Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Состоялся релиз, первый патч


На сервисе Steam появилась в продаже тактическая стратегия Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, разработкой которой занималась компании Kalypso Media, bitComposer Games и Coreplay Studio.

В ремейке перед игроками поставлена задача свержения власти в островном государстве третьего мира, путем найма профессиональных "солдатов фортуны" и выполнения разнообразных диверсионных миссий.

Также стал доступен патч 1.03, исправляющий некоторые ошибки игры и вносящий изменения в геймплей.

Перечень изменений  

- Fixed AI not being able to target player that was prone within a certain range

Camera / Visuals

- Tweaked Camera distance and angle to be less restrictive
- Some minor tweaks on the sight cone calculation to improve performance


- Increased video memory reserved for ground texture baking to reduce texture popping in with camera max / min distance
- File system load order fixed
- Fixed autopause options not being saved globally

Save & Load

- Game checks if game files have been modified and saves modification flag in savegames
- Open doors are fully open after loading


- Wounds and overload do now reduce movement speed of world squads
- Fixed bug where locations would be invisible after combat


- Added cursor changes on portrait when trade/repair/heal action is activated
- Explosive spots can now be accessed from both sides of the wall
- Item swapping in lootscreen added
- i key toggles inventory
- Inventory shows all squad members in tutorial
- selecting player of different squad changes UI in pause mode correctly
- Access to former global inventory removed
- Plants and some other materials are ignored by the context cursor

Combat / Plan & Go

- Preview and actual position of mercs now fits 100%, thus allowing all shots if they would hit while planing
- Tweaked explosion times for grenades to be shorter
- Emmisions of grenades prevent combat reset
- Roofs are revealed if enemies below them attack player
- Tweaked weapons RPM so it’s more consistent throughout different weapon types


- Fixed: change in combat position caused bug in AI attacking behavior - they changed stances very often instead of firing
- Fixed: change in melee attack caused AI to remain in present stance even if they do an emergency melee defense
- Human player enemy detection events should fire correctly again
- Building defenders that are inside a building didn''t rush at snipers. now they should do it if the sniper has LoS on them.
- After enemy contact, AI with medi-equipment all started to heal each other instantly. this is randomized now.
- Fixed: enemies planned their paths through tanks, ending up walking against the tank.