Патч Incarna 1.0.1 установлен на сервер EVE

Патч Incarna 1.0.1 установлен на сервер sci-fi MMO EVE Online, сообщает официальный сайт этого проекта от исландской компании CCP Games. Это обновление, в основном, предназначено для устранения проблем, появившихся с релизом Incarna 1.0. Ознакомиться со списком изменений можно ниже.

Кроме этого, сообщается, что вчера была проведена экстренная перезагрузка Tranquility из-за возникших затруднений с отображением рынков в некоторых регионах.

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User Interface
  • An issue with the scaling of the Nobel Exchange (NeX) store window has been fixed.
  • An issue that occurred with the Items window when clone jumping has been fixed.
  • Tabbing while in the login screen will no longer change the focus from connect to being unfocused.
  • BPOs and BPCs can now be uniquely identified in cargo scanner results when scanning a ship carrying a courier package, yarrr!
  • The bracket around the CQ mirror will no longer be incorrectly visible when the camera is in certain positions.
  • Overview brackets, and brackets in space, will no longer be missing the right hand side for battleships and capital ships.
  • The Client Update loading bar will now start at 0% instead of at 40%.
  • Pressing tab to collapse windows now works in station.
  • When using a text entry box that supports auto-completion the drop down menu will now correctly hide after selecting an item.
  • The Corp Recruitment UI will now display the end date for advertisements.
  • The Corp Recruitment UI will now expand and show recruiters.
  • Fixed the Corp Recruitment UI to better handle applications for large volumes of applications. The applications have been split into a separate tab, can be sorted, and can now display more than three applications at once.
  • The "reconnect to lost probes" button on the scanner is now only active if you have a probe launcher fitted.
  • Added a page counter to the search results of the Agent Finder.
  • You can now search for agents by both region and solar system in the Agent Finder.
  • Agent levels are now easier to select in the Agent Finder.
  • "Remove Solar System from Overview" option no longer appears in the right-click menu for Bookmarks.
  • Resolved light flickering on ATI CrossFire enabled hardware.
  • Fixed shadow rendering in the New Character Creator.
  • The character creator will now load after changing character lighting and then clicking the back button.
  • Resolved a crash issue when loading into the Captains Quarters.
  • The Corporation "Edit Member" function has been fixed.
  • The client would occasionally crash if jumping when the client was minimized. This has been fixed.
  • When running full screen on the secondary monitor, the mouse will no longer jump to the primary monitor when clicking.
  • Fixed a crash triggered by undocking from station.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak when undocking from station.
  • Fixed an issue, that on very rare occasions, could cause the camera to disconnect from the players avatar in the CQ.
  • Fixed an issue, that on rare occasions, could cause the mouse cursor to not behave as expected in the CQ.
  • Additional server side errors relating to the mouse controls within the CQ were fixed.
  • Salvager modules will no longer receive bonuses meant for tractor beams.
  • While using a Focused Warp Disruption script in a Warp Disruption Field Generator I a bubble-effect was sometimes shown for other pilots. This is no longer occurs.
Boosters and Implants
  • Active boosters no longer prevent clone jumping. Remember to always boost responsibly!
  • An issue causing skills to not be applied to ships has now been resolved. This will be addressed in a future release. Currently you can apply a workaround which is to relog in a station or Log off in space, wait until your ship gets removed from space and then log back in.
  • The Mac client will now close properly after pressing the close button on the top left of the game window.
  • Resolved an issue on the Mac where an interior shader instruction didn''t take into account LOD bias.
  • Fixed the Mac ILR flare issues for Caldari stations.
  • Item names in the NeX store have been fixed.
Captain''s Quarters
  • Fixed an issue where an avatar would be unable to move when undocking and redocking while sitting.
  • Fixed an issue where UI buttons on balcony became active while sitting on the sofa.
  • Fixed an issue where Bounty content was displayed at Stations where no Bounty Office existed.
New Player Experience
  • A typo in "Help: Combat Tactics – Working with Transversal Velocity (Pt I)" has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Epic Journal not reporting the correct mission status of a completed arc.
  • Fixed an issue with Voice Over not playing in step 2 of 3 in "Fitting your Ship" for the Amarr.
  • Fixed an issue with the Russian localization tutorial image to point to “Set Destination” instead of “Set Waypoint”.
  • Players performing the second mission of the Newbie Tutorial arc will no longer receive a faction standing hit.
  • The Industry Career mission agents have been resupplied and will now provide a Miner I so you can complete the mission.
In-game Browser
  • Fixed an issue with permissions with the in-game browser causing it to crash when opening.