Character Creation and New Player Experience
  • Outdated text has been updated in the Placing Recruitment Adverts tutorial.
  • The Exploration tutorial has received a series of grammatical improvements.
  • Multiple text errors in the Certificates tutorial have been resolved.
Science and Industry
  • Items that had a reprocessing yield of 0 for some minerals now have this information removed from the corresponding user interface window.
  • The Carthum Conglomerate, Viziam and Khanid Innovation manufacturer logos have been applied to the appropriate Amarr ships.
  • Graphic corruption on the warp disruption bubble has been resolved.
  • Minmatar booster locators on the Bellicose and its variants have been moved closer to the engine exhaust.
  • Fixed an issue with intersecting turrets on the Prophecy model during warp.
  • Sealed a small geometry hole in the Minmatar Maelstrom model.
  • Resolved a bug that would stop the warp tunnel from displaying when a player logged into space and their ship started to emergency warp.
  • Minmatar Tempest has been bandaged together with duct tape and glue resolving unwelded vertices.
  • All Thukker developed ships except capitals now have consistent colour schemes.
  • The Tormentors turret locators have been aligned to be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • A texture assignment issue has been resolved with the "Blood Ship Debris" object.
  • Minmatar booster locators for the Cyclone and its variants have been moved closer to the engine exhaust.
  • Minmatar booster locators on the Tempest and its variants have been moved closer to the engine exhaust.
  • The booster locators on the Rupture and its factional variants have been moved closer to the engine exhaust.
  • Booster locators on the Typhoon and Panther have been relocated closer to the engine exhaust.
  • Booster locators on the Minmatar Peacekeeper frigate have been improved.
  • The Caldari LaiDai material preset has been update to be more consistent.
  • Launcher models have been modified to fix issues with intersecting graphics.
Factional Warfare
  • Fixed a case where Factional Warfare dungeons would sometimes fail to complete properly when captured, and so would not respawn until after downtime.
  • Fixed an issue where users would not get a Loyalty Points payout when capturing a Factional Warfare complex despite being within range of the beacon.

Unified Inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would not load and stall under a number of different circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where items would get locked when dropped into a container, even if the container was set to Unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary windows would not close when moving out of range. Player Owned Structures, other player ship locations such as Ship Maintenance Bays, objects in space such as Containers and Wrecks will now close if open in a secondary window when moving off grid.
  • Changing the name of your ship will refresh Inventory windows with the new name.
  • Improved the performance when locking or unlocking a large number of items.
  • View mode and sort by are now persisted per window type. The primary window persists one set of values while every secondary window will persist its own set of values on a per window basis.
  • The option to Split Stack from the contextual menu when right clicking a stack in a Player Owned Structure has been removed. This option never functioned and should not have been displayed. Shift dragging stacks will still allow the user to separate stacks. The right click option should only be available in stations.
  • Fixed an issue where locked items would not display as locked when changing the view mode between icons, list and details in the Inventory window.
  • For ships with no bays, the label in the Inventory tree view has been updated to read "No additional bays" instead of "None".
  • Fixed an issue where “rubber band” and Ctrl+click selection would not update the item count and Est. price in the inventory window.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not copy table data from within the Inventory when viewing items in the list or details view.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Nothing Found" text would continue to display after moving items into an empty Inventory location, when using the List or Details view mode.
  • Fixed an issue where a number of error messages would prevent moving a package from the corporations Market Deliveries folder in the Inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the Capacity Bar for an Inventory location would get stuck, when moving more of the same item into that same location.
  • We now store separate settings for the Primary Inventory window in space / station for both the entire tree panel width and the filter panel height.
  • Fixed an issue where users could see the contents of a division they had no access rights to after dropping items into them.
  • The Unified Inventory now visually differentiates between containers that are within access range and those which are out of range.
  • Station Hangars now open correctly, previously when double clicked the ship hangar was incorrectly opening.
  • Fixed a problem where the Inventory would not display the Corporate hangar and/or its divisions despite having an office rented in the station a user was in.
User Interface
  • Custom Alliance logos are now visible in the UI if you have UI Scaling set to more than 100%.
  • Changing UI Scaling settings will no longer remove the text labels for "Camera Center" and "Camera Speed".
  • Icons for fleet broadcasts are now displayed in more sensible locations in space, in most cases above or left to the bracket of the object. Expanded stacks of brackets are being pushed down a bit, if they would extend beyond the upper border of the screen.
  • Very, very long names will now clip in the fleet Watch List so that the Shield/Armor/Structure bars are visible at all times.
  • Long petition titles will no longer overlap the petition text field.
  • An issue with the speed indicator in the HUD not updating correctly in some cases has been fixed.
  • The calculator now allows you to save numbers on clients with localized decimal separators.
  • When editing a contact, labels assigned to them will no longer disappear.
  • You can once again drag search results (Corporations/Alliances/etc.) from the search window directly into the To field of an EVE Mail.
  • Fixed capitalization error in the text when attempting to donate too many Loyalty Points to a Factional Warfare Infrastructure Hub.
  • When an Ally Offer is declined, a notification is now sent to both the defender and the corporation/alliance offering help.
  • You should now be able to rename your notes in notepad once again. So, what are you waiting for? Rename all the notes!
  • Fixed an issue where the Factional Warfare capture bar would display white if it was over the threshold required to make a system vulnerable.
  • Increased the highlight on the plus icon in the My filters header.
  • Corrected minor capitalization discrepancy in Factional Warfare tooltips for different system statuses.
  • For players not enlisted in Factional Warfare, the Factional Warfare page will now display statistics based on the station the user is in or the Factional Warfare system they are in. Otherwise the characters bloodline will be used. The information displayed for characters already enlisted is unchanged; it will always show your own conflict.
  • Sorting by Capture status in the Factional Warfare main window will now order systems in correct ascending or descending order.
  • The message when a user cannot see the contents of a specific division has been clarified to read "You don''t have the required role to view these contents" and will also now be displayed in red.
  • Text alignment for the tab names has been improved.
  • Corporation and alliance names will no longer stay highlighted in the "All wars" list after using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Removed the "Move HQ Here" button from the Station Services window if your corporation HQ is already in the station.
  • Fixed an issue where the flag icon in the Factional Warfare window was not displaying when the user was enlisted in Factional Warfare.
  • Minor improvements were made to the Contact Management window, especially for adding pilots to the watchlist.
  • Removed the deprecated “Open Cargohold” option from the radial menu of your own ship.
  • When attempting to send more than one surrender offer, you will receiving a message telling you that there is an active negotiation currently pending.
  • When searching for a Corporation/Alliance that has no active wars, the window will state so.
  • Trying to open a Factional Warfare "War Report" will open the correct window.
  • Mutual Wars will no longer show under the Assistance Requests filter in the All Wars list.
  • Long Corporation/Alliance names will no longer leak over into the Allies window.
  • Changing the shader quality no longer causes problems to the transparency of some UI elements (background of the Neocom, FW progress bar, ...)
  • An issue causing irregular overview updates has been resolved.
  • Fixed missing engine sounds on the Noctis.
  • Camera distance on undock is now universal in the game client.
  • Increased the drop rate of the Initiated Ion Field ECM I to bring it in line with other ECM devices of the same meta level.
  • The client will now install DirectX when the system no longer contains the DirectX components needed to run Eve. This makes it easier to copy the client from one machine to another.
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the capture text when securing a location in Factional Warfare.
  • Using Approach or Jump after the target was Kept at Range or orbited now works correctly.
  • An issue where cloaked ships would attempt to jump/dock/enter wormhole before they had being decloaked is now fixed.
  • Standardized the values for Brynn''s, Cormack''s, Setele''s and Tuvan''s Modified Power Diagnostic System to bring them in line with their meta level and other officer power diagnostic modules.
  • Corrected the spacing issue in the description for the Magpulse Thruster.
  • The "Dmg/Job" column has been made wide enough for localized Japanese clients to correctly display the string.
Weapons & Ammunition
  • Missile animations are no longer halted by switching processes.
  • Fixed initial missing laser visual effects when undocking your ship.
Corporations & Alliances
  • There was an issue that could cause some ally negotiations to fail, or to have incorrect allies attached to wars. This has now been fixed.
  • Stacking penalty for Inverted Signal Field Projector Rigs now works correctly.
World Shaping
  • Warp-in locations for moons in wormholes J140133 and J112041 have now been fixed.
CONCORD and Kill Mails
  • Jump Clone destruction Notifications originating from destroyed Capital ships now have working links.

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