Wild West Online получит большое контентное обновление

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Крупный патч для open-world MMO Wild West Online выйдет уже 20 марта, поэтому теперь при создании персонажа вам придется выбирать фракцию. Хоть вы и не сможете нападать на ваших союзников, но не расстраивайтесь по этому поводу, так как в PvP-ивентах действуют Free-For-All правила.

Команда заметно обновила пользовательский интерфейс, а также добавила систему цикла дня и ночи. Любителям собирать вещи будет приятно узнать, что стала доступна новая система баффов и дебаффов. То есть теперь на всех предметах есть свои негативные или позитивные эффекты. Оружие обзавелось случайными характеристиками, и теперь через крафт вы сможете получить различные вариации ваших любимых пушек.

Появилась возможность создавать скины для оружия с помощью Gun Engraving Kits. Кроме того, разработчики добавили более 200 новых косметических предметов, которые можно раздобыть во время ваших приключений в игре (либо приобрести с помощью премиумной валюты). Лошади тоже обзавелись разнообразными “обликами” и седлами.

Стоит обратить внимание на то, что была представлена первая версия древа скиллов, предлагающая вам полезные способности. И если вашему ковбою захочется пострелять в противников прямо с лошади, то благодаря данному обновлению ему теперь доступна и такая функция. Были добавлены ловушки. По словам команды, с помощью них бандиты способны замедлить вашу лошадь. Вдобавок, теперь вы можете разместить небольшой лагерь, где удастся отдохнуть и восстановить здоровье после драк с другими людьми.

Фанатам PvP будет приятно узнать, что заработали такие ивенты, как Misfortune in Skies, Rags to Riches, Golden Stagecoach Assault и Artifact Hunt. А фракции теперь могут побороться друг с другом за города. Более подробное описание изменений находится в комментариях к новости (там же вы обнаружите основную часть видео).

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20 марта 2018
[COLLAPSE="Читать далее"] Let’s start with CHARACTER CREATION. One of the major changes you will notice is the need to choose one of the factions. What this means is that you will not be able to kill or damage players of the same faction. You can share the spoils with those who provide cover and fire support during the event. You'll always have teammates somewhere on the map looking to participate in activities and partner up! Friendly faction members cannot harm each other to prevent intentional grieving.

Outside of combat Factions, it’s more about role-playing, rather than being a class/profession selection. (i.e. Selecting one faction over another doesn't give you any perks, stat boosts, etc.)
Though you can't deal out damage to the players of the same faction in the normal open world settings, most of the PVP events are Free-For-All which still allows you to shoot anyone without penalty in the event area.


Next thing you'll notice are changes to the FRONTEND LOBBY MENU of the game. We've added future hope of the Trader's Den - place where players will be able to buy/sell or exchange items with other players. Please note that this marketplace will not be using the real-world money, only in-game cash.
Few other notable changes include:

[*] Redesigned quick stats.
[*] New improved friends list.
[*] Posse/Group size increased to 5 players.
Showcase of Marketplace where you will be able to spend real money to purchase certain cosmetic items and time-saving boosts.


We've added FULL DAY/NIGHT CYCLE with 100% dynamic lighting and infinite lights rendering distance - notice light spot on a far mountain at the end of the video.


Changes with the MAP UI - more information, easier to digest.


BUFFS and DEBUFFS - Moving away from fixed stats modification to a more flexible Buff system. The legacy system engine was insanely rigid and offered working medical systems and what we could have with it. All it allowed us to modify was a fixed set of stats. We decided to rewrite the whole stats system from scratch and converted it into a flexible system based on Buffs/Debuffs. Every single item in the game can add or remove buffs, which affects everything. Our initial set of buffs are already in the game and we're working on adding more cool stuff - like for example complex dishes that once prepared can provide a small increase in damage if you feed it too enemies for a half hour, or they can make you resistant to poisons for a certain period of time.

Same goes for the GUN STATS. Instead of a fixed set of stats we've rewritten the whole system to introduce random stats variations between different "entities" of the same gun, as well as introducing more ways to customize gun stats thru crafting, and even ability for players to craft new guns based on existing ones with improved stats.

GUN SKINS can now be "crafted" using Gun Engraving Kits. Each skin can only be used once, so make sure that your engraving kits are spent well. You can preview all skins available for the gun before buying it.

Next is CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION! We've added over two hundred pieces of cosmetics available to you. All cosmetics in a game can be obtained by playing the game and receiving "Garment Bags" as either reward for completing daily quests or by looting camp chests. You can also, of course, buy garment bags using Treasury Notes - our premium currency!


Same goes for HORSE CUSTOMIZATION, for the sake of Alpha testing we've unlocked all skins and saddles for now, but they will be available pretty much the same way as character cosmetics in the future.


CHARACTER SKILLS are still being worked on, we're introducing our first pass on a Skill Tree. Presently there are three skill trees each offering unique talent choices that will improve not only your sustainability and combat efficiency but also unlock special crafting recipes and perks for your character. Focus on the skills that best suit your play style and earn your way to bonuses and modifiers through concentrated in-game effort as your fully skilled up character is ready to take on the Wild West.


HORSE RIDING AND SHOOTING we gave you glimpse of how it will work back in November 2017, and now it's time to experience it by yourself. We've also added traps that bandits can set up to slow down your horse to the halt.


CRAFTING. While crafting is not the main purpose of the game, it is a part of the game many folks enjoy. We still want players to combine items they find into other more useful items from time to time. While crafting is not mandatory or necessary to succeed, it is certainly worth it to the right kind of player in the right situation.
To craft, you need to approach one of the crafting stations around the world. Crafting stations comes in different types and each is equipped to craft only specific types of goods. Campsite campfire is good for cooking food, Distillery is good for creating alcohol drinks, gunsmith desk is suitable to make and fix guns.


CAMPSITES. You may rest at any time with your own deployable campsite. Customize your character, manage your vault, as well as use the campfire to cook and heal. The campsite item is expendable, so it's not a free ride every time someone wants to set up camp.


TOWN CAPTURE. Choose a faction and declare your allegiance to the hearty Trailblazers or the quick-draw Gunslingers, and team up with your faction-mates rather than running as a solo gun. Factions will also fight for control of towns during "capture the town" events.

PVP Events are our biggest, yet not yet fully finished an addition to the game. We still working on better UI, notifications and fine-tuning events logic, yet this is where we need YOU - players to try them out and give us valuable feedback on how we need to change them.

Below is an overview of what's available starting March 20th Patch.

MISFORTUNE IN SKIES. An adventurer with an eye for the finer things has devised a clever new way of moving his riches across the West by means of a Hot Air Balloon. However, the contraption has run into complications and crash landed out in the open fields, a longshot from town. Players are notified of this event a few minutes before the Balloon crash lands allowing players ample time to set up an ambush. Naturally, others will have the same idea and you'll have to fight for your bounty.

This is a Faction PVP event, so expect large-scale shootouts as faction members gang up in sizable numbers and converge upon the crash site. Each player may carry only one locked steel crate recovered at the crash site and you must bring it back to town to cash it in, but even that is no easy task as any player carrying a locked steel crate also displays it on their back for all to see.
Since the balloon loot is dropped upon death, you'll need your whole posse to back you up -- and they'll be expecting their fair share if you make it back to town alive.

RAGS TO RICHES. During this event - one bank vault will be spawned in one of the designated locations on the map - far from any safe areas. We've also removed safes from banks in town locations.
You may camp out with your friends and lay in deadly wait, or rush-in with guns blazing as all Hell breaks loose when teams of desperadoes converge on this golden bounty.

Players must secure the Vault and successfully pick the lock to steal the gold, all while fighting off a swarm of enemy players also trying to rob the Safe.
Faction gameplay is disabled during a bank Robbery event and the location of the event is flagged as a Free-For-All area making it even more difficult to successfully recover the treasure and transport it to safety. Without trusted allies, it'll be tough going -- so you'll soon know which of your friends you can trust.

GOLDEN STAGECOACH ASSAULT. The Golden Stagecoach is a public PVP Event in which players enter a designated event area in order to fight over the Strongboxes containing Gold Bars inside the Coach. When the event notification goes up, players may choose if they want to participate or not. The event is of limited duration, and players may run to the Event Area or fast travel and join the fight at any time during that period.
Each Stagecoach carries a number of strongboxes "charges", and successful combatants may pick up one of these Strongboxes by approaching the Stagecoach and holding E. You are exposed to enemy fire during the looting process, so time your cash grab very carefully -- or bring along some friends to provide muscle and cover fire.
A single player may only carry one Strongbox at a time. The Strongbox is a loot bag that can be opened and contains a random number of gold bars which can be traded, or distributed amongst team members that stood guard over you or otherwise helped out during the event. Be aware that as soon as you open a Strongbox, you will receive Gold Bars, that will show up on your character as a gold pouch and will be dropped on death.

ARTIFACT HUNT. Set out on the hunt for Mysterious Artifacts that appear throughout the world. Players must first locate the Artifact and then retrieve and safely deliver it to one of the marked areas on the map without being killed.

The player carrying the Artifact is marked on the map for all players to see making it a race against the clock to recover the artifact before it becomes a bloodbath.

While carrying the Mysterious Artifact, faction rules do not apply and any player may kill the Artifact Carrier -- but of course, you can still bring along trusted friends and split the proceeds if you survive to sell the artifact.
You will receive substantial reward and experience upon successful completion of that task.

If you die, the Artifact will be dropped on a ground and other players will be able to pick it up.
20 марта 2018
Сообщения от Nature:

получит большой патч уже 20 марта.

:) Откуда это взято? Разработчики обозначили 19-24 марта, как время установки патча, читай в любой из этих дней.
20 марта 2018
Что-то совершенно не нравится она мне по видосам :)
20 марта 2018
Гоха уже забыла про эту поделку.
20 марта 2018
Во-первых, каким местом сессионый шутанчик на 100 рыл стал ММО, и во-вторых, ЭТО еще живо? :) Хотя что мертво, я так полагаю, умереть не может...
20 марта 2018
Сообщения от Spyke:

Гоха уже забыла про эту поделку.

А все потому что в игре нет огродов и осады замков. Не привыкли тут к такому. :)
21 марта 2018
Через годик будет годной игрухой:)
21 марта 2018
Сообщения от Kotique:

Через годик будет годной игрухой:)

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