Magicka - Новый патч

Студия Arrowhead подготовила очередной патч для полюбившейся многим игрокам игры Magicka.

Обновление уже доступно и стартует в автоматическом режиме после запуска клиента Steam.

Полный список результатов бессонных ночей разработчиков  +
  • Fixes
    • Fixed save games disappearing when disconnecting from online game. (For real this time)
    • Fixed crash for alternative character models appearing in cutscenes. (Chapter 7, Chapter 12).
    • Fixed crash caused by conjuring large quantities of elements.
    • Fixed crash due to beams merging.
    • Fixed crash where Chapter 11 boss collided with shield.
    • Fixed crash where Clients and servers would send old messages when reconnecting.
    • Fixed high-end machine jitter.
    • Improved network batching. (should result in serious network performance increase).
    • Improved startup routine to prevent threading problems.
    • Improved authentification on connect. (should result in fewer auth-failed)
    • Fixed a missing file that resulted in french text not appearing correctly.
    • Fixed immovable objects jittering.
    • Fixed issue where characters would get stuck during cutscenes.
    • Fixed issue where scripted player movement would remain after a cutscene.
    • Fixed missing boss titles.
    • Steam join through overlay fixed.
    • Fixed Chapter 1 collision. (behind door)
    • Fixed Chapter 3 collision. (you can now fall down the well)
    • Fixed Chapter 7 cutscene lockups and other issues.
    • Fixed Chapter 8 cutscene lockup.
    • Fixed Chapter 8 navigation fixed.
    • Fixed Chapter 9 cutscene lockups.
    • Fixed Chapter 11 teleport issue.
    • Fixed Chapter 12 cutscene lockup.
    • Conflagration is now properly synced over network.
  • Features/Balance
    • Chapter 3 now has proper pirates by the picnic.
    • Chapter 8 now has manual exit at the end of level.
    • Fire Damage increased from 40 to 60.
    • Spawned summons now capped at 16 per player.
    • Goblin Pirate damage reduced from 155 to 72.
    • Added server list filter option for “Password”.
    • Removed obsolete port option of game hosting (always hosted on 27016 anyways).
    • Server list sorting added (click the header).