Planetary Annihilation - Первый альфа-уикенд, первые патчи


Разработчики из студии Uber Entertainment сообщают о первом проведенном альфа-уикенде глобальной футуристической стратегии Planetary Annihilation, на котором в игру смогло залогиниться более 7000 человек и сыграть как минимум одну игру.

По итогам тестирования была проведена работа по исправлению многочисленных ошибок игры и баланса.

Перечень изменений  +
  • Fixed approximately 10 different potential server crashes since day one of Alpha
  • Improved pathing near structures
  • Wreckage should no longer leave behind invisible pathing obstructions
  • Moving in and out of water much improved. Currently non-amphibious units can move through water, but it’s a step in the right direction.
  • MATCHMAKING! After you’ve played a solo game or two, please use this as the fastest way to get some games going with new people!
  • Client has been given its proper name and has an icon!
  • Bombers should no longer land and spread out during an attack, or hover over targets
  • Build icon placement changed
  • New unit icons for the build menu – more consistent style
  • In-game chat now works! Lobby chat now works better!
  • Radar blips now look like blips
  • Settings work: if you’re having performance problems, turn down or off shadows and virtual texturing first.
  • Graphics options pre-sets should work as expected now
  • Feedback when player is waiting for other players to join
  • Chat working in lobby now
  • Improved available game filters
  • Access to European servers
  • Fix for features on ATI
  • UI should always reappear after resize in the front end and lobby
  • Updated unit build icons
  • Strat icon updates for AA bot, T2 mex, T2 radar
  • Assisting and dodging improvements
  • Unit details popup UI added to game
  • You can no longer select enemy units and control them

  • Mortar shells shouldn’t disappear before they have a chance of hitting their target
  • Different firing style for Advanced Assault Bots
  • Adjusted firing style, damage and splash for T2 artillery bot, the “Stomper”
  • T2 Energy Plant cost increased
  • More T2 metal, cheaper storage
  • Missile turret range reduced, destroyers and frigates range increased
  • Slower turn rate on boats, increased build cost
  • Increased T1 energy production
  • Destroyer damage increased
  • Additional Artillery Balance
  • Commanders will no longer insta heal
  • Reduced turret health across the board
  • Reduced air unit HP and anti-air weapon damage
  • Reduced turn rate of all laser turret
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