Список срочных исправлений патча 5.0.5 от 12 октября


Опубликован список срочных исправлений патча 5.0.5 от 12 октября 2012 года для MMORPG World of Warcraft, сообщает официальный американский сайт этой игры от компании Blizzard Entertainment. Данный вид исправлений ставится на серверной стороне, при этом игрокам не нужно скачивать дополнительный патч. Некоторые из исправлений появятся в игре сразу, другие – после перезагрузки игрового мира.

Список изменений  
October 12

  • Ink traders no longer accept Blackfallow Ink. They now accept Ink of Dreams, and Starlight Ink has become available for purchase.
  • The Windsong and Elemental Force weapon enchantments can now be activated by periodic effects.
  • The Sha of Anger''s respawn time has been greatly reduced.
  • Fishing in Shipwreck Debris is now more rewarding and will no longer sometimes provide an empty box.
  • Ancient Guo-Lai Caches can now be found in more varied locations within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


Death Knight
  • Death Strike now deals 7.5% less damage.
  • Death Siphon base damage has been increased by 50%, but it now scales less efficiently with attack power. This should result in an increase in damage for Frost and Unholy Death Knights, and a minor reduction in damage for Blood Death Knights benefitting from Vengeance.
  • Rune Strike now deals 8.5% less damage.
  • Heart Strike now deals 8.5% less damage.

  • Paladins are now granted the following effects from Symbiosis based on talent specialization:
- Protection - Rebirth
- Holy - Rebirth
- Retribution - Wrath
  • Aimed Shot now deals 320% weapon damage (up from 280%), but the base damage component has been reduced by 65%. The damage that this ability does at level 90 should remain relatively unchanged.
  • Healing performed by Spirit Beasts summoned by the Stampede talent is now correctly reduced by 75%.
  • Rabid has been changed and now increases a pet''s attack speed by 70%. Pet attack power is now unaffected by this ability.
  • Deterrence now correctly prevents the use of all three level 75 Hunter talents. Previously, Lynx Rush could still be used.
  • The root provided by Narrow Escape now correctly breaks on damage in a manner similar to other rooting effects.

  • Divine Plea now correctly reduces the healing provided by Eternal Flame, Holy Prism, Stay of Execution, and Light''s Hammer.
  • Divine Shield and Hand of Protection no longer incorrectly remove Battle Fatigue.

  • Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending now provide 25% more healing when cast by Holy and Discipline Priests.
  • Battle Fatigue properly reduces the effects of Sacred Shield in PvP.
  • Archangel now affects Spirit Shell properly.
  • Void Shift can now only work on other players.
  • Cascade now deals 25% more damage or healing.
  • Mind Sear now deals 25% more damage.

  • Ice Block no longer incorrectly removes Battle Fatigue.

  • Hardened Shell can no longer be used by Monks using Zen Flight.
  • Zen Pilgrimage can no longer be used on the Wandering Isle.
  • Breath of Fire should now strike targets more consistently.
  • Paralysis no longer places the Monk in combat.
  • Resolved an issue where Crackling Jade Lightning would not fade after being channeled.
  • Using Flying Serpent Kick with speed increasing items such as Goblin Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite no longer results in ludicrous speed.
  • Uplift can no longer refresh a Renewing Mist effect applied by another Monk.
  • The damage dealt by Chi Torpedo and Chi Burst is now correctly mitigated by abilities that reduce Area of Effect damage.

  • Shroud of Concealment no longer affects vehicles.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the stuns generated by Charge and Warbringer from causing diminishing returns with each other and with themselves.

  • Rain of Fire now appropriately generates threat.
  • Warlocks are no longer subject to knockback effects while travelling through a Demonic Gateway.

  • Water striders in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms now stride on water.
  • Slateskin Troublemakers now Shin Kick less frequently.
  • The following creatures can no longer be skinned: Belligerent Blossom, Cursed Jade, and Greenstone Terror.

  • Recipe: Great Pandaren Banquet and Recipe: Pandaren Banquet can no longer be traded or sold on the auction house.
  • The Mogu Rune of Paralysis trinket''s use effect now affects creatures appropriately.
  • The cooldowns of various on-use trinkets that provide dodge now interact correctly.
  • Kafa Press can no longer be used in Arenas.
  • Empty Grocery Containers are no longer unique, and can now stack in player inventory.
  • Crates of Archaeology Fragments are no longer unique.
  • Bottle of Infinite Stars will no longer be incorrectly awarded to Mistweaver Monks in Raid Finder raids.
  • The Sha of Anger will now provide loot appropriate to each Priest specialization.
  • The secondary stats provided by several Bind on Equip items from Pandaria have been changed.

Pet Battles
  • The visual effect for the pet Cyclone spell is now smaller.
  • Minfernals are no longer arboreal. Their new ground dwelling ways should make them easier to find.
  • Wild pets on the Veiled Stair will now be accompanied by friends into battle.
  • The Crimson Moth and Wharf Rat can now be found in the Pet Journal.
  • Several purchasable pets, the Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling, Red Dragonhawk Hatchling, and Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling, are no longer required for the achievement Eastern Kingdoms Safari. They will temporarily continue to be listed in the achievement criteria.
  • Various wild pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms are now easier to locate.

  • The event related to the quest "Battle Helm of the Thunder King" should now reset properly.
  • Players can now obtain the Order of the Cloud Serpent profession quests without knowing the associated professions. The professions will still be required to complete these quests.
  • All players attacking Lord Oona will now appropriately receive credit for "The Big Kah-Oona".
  • Slaying any Weeping Widow will now grant quest credit toward "Weeping Widows".
  • The Flame Seed ability used during the quest "Fire in the Skies" should now function correctly.
  • Completing "Hostile Skies" will no longer prevent players from acquiring and completing the quests "Lao-Chin and Serevex", "Nurong and Rothek", or "Taoshi and Korvexxis".
  • Racers are now responsible for their own success in "The Sky Race", and crossing checkpoints no longer awards group credit.

Dungeons & Raids
  • Socketed items of item level 463 or higher are now scaling correctly in Challenge Modes.
  • Epic Bind on Equip bracers no longer drop in Raid Finder raids.

Mogu''shan Vaults
  • It is no longer possible to Spellsteal Blazing Speed from Zandalari Fire-Dancers. Using Spellsteal will still dispel the effect.
  • Zandalari Infiltrators are no longer susceptible to Mind Control.
  • The Raid Finder versions of the Stone Guard and Feng the Accursed encounters will now award loot correctly.

Feng the Accursed
  • Feng now casts Lightning Fists with appropriate frequency.

Gara''jal the Spiritbinder
  • Gara''jal''s Spirit Totems are now properly susceptible to many player abilities.

Spirit Kings
  • It is no longer possible for pets to tank Qiang the Merciless.
  • Subetai the Swift will no longer sometimes remain attackable after being defeated on Heroic difficulty.
  • Meng the Demented can no longer become invincible.
  • The bosses faced in this encounter will now enrage after 10 minutes, up from 8.
  • This battle will no longer sometimes end prematurely.

Shado-Pan Monastery
  • Destroying Sha can no longer turn while channeling Shadows of Destruction.
  • Consuming Bite now increases damage by 8% per stack in normal and Heroic modes.
  • The Shadow Bolt cast by Residual Hatred now deals 20% less damage in normal and Heroic modes.
  • Volley of Hatred cast by Fragment of Hatred can now be interrupted in all difficulties.


  • All stacks of Mana Tea, Tigereye Brew, and Elusive Brew are now correctly removed once the Arena preparation phase ends and the fight begins.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Sha of Anger from respawning.
  • Forgotten Treasures in Dragonblight can now only be looted by characters level 85 or higher.
  • It is no longer possible to be At War with Shang Xi''s Academy.
  • Sated and similar effects are now cleared appropriately after an encounter ends.

На нашем форуме опубликован перевод списка срочных исправлений патча 5.0.5 от 12 октября.

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