Space Engineers - Обновление 1.048

Разработчики из студии Keen Software House выпустили очередное обновление для космического сандбокса Space Engineers, которое расширяет возможности моддинга для игроков, путем добавления возможности писать скрипты С#, добавляет в игру перезаряжаемую ракетную установку для малых судов с возможностью перезарядки с помощью конвейера, а также впервые добавляет в официальную версию игры результат работы одного из моддеров - модель нового кокпита для файтеров.

Перечень изменений   Features
- Modding API (WIP - more features will be added in the future)
- Reloadable missile launcher for small ships
- Respawn ship cool down time
- Ship dampeners configurable in terminal
- Moddable door open distance
- Search in inventory by item name
- Fighter cockpit mod – special thanks to modder “Darth Biomech”!

- Fixed infinite refinery production issue
- Fixed armor models
- fixed scrolling while copy-pasting was not in F1 help screen
- fixed buttons for New Platform and ships visible when setting actions in sensor
- fixed cannot stack items in production queue
- fixed issue when player was able to remote control anything even outside of the antenna’s range
- fixed incorrect texture of small rotors
- fixed sensor/timer block triggering actions on grids joined by connectors even after disconnection
- fixed loosing ability to remote control ships after previous interaction with remote control block
- fixed assembler inventory output filling up input inventory
- fixed issue when merge blocks on pistons were not disconnected
- fixed ore mining ratio
- fixed issue when refineries were still working even when the power was cut off
- fixed sensor lags on Dedicated Server and normal Multi-player
- fixed crash while being kicked out of faction
- fixed freeze without creating the log after a map was loaded
- fixed changing field and loading the game activates the sensor
- fixed the amount of required blocks for creating sensor blocks
- fixed issue with faction members’ names when they are remote controlling a ship

EDIT 09/19/2014:
Update 01.048.020
- Fixed character spawning twice in the same world
- Fixed crash in script mission
- Fixed crash related to fighter cockpit
- Fixed spelling mistake "inertial dampeners"
- Fixed crash when assembler blueprints were missing
- Fixed crash when copy pasting grid with mod that was previously removed from the world
- Reduced network lag in certain cases (when rotors are in world)
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