Sid Meier''s Civilization V - Вышел большой патч


На сервисе Steam появился новый патч к стратегии Sid Meier''s Civilization V, который вносит изменения практически во все элементы игры: интерфейс, искусственный интеллект, дипломатию, геймплей, баланс, мультиплеер и т.д.

Перечень исправлений  
* Pacing has received a large amount of work. Expect to have more of a challenge managing your empire at higher difficulty levels than you did before. Consider dropping a difficulty level if you have problems.
* Existing saves will work correctly. However, the balance pass may make your existing happiness lower than expected when loading into your existing save post-patch.
* Civilopedia now available in the Main Menu (under “Other”)
* Replay is now available at the end of the game, and through the main menu. You can choose Map, Graphs, and turn-by-turn. Only games played post-patch will apply.
* Great People progress UI addition (upper-left Info Corner UI).
* Combat preview for Aircraft UI addition.
* Fixed aircraft UI issue causing the aircraft selection UI to duplicate itself when rebasing aircraft.
* When loading save game files, you can now order the list by name, or last modified.
* Fix aircraft UI bug that was causing Nuclear Missiles and Atomic Bombers to leave behind container UI after it’s destroyed.
* Removed dead players from Demographics UI.
* Made backstab routine more transparent (the dialog will clearly state that they are backstabbing you).
* AI now remembers when it has been nuked, for a permanent diplomatic penalty.
* AI now recognizes a player that captured their capital for a permanent diplomatic penalty.
* End declaration of friendship as soon as war is declared (so can''t later get a notification that it has expired).
* AI remembers if you satisfied one of their requests (positive modifier, decays over time, based on value of items granted).
* AI remembers if you fought against a common foe (positive modifier, decays over time, based on damage done to the common foe).
* Track trades between players and allow that to positively influence relationships (the better the deal for the AI, the stronger the modifier). Particularly useful for bribing a hostile AI.
* Rebalanced AI flavors and strategies for unit training to improve AI army composition and build choices.
* Allow the AI to consider Pikeman units for offensive roles when they can''t build Swordsman or Longswordsman.
* Allow Alexander and Darius to consider Hoplites and Immortals for offensive roles in early game.
* AI players may now use a Great General in early rushes on higher difficulties.
* Modified flavor tags for Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Missile so AI builds them only when it decides it specifically wants Nukes.
* Block City States from building carriers, atomic weapons.
* Strategies for building mobile units now persist into Modern era to help AI decisions for when to build tanks and modern armor.
* Dampen early game Grand Strategies to give the AI time to expand (AI were sometimes stuck in a single city until late in the game).
* Victory adjustments to AI behaviors, including alternate victory paths as “back-ups” (for example, building the Apollo Program, even if they are not going for a Spaceship victory).
* Revise code calculating recommended army size (using smaller armies if the threat is low).
* Correct issue that was causing late-game continent-bound AI’s to over-build units intending to invade, and never properly execute the amphibious invasion.
* Scale recommended army sizes based on difficulty level.
* AI grand strategy and flavor weighting balance pass.
* AI policy choice weighting balance pass.
* AI tech choice weighting balance pass.
* Player is now given the option to return a CS worker that they free from barbarians.
* Roads under captured cities no longer charge maintenance.
* Machu Picchu no longer destroyed when capturing a city containing Machu Picchu.
* Fixed Oligarchy bug that was causing the effect to expire when loading from a save.
* Multiplayer AI is now consistent with Single Player AI.
* Hot-Seat is now available through the multiplayer menu.
o You can have as many humans playing as available slots in the game.
o Password protection is built in.
o All maps, including purchased and user-created, are available to play in Hot-Seat.
o While play-by-email is not yet implemented, we did include an in-between turn saving option for those that want to play via email.
* Policy “Finishers” added to all 10 policy trees. Taking all policies in a tree will grant an additional bonus effect. See policy notes below for more information.
* Tweaked Policy cost formula (cheaper earlier, more expensive later).
* Reduced per-city Policy cost increase by 50%.
* Culture from City States tweaked (less early, more later).
* Killing a barbarian for a city state now gives 12 influence (was 5).
* Production cost adjustments for units/buildings/wonders (mostly a little cheaper, much cheaper late game).
* Unhappiness per city increased to 3 from 2.
* All great person tile improvements now connect all strategic resources.
* Reduced Culture from Goody Huts to 20 from 30.
* Defense penalty and city assault bonus promotions are now lost with upgrade.
* Research agreements now give a tech boost instead of a free tech. Tech boosts start at 50% of the median value of all techs you can research. Can be boosted to 100% if you both start Rationalism and build the Porcelain Tower.
Terrain, Resources, and Improvements
* New bonus resource: Stone (+1 production, improved with a Quarry). See the Stone Works building note below for additional details.
* Map generation improvements to integrate Stone into production-poor terrain, reducing the temporary usage of Cows. Additionally, will switch grass bonus resources from Cows to Stone when production is needed.
* Marsh and Fallout terrain penalty reduced from -33 to -15.
* Academy yield increases with Scientific Theory.
* Customs House yield increases with Economics.
* Manufactory yield increases with Chemistry.
* Marble wonder production mod reduced to 15%.
* Luxury resources now give 4 Happiness, down from 5.
* Remove penalty for improving Tundra, Snow and Desert.
* Railroad improvement now takes 3 turns, down from 7.
* Scrub Fallout now takes 2 turns, down from 5.
* Repair improvement now takes 2 turns, down from 3.
* Well improvements now remove jungle/forest/marsh.
* New building: Stone Works: +1 Happiness and +1 production, and +1 production for each source of Marble and Stone worked. Requires Marble or Stone.
* Burial Tomb now correctly has an Artist slot.
* Mud Pyramid Mosque reduced 1 Culture.
* Circus moved to Trapping.
* Forge maintenance reduced 1 gold.
* Windmill production modifier reduced 5% to 10%.
* Monastery base Culture reduced from 3 to 2. Per resource Culture unchanged.
* Mint gold per resource reduced by 1 gold.
* Colosseum maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
* Theatre maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
* Stadium maintenance reduced by 1 gold, Happiness reduced by 1.
* Broadcast tower cultural modifier reduced to 33% but now gives 3 Culture.
* Armory maintenance reduced by 1 gold and moved to Machinery.
* Military academy maintenance reduced by 2 gold.
* Arsenal moved to rifling and now provides city defense instead of unit production.
* Walls now gives 4 Defense (was 5).
* Walls of Bablylon now give 6 Defense (was 7.5).
* Mughal Fort now gives 6 Defense (was 9).
* Castle now gives 4 Defense (was 7.5).
* University maintenance reduced by 1 gold and now gives a 33% boost to science instead of 50% (will increase to 50% after adopting Free Thought Policy).
* Military Academy now requires Armory instead of Barracks.
* Arsenal now requires Castle instead of Military Academy.
* Military Base now requires Arsenal.
* Wat now requires Library.
* Mud Pyramid Mosque now requires Monument.
* Harbor naval production reduced 10% but now increases sea resources yield by 1 hammer.
* Seaports no longer require a sea resource, they now require a Harbor. Production per sea resource reduced by 1 hammer.
* Factory production increased by 1 hammer but modifier decreased to 10%.
* Solar/Nuclear plant cost greatly reduced.
* Solar/Nuclear plant production increased by 1 hammer but modifier decreased to 15%.
* Public School science per population reduced by 50% and now provides a flat 3 science.
* Research Laboratory modifier reduced by 50% but now gives a flat 4 science.
* Workshop production modifier reduced by 5%.
* Barracks, Armory, Military Academy and Krepost now provide experience to all units trained.
* National College moved to Philosophy and reduced by 2 science.
* Oxford University now gives 3 additional science.
* Great Lighthouse now also provides a free Lighthouse in the city where it was built.
* Great library now gives 3 additional science, and provides a free Library in the city where it was built.
* Porcelain tower now additionally increases the Science granted when completing Research Agreements by 50%.
* Hermitage moved to Acoustics and much cheaper to build. Now requires Opera Houses but gives only a 50% boost to Culture.
* Stonehenge Culture reduced to 6 from 8.
* Pyramids worker speed increase reduced to 25% from 50% but now give a free Worker when built
* Hanging Gardens now give 10 Food instead of 1 population per city and Happiness.
* Great Wall now obsoletes with Dynamite instead of metallurgy and gives 3 Culture. Additionally, a free Wall is provided in the city where it was built.
* Hagia Sophia great person modifier reduced to 25% from 34%, and gives a free Great Person of your choice.
* Eiffel Tower now give 5 Happiness plus 1 for every 2 Policies adopted.
* Chichen Itza now grants an additional 4 Happiness.
* Machu Picchu trade route gold increased by 5% and also gives a flat 5 gold.
* The Colossus now gives an additional 5 gold.
* Notre Dame now gives 10 Happiness, up from 5, and 3 Culture.
* Sistine Chapel Culture modifier reduced from 33% to 25%.
* Kremlin global city defense mod reduced to 25% from 50% but now gives 12 defense in the city where it''s built.
* Cristo Redentor Policy discount reduced from 25% to 10% but now gives 4 Culture.
* Pentagon upgrade cost reduced to 33% from 50% but now gives 3 Culture.
* Sydney Opera House moved to Mass Media and gives 50% Culture in the city where it''s built plus 4 Culture.
* Big Ben hurry modifier reduced to 15% from 25% but now gives a flat 4 gold.
* Himeji bonus reduced to 15% from 25%, and provides a free Castle in the city where it was built.
* Forbidden Palace now provides -10% unhappiness from Citizens in non-occupied Cities.
Civilization Unique Abilities
* Arabia: Bazaar now gives 2 gold on oil/oasis.
* America: Remove river start bias.
* America: Increase plot buy modifier to 50% from 25%.
* China: Great General trait reduced to 50% from 100%.
* Babylon: Great Scientist trait reduced to 50% from 100%.
* Germany: Now receives a 25% discount on land unit maintenance.
* Ottoman: Now receives a 67% discount on naval unit maintenance, and can upgrade Galley’s to Trireme’s.
* Liberty and Autocracy are no longer mutually exclusive.
* Freedom, Autocracy and Order are now mutually exclusive.
* Tradition
o Aristocracy now provides +15% Production when building Wonders down from 20%.
o Landed Elite now provides 1 Happiness at every 10 Citizens in each City.
o Tradition Finisher: +15% Growth and +2 Food in each city.
* Liberty
o Meritocracy: +1 Happiness for each city connected to your capital, and -5% Unhappiness from citizens in non-occupied cities.
o Republic now adds an additional 5% building production modifier.
o Liberty Finisher: Great Person of your choice.
* Honor
o Honor Opener now additionally provides Culture for each barbarian killed.
o Warrior Code now also gives 15% melee unit production.
o Military Caste now provides +1 Happiness and +2 Culture for each city with a garrison.
o Professional Army now reduces cost of upgrading units by 33% and provides +1 Happiness per defensive building (Walls, Castle, Arsenal, Military base).
o Honor Finisher: Grants gold for each enemy unit killed.
* Piety
o Piety Opener now provides a 15% production bonus on Culture buildings.
o Free Religion now provides only 1 free Policy but increases the Culture from Monuments, Temples and Monasteries by 1.
o Organized Religion now gives 1 Happiness per Monument, Temple and Monastery.
o Reformation now increases Culture in all cities with a Wonder by 33%, and starts a Golden Age.
o Theocracy now increase gold yield by 10% in cities with a Temple.
o Piety Finisher: -10% Culture cost of future Policies.
* Patronage
o Scholasticism reduced from 33% to 25%
o Patronage Finisher: Causes other players’ influence with City States to decrease 33% more per turn than usual.
* Commerce
o Naval Tradition policy now also gives +1 moves to embarked units.
o Commerce Finisher: +1 Gold per Specialist.
* Rationalism
o Rationalist Opener now increases the Science granted when completing Research Agreements by 50%. Stacks with Porcelain Tower.
o Free Thought now also increases University science yield by 17%
o Humanism now also affects Public Schools and Observatories.
o Rationalism Finisher: +1 Gold from Science buildings.
* Freedom
o Freedom Opener now provides 25% Great Person Points in all cities.
o Democracy now provides -50% Unhappiness per Specialist.
o Constitution now provides +2 Culture per Wonder.
o Free Speech now provides 8 maintenance free units.
o Freedom Finisher: +100% yield from Great Tile Improvements and increase length of Golden Ages by 50%.
* Autocracy
o Police State now provides 3 Happiness per Courthouse, and reduces the time it take to build Courthouses by 50%.
o Total War now provides +15% Production when building Military Units and +15 XP for new units.
o Autocracy Finisher: 30 turn attack bonus of +20%.
* Order
o Order Opener now provides +1 Happiness per City.
o Socialism and Planned Economy swapped places.
o Socialism buff to 15% reduction in building maintenance from 10%.
o Planned Economy now increases Science yield by 25% in cities with a Factory.
o Communism now provides 2 Production and 10% Production towards buildings in each city.
o Order Finisher: +1 Food/Production/Science/Gold/Culture per city.
* United Front – Militaristic City States now grant units twice as often when you are at war with a common foe.
* Reduced cost of Calendar, Civil Service, Iron Working, Gunpowder, Rifling and Dynamite.
* Scaled up costs of all sciences starting in the mid-renaissance era and on (larger increases later on).
* Metal Working requires Construction.
* Railroad now requires Dynamite.
* Radar now requires Combustion.
* Globalization requires Computers, and the cost is increased.
* Computers require Radar.
* Particle Physics no longer requires Globalization (Space victory now possible without overlapping Diplomatic victory).
* Future Tech requires Globalization.
* Tech Aesthetics: moved Dynamite and all future technologies around by 1 position for better alignment.
* Destroyers no longer start with extra sight.
* Extra Sight promotions are now lost with upgrade (Caravel).
* Great General promotion spawning effectiveness reduced by 50%.
* Mohawk Jungle/Forest bonus reduced to 25% from 50%.
* Gunship anti-armor promotions now work correctly.
* Jaguar now gets Woodsman promotion.
* Minuteman now start with Drill I.
* Mohawk Warriors no longer require Iron.
* Carriers no longer require Oil.
* Destroyer moved to Combustion.
* Mechanized infantry moves reduced from 4 to 3.
* Galley now upgrades to Trireme.
* Ironclad now upgrades to Battleship.
* +1 moves for Tank, Panzer, Modern Armor, with no sight penalty.
* Increased combat strength of siege weapons to 50% of their ranged strength, increased intrinsic city attack promotions (10%/30% -> 20%/50%).
* Increased Incan slinger combat strength slightly.
* Increased Crossbowman and Chu-Ko-Nu combat and ranged strength.
* Decreased Longswordsman, Fighter, Bomber, Guided Missile, Jet Fighter and corresponding UUs strength.
* Removed Mandekalu Cavalry city attack bonus promotion (but still has no penalty).
* Reduced Tank, Panzer, Modern Armor to lower tier city attack penalty (-25%, instead of -33%).
* Aztec Culture from kills now stacks with new Honor Policy branch opener for double Culture killing barbarians.
* Boosted Chariot Archer to strength 4 and ranged 7 (Egypt War Chariot as well).
* Drop combat value of Berserker and Huscarl to match Longswordsman.
* Fixed a bug in Lua where "Events..Remove" was not behaving correctly.
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanBuyAnyPlot(ownerID, cityID) (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanBuyPlot(ownerID, cityID, plotX, plotY) (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanCreate(ownerID, cityID, projectTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanMaintain(ownerID, cityID, processTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanPrepare(ownerID, cityID, specialistTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.CityCanTrain(ownerID, cityID, unitTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerAdoptPolicy(playerID, policyTypeID); (Hook)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerAdoptPolicyBranch(playerID, policyBranchTypeID); (Hook)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanAdoptPolicy(playerID, policyTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanAdoptPolicyBranch(playerID, policyBranchTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanConstruct(playerID, buildingTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanCreate(playerID, projectTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanEverReseearch(playerID, techtypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanMaintain(playerID, processTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanPrepare(playerID, specialistTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanResearch(playerID, techTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.PlayerCanTrain(playerID, unitTypeID); (TestAll)
* (Lua) Added GameEvents.TeamSetHasTech(teamID, techID); (Hook)
* It''s now possible to have the tech tree "dead end" where the final technology is not repeatable.
* New graph datasets used by the replay viewer can be added by mods.
* Action Icons now use the database in the same way as other icons instead of using ActionIcons.lua.