C.A.R.S - Альфа-билд 106 доступен для скачивания. Введен лидерборд!

Альфа-билд гоночного автосима C.A.R.S. версии 106 стал доступен для скачивания всем участникам разработки игры - игрокам, пожелавшим поддержать разработку проекта по системе World Of Mass Development.

Помимо косметических изменений в геймплее, графике и исправлений найденных ошибок, в игру введен обещанный Caterham R500 Superlight и начала функционировать таблица результатов и рекордов участников соревнований.

Перечень изменений за прошедший месяц  
Build 106 (2/12/11, Junior Member+)
Eurogamer hotlap challenge introduced to the build
Remember the last selected leaderboard gui menu filter (don''t default back to track select). Also fixed bug with blank leaderboard displaying if the user quickly cycled between track config back to original selection
Fix to discover the bottom of the leaderboard is the 0th row when no times have yet been registered
*Light* contact events no longer triggers lap invalidation
Tech hang fix for the tuning slots GUI save button
Restrict AI liveries to race only and randomly pick player livery if not running an hosted event, as they set livery explicitly. Adding EG specific livery as option value 99 and set it in events GUI handler (should ideally be set from server alongside other event info).
Remove back page history after saving a vehicle setup, to correct the Back button flow
Fix for crash when selecting FXAA
Events page countdown timers added
Added astroturf to material ids and cut track legal track test
NVIDIA SLI Fixes. These changes remove all remaining inter-frame dependencies - the end result being that it is no longer necessary to rename to the executable to get proper SLI performance
The change also provides a 4% speedup for DX11 regardless of SLI. (The mipmap generation was generating all face mips per face instead of only individual face mips!)
Caterham: fixed ambient shadow position, fixed exhaust position
Caterham cockpit display checked in
Caterham: changed joint setup to avoid bugs in CPIT view
Caterham: Camera settings tweaked
Caterham: Separate Eurogamer livery added
Caterham: cockpit material changes
Fuel consumption enabled for Time Trial events
Gumpert Apollo S - Interior texture. All new to replace the placeholder.
Tweaks for eurogamer release (exhaust, surface)
Layout fix for back button in setup screen
Gumpert: new placeholder liveries
Events page tidied up with new countdown timers
Ariel Atom 3 loda\\b\\c + cpit added
Caterham: new ambient shadow
Added astro turf to materials
Event leaderboard now has 8 item
Ariel Atom - LODA interior mapping and texturing WIP 1

Build 105 (1/12/11, Senior Manager)
Caterham R500 added to vehicle list
Caterham R500: suspension skeleton finished. LODC tires. Fixed little issues to allow a basic first export
Caterham R500 Superlight - LODA interior. All mapped and textured
Caterham: UV tweaks, added missing bolts/rivets, added CPIT meshes, Mirror/display UV mapping
Caterham R500: reduced idle throttle so stalling is possible. More aggressive engine braking so it doesn''t hang at high rpm in neutral
Version control added for tracks and vehicles. The server can now instruct the client to purge itself of specific stat records (eg when a track layout changes or vehicle physics are updated)
DX11 fixed incorrect type (FLOAT not FLOAT as an INT!) of MipMapLodBias
Don''t extend the life of a previously cached stat when subsequently accessed (fixes leaderboards not updating on the client when browsing continuously during the leaderboard stat life)
Send track and vehicle asset versions to the server. Must match expected values for stats to be accepted
Fix MSAA interpolant for Fov
More trees added at Bathurst
New exports of Bologna and Connecticut Hill (All varients)

Build 104 (30/11/11, Senior Manager)
Disable Close Contact Avoidance when in pit-lane
Redid main path of California Raceway
Fixed spring setting typo in Left front. Setting didn''t match right front
Gumpert Apollo S - LODA interior mapping + textures WIP 1
DX9 fixed instanced foliage shader to work correctly with alpha coverage
Removed the "[2010]" from the track Variation - Seen in the Leaderboards
Trees updated at Bathurst
New exports of California Raceway, And all Connecticut Hill variants

Build 103 (29/11/11, Manager+)
DX9 tree fixing work
Reinstated speed and collision shakes
Fixed leaderboards gui vehicle class navigation (crash, duplicates and other weirdness). Also detect when the player car is involved in a collision and do not submit lap record. Finally, do not submit lap record when AI control of the player vehicle has been active during a lap
Leaderboard "find me" button now hooked up and locates the player within the leaderboard. When found, automatically display and "selects" the player entry
More GUMPERT work on cockpit
Changed location from Arizona to Summerton in Records
New TextDB entries for lap invalidation.
More trees and exposures adjusted at Bathurst
Improvements to SETUP, InGameMenu and Loading screens now support Panel interface, multiple other improvements to every other screen
ESC functionality returned to MainMenu
Records tidied up a little more in the loading screen
New Belgium Forrest export

Build 102 (28/11/11, Senior Manager)
Leaderboard GUI is now functional. Friends button ignored until we add social features. Find Me button support code still to come
Leaderboard screen update. Added all applinks, replaced scrollbar with ''programmer art'' navigation buttons
Added CPIT meshes, AO and LODA Interior to GUMPERT apollo S
Exposure adjusted and fog decreased at Bathurst
New Bathurst export

Build 101 (25/11/11, Team Member+)
Checked in the Gumpert Apollo incar, exterior and AI engine sets
New Belgium Forrest export
Various bug fixes

Build 100 (24/11/11, Senior Manager)
Fixed record and best lap detail disappearing from the HUD after in-game pause. Added Save Game flow when using in-game quit option to return to menu (otherwise stats would not persist in the profile if the player then exited the app).
Fixed the set up crash bug
New Fence Textures at Connecticut Hill
Added pit lane path, 16 pit spots and 16 start spots total to Summerton
New Bologna, Bologna Reverse, Connecticut Hill (all variants), and Summerton exports

Build 99 (23/11/11, Senior Manager)
Updated error info for failed shaders
Added back some kerb fix when ridng kerbs (for the pull in which causes the cars to spin) Set to 0.85
Added AI grip to increase AI speed. Aprox 2 seconds a Lap at Bologna as an example.
Summerton added to tracklist 0 AI for now due to AIW being WIP
Updated Bologna for new chicane, also editied the cut tracks for accuracy

Known Issues:

* Going into car set up will cause the build to crash.

Build 98 (22/11/11, Manager+)
Replace sector 3 next lap invalidator rule with lap fraction read from data, .80 to .85
Time Trial HUD now displays the player''s personal best lap time and the world record holder''s lap time for the currently driven car, as told by the server.
Tyre and brake pre-heating configured by game mode and spawn location.
New trees at Bathurst
New livery for Asano X4
New export of Chesterfield

Build 97 (21/11/11, Senior Manager)
Removed the time and number of opponents option for hotlap
Chestefield Kart track checked in
Added tabbing in the log in screen
New export of Belgian Forest track

Build 96 (18/11/11, Team Member+)
GUMPERT apollo S: Improved tyres, added cockpit display, 1st pass on CPIT meshes
Tweaks for lighting at Bathurst
Personal and world best times per car now displayed in the loading screen
Disapearing text bug in the GUI fixed
Build renamed to Project CARS
Time Trial mode added
New exports of California Raceway, Belgium Forrest, and Test Track.
New export of the GUMPERT apollo S

Build 95 (17/11/11, Senior Manager)
WIP Leaderboards page now in, along with a number of other visual improvements and a new font
Added WIP AIW for California Raceway (can now race with AI)
Various bug fixes

Known Issues:

* We have some issues with the text dissapearing in the front end when returning from race

* Qualifying and race shows for a second, then disspears in the race menu

Build 94 (16/11/11, Senior Manager)
Workaround for shared depth stencil having wrong MSAA format
Added off-track detection code and HUD messages for when the player invalidates the current lap time by going off-track. Off-track in sector 3 also marks next lap time as invalid to ensure the end and start of a new lap is clean. More than 2 wheels off legal ground types will trigger detection along with a distance from waypoint check for when in esses and outside/inside ground types could be legal. The information is displayed once per lap regardless of number of off-track detections. Invalidated lap times are not recorded in the profile nor submitted to the server.
Rules and textDB modified to support new off-track warnings.

Build 93 (15/11/11, Manager+)
Disabled speed and impact shake effects for now to get feedback (will probably eventually need to move to a menu option).
Tweaked logic for setting spawn location on change race mode
GUMPERT apollo S: Changed exhausts (approval request)
GUMPERT apollo S: Improved tyres mesh and UVs (all LODs)
New set of Initial physics - GUMPERT apollo S
New tyre for GUMPERT apollo S
Ariel Atom 3 LODS wip checkin
New export of Belgian Forest Circuit, GUMPERT apollo S, and Asano LM11 TDX

Build 92 (14/11/11, Senior Manager)
Minor lighting and emap position tweaks for Bathhurst, Connecticut, Connecticut Short, and Bologna.
New physics checked in for the Leonus F86
Some small fixes on the GUMPERT apollo S
Tweaked the bottom end frequencies of the engine sounds of the Kart, Leonus F86 Pirault Turbo and Formula B. Added a subwave to the KART interior.

Build 91 (11/11/11, Team Member+)
Paint UV mapping finished, LODX meshes finished, collision meshes added for GUMPERT apollo S
Temp. LODA/CPIT meshes added, lots of bug fixes for GUMPERT apollo S
GUMPERT apollo S (alpha 1) added to the game
New physics for the Ariel Atom
Ariel Atom LODA wip check in
Both Racer cars: CPIT suspension models added
Belgium Forest track added
California Raceway track added
First pass at a new UI checked in
Resolution increase to 1080p across UI, TILE interface on Login, MainMenu, QuickSolo, Loading screens

Known Issues:

* Brake lights have a rendering issue on the GUMPERT apollo S when racing with AI

* Both Belgium Forest and California Raceway have no AI support yet

* When changing tracks in Race mode, if you pass over either Belgium Forest or California Raceway, number of AI will disappear. You must exit out the race menu, and re-enter to change AI for other tracks afterwards

* The Race button on the new UI intermittently loses mouse button support, keyboard enter or using a pad will work though

Build 90 (10/11/11, Senior Manager)
All Racer cars:
New physics
All suspension models skinned
Suspension skeleton and animations updated for both cars
New placeholder record screens on loading screen

Build 89 (09/11/11, Senior Manager)
Completely new physics and AI changes for the Asano X4
Up-resed textures on Connecticut Hill

Build 88 (08/11/11, Manager+)
App-side fix for broken ''HIGH'' AA mode
Reverted previous change to go back to GetSmoothedUnfilteredSteering for non-wheel controllers
New Kart physics for better drivabilty. Many tweaks to the tyres and chassis
Ariel Atom 300: Torque curve rebuilt to match dyno chart
Fix for GUI video options list scrolling through in the wrong order bug
New physics based on removing the "Use Tyre Stiffness=" parameter form the CDF. Apparently put there to soften the increased tyre stiffness through the game pads. (Formula B, and Asano LM11 TDX)
Updated emap factor to fit wheels shader
New Bathurst export fixing cars flying off the track

Build 87 (07/11/11, Senior Manager)
General bug fixing
Enable G27 RPM lights on PC