Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Saints and Heroes Unit Pack DLC

Компания SEGA и студия Creative Assembly выпустили загружаемое дополнение Saints and Heroes Unit Pack для исторической стратегии Total War: SHOGUN 2.

DLC добавляет в игру девять новых юнитов.

Новые юниты  +
Kiyomasa’s Katana Cavalry
  • Katana cavalry hero
  • These heavily-armoured cavalry wield their blades with a brutal expertise.
  • Excellent in melee
  • Slower than other cavalry
  • Excellent morale
  • Vulnerable to Yari, Naginata and Matchlock

Yoritomo’s Yabusame Cavalry
  • Bow cavalry hero
  • Precise and quick, these men can snipe at enemies, and hold their own if cornered.
  • Fast moving
  • Can move and fire
  • Excellent accuracy and range
  • Excellent morale
  • Weak against massed foot missile-units
  • Average in melee

The Spears of Shizugatake
  • Yari cavalry hero
  • Masters of the spear, these expert horsemen boast a devastating charge, and resolute morale in the face of counter-attack.
  • Fast and very powerful charge
  • Excellent against other cavalry
  • Excellent morale
  • Vulnerable to Yari and Naginata

Benkei’s Blades
  • Naginata Hero
  • The long-bladed Naginata is effective against all-comers – doubly so in the hands of an expert.
  • Versatile: very good against cavalry and other infantry
  • Excellent armour high resistance to arrows
  • Excellent morale
  • Weak against Matchlock

Gozen’s Hime Heroines
  • Naginata Heroine
  • In the hands of a great heroine, the Naginata becomes a graceful whirl of steel and bloody death.
  • Versatile: very good against cavalry and other infantry
  • Excellent armour high resistance to arrows
  • Excellent morale
  • Weak against Matchlock

Tokitaka’s Tanegashima
  • Matchlock Hero
  • Armed with a beautifully crafted rifle, these heroes put their marksmanship to deadly use.
  • Good range
  • Devastating damage
  • Very good accuracy and reload
  • Excellent morale
  • Vulnerable to cavalry
  • Good in melee against infantry

Seigen’s Swordmasters
  • Nodachi Hero
  • Carrying the fearsome two-handed Nodachi, these heroes strike terror into the hearts of those they charge.
  • Devastating charge
  • Excellent morale
  • Average in prolonged melee
  • Vulnerable to cavalry and missiles

Tadakatsu’s Tetsubo Warriors
  • Tetsubo Hero
  • As strong as Oni, these mighty warriors are masters of the brutal Tetsubo, or war club.
  • Excellent in melee
  • Excellent morale
  • Vulnerable to missiles and massed enemy units

Hanzo’s Shadows
  • Ninja Hero
  • Masters of stealth, Ninja heroes are the ultimate dealers of swift and silent death.
  • Excellent at hiding
  • Can climb walls very fast
  • Devastating ranged attack
  • Very limited ammunition

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