Изучаем перечень изменений бета-патча 0.9


Ведущий BetaCake предлагает нашему вниманию перечень изменений вышедшего 28 мая бета-патча 0.9 к The Secret World. В прилагаемом к "патч-логу" комментарии автор заметки заявляет, что тестировщики восприняли данный патч как настоящее чудо благодаря положительным изменениям к лучшему в интерфейсе, боевой системе, действиях способностей, процессе создания персонажей и контенте.

Оценить правдивость этого утверждения можно будет практически через месяц - ранний старт TSW намечен на 29 июня (релиз 3 июля).

The Secret World v0.9 Patch Notes   The Secret World v0.9 Patch Notes


* Agartha travel portals should work correctly now.

* You should no longer rubberband after dying and resurrecting at the Kingsmouth Airport anima well.

* Loading screens now have text tips!

* Female character now have a get-up animation when knocked-down.

* Audio/sound will no longer intermittently disappear while playing.

* Your target will no longer constantly drop in heavily populated playfields.

* Hair no longer glows neon in Dr. Bannerman’s clinic.

* Bind when Equipped items properly display Character Bound as a subtitle when equipped.

* Inspecting a player that is out of range no longer causes the client to crash.

* It should be easier to climb ladders now.

* The sound played when you complete a mission goal has returned.

* Equipped items should not disappear from your character when attacking or sprinting.

* Audio will no longer become quieter when your character is knocked down.

* Clothes can no longer be previewed by opposite gender.

* Leaving a group will also leave that group’s chat channel.


* Objects no longer turn invisible when setting Tessellation to World Only and Ground and World.

* Fixed a few bugs in the patcher causing preferences to not always be saved.

* The client will not crash on exit anymore.

* You will now see a progress bar on the launcher when repairing broken data.


* Entering the Sheriff’s station in Kingsmouth no longer gives you a blank achievement.


* Players can no longer have the same name using capital letters in various locations.

* The rules for naming your character are now more thoroughly explained.

* Sliders should work correctly.


* Various tweaks made to The Ankh and The Darkness War. Hell Raised

* Recursia should no longer freeze and fail to summon adds.

* Cinematics should only play once for each player.

* Fixed some spell effects that were too large.

* Traumadriver should no longer aggro from a long distance.

* Recursia should now remain active if new players enter the fight and old players all die.

* Vortex should always be accessible in in the Machine Tyrant’s arena.

* Machine Tyrant now properly drops loot when killed.

* Hell portals at the end of Hell Raised have had a visual upgrade. Hell Eternal

* Added longer respawn timers to dungeon trash mobs.

* Initial dialogue before the fight in Hell Eternal should now only play once.

* Prime Maker will now only generate hate towards players within the encounter area.

* Fire and lava now damage your character.

* Players should no longer be required to release to get rid of the Rez Jail.


* Nametags should no longer occasionally display under the playfield.

* Npc nametags will now show that they are locked to a certain player for kill credit.

* Using the X to close a telescope ui will now work.

* Online preferences should now correctly save your chat configuration, keybinds, and inventory/bag configuration.

* Items no longer remain visible in the GUI after been repaired.

* The scroll wheel now works on the petition browser.

* Cash is now displayed on loot bags for dungeon bosses.

* The “Show Vicinity Player Nametags” option appears correctly in the interface options.

* Chat GUI now displays correctly after zoning when subscribed to custom channels.

* Split Item gui has been reworked to be more user-friendly.

* Tutorials have been replaced with up-to-date videos displaying recent GUI changes.

* Fixed an issue where your Send Report button would keep popping up and appear to not work if you tried to complete a mission with a full inventory. You should now receive onscreen feedback as to why you cannot send the mission.

* Target nametags should now disappear instantly when untargeting when not showing vicinity nametags

* Several updates to tooltips have been performed.

* Corrected an issue where the resurrection prompt would appear a second time as you resurrected.

* Buff icons will no longer overlap each other.

* Mission reward items will now stack with items received from other sources.

* You will now get a warning instead of a prompt to delete when dragging items to the gear management profile.

* Fixed an issue where inventory items would appear to disappear.

* Pressing ESC will now work to close several ui windows. The bound keys to toggle these windows open/closed will still work too.


* Weapon missions are now closer together in the tutorial training chambers.

* Players should now be able to pick up Story missions even if they have too many outstanding mission reports to send. Seoul

* The Committed – Players are now able to go back into the instance if they leave.

* Removed a monk that would sometimes cause players to crash.

City of the Sun God

* Corrected several missions which did not provide group credit. Please continue to inform us of issues with groups receiving credit for completing mission steps together!

* Data Retrieval – You are now able to pick up the mission again if you fail to complete it.

* Batteries not Included can now be completed.

* Sparked to Life – If you die inside the room, you will now resurrect at full life at the nearest anima well.

* Manifestation of Amir will no longer respawn instantly once summoned.

* Blood and Fire – The warrior spirit of Hemitneter no longer attacks friendly tortured villagers. Dawning of an Endless Night * The effect from using the Siren’s Song will now disappear when the buff is canceled.

* Approaching Old Joseph with the Dreamcatcher mission and tier 14 should no longer cause both cinematics to play at hte same time.

* The Guardian should always respawn if you leave the house in tier 8.


* It takes two to Tango – Timing on Tango’s respawn has been corrected.

* Jack Boone’s lips now move during the cinematic for For a Fistful of Zombies.

* Scrapyard Defense – Corrected some issues with this mission.

* Full Metal Golem – Placing the items in Edgar’s box should be easier now.

* Kingsmouth Code – Lighting in the Town Hall is brighter, making it easier to see the paintings.

* Evolution of the Species – Mission should now properly grant group credit.

* They never stop coming – Collecting body parts should now properly grant group credit.

* Rolls Downhill – Interacting with the courier will now provide group credit.

* ATC – Disabling the EMP generators now provides group credit.

* The Vision – Audio from Madame Roget’s phone calls will no longer play twice.

* The Tentacle Trail – Ungrouped players in the area will now receive credit for helping kill the Blodugr Lord.

* That’ll Leave a Mark – Map marker has been added for tier 1.

* Horror Show – Your equipped weapon will no longer disappear when you die on booby traps.

The Besieged Farmlands

* The Uncorrupted – Removed collision in front of the boulder preventing mission completion.

* Sacred Protection – The relic remains in the inventory when the mission is resumed.

* The Windmill – Investigating the laptop now updates the mission.

* Might of the Land – The sacrificial victim will respawn when Litovoi respawns.

* Your character should no longer be invisible after using the zipline.

* Contagion – The mission can now be correctly completed by multiple people.

The Blue Mountain

* Homeland Insecuriry – Using the binoculars twice quickly should no longer lock up your client.

* Echoes in Eternity – Sallowskin should no longer get stuck in water.

* The Orochi Group – Moved the scientists’ patrols to make it easier to enter the tent. The cinematic for being caught should only play once. A black screen should no longer display after being caught.

* The Experiment – Orochi tablet is now visible.

* Know Thy Enemy – Clicking on the tablet will now solve the mission goal.

The Carpathian Fangs

* Resurrection points now have names.

The Savage Coast

* The League of Monster Slayers – Using /emote_spit now solves the goal and lets the player progress. Also, this step of the mission has been made more multiplayer friendly.

* Theme Park Tycoon – If you fail the zombie event, the zombies will always respawn.

* Wheel of Misfortune – The Bogeyman will respawn if you leave the instance while fighting him. Clicking the portal to leave should be easier now.

* The Rec Center Cannot Hold – The Flesh Clump should respawn more reliably.

* Jack’s Back – Corrected an issue where Jack would patrol while underground if he was reset.

* The Breakfast Cult – Slightly changed requirements for charging the anima manipulator.

* A Reasonable Man – The flares should always kill all the zombies it has targeted. Zombies wil now visually jump off the cliff.

* Sightseeing – You will no longer retrigger the ambush while dead.

* The Player, Not the Piece – Slightly reduced mob difficulty for tier 2.

* Ami Legend – Slightly reduced difficulty of the swarms of npcs in tier 2, and increased time between waves of npcs. The mission should reset correctly if Ami dies during the escort mission.

The Scorched Desert

* Players should always be able to resurrect at the closest anima well now.

* Sad Delight – The mission now updates correctly after interacting with the laptop.

* A Shadow Over Egypt – Arbeh’s Bane will now work correctly.

* Primum Non Nocere – Dr. Shirui and Experiment will no longer respawn in place and agro you while you are reading the mission. Tokyo

* Fixed some collision issues that could cause your character to get stuck.

* Entering Tokyo no longer wipes your inventory on entrance/exit.

* Mei Ling should not hang back away from the other two npcs.


* Corrected several abilities that were not functioning properly.

* Updated all abilities to ensure proper application of Hate.

* Tooltips are now more consistent across different ability trees.

* Charge and Dash will no longer be affected by Snares.


* NPCs now sit correctly on chairs.

* Fixed several npcs in The Besieged Farmlands that were resetting at low health back to full health.

* Mobs pulled from range by a moving player will correctly locate and attack the player in their new location.

* When you oneshot an npc standing in a group, the rest of the group will attack you.

* NPCs now recover gracefully from being knocked back in the middle of a special spell cast, and will no longer evade due to this.


* You can now properly enter Seoul’s Fight Club.

* Mission terminals in Fusang Projects are no longer inside walls.

El Dorado

* El Dorado now has all its relics present.

* Player faction that controls all relics at the end of 2 minutes now wins the match.


* Removed collision on smaller bushes and vegetation.


* Prices of clothing in London are now lower.

* Using a vendor for the first time should no longer produce a long client freeze of over 5 seconds.

* The ability to sort by icons has been removed.

* Items are now properly filtered when a player clicks the check boxes at the vendors.

* Useable checkbox filter now works at vendors.

* The Repair All button now repairs all the player’s damaged equipment.


* The Cold Storage instance in London no longer has pink lights.

* You should no longer get stuck when entering the House of Chalk in London.

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