Вышел патч 1.42 для Global Agenda

Вышел патч 1.42 для MMOFPS Global Agenda от компании Hi-Rez Studios, сообщает официальный сайт проекта. Переделкам подверглись некоторые аспекты геймплея, Dome City и шлемов-flair (с полным списком изменений можно ознакомиться ниже). Также разработчиками был выпущен видеролик, демонстрирующий новые краски, шлемы и др.

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Device and Skill Changes:

  • Spring Stealth had its jump height increased.
  • Jump to Jetpack Time was changed from 0.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds for Hands Free and Combat jetpacks.

Dome City Changes:

  • The Rare Goods Vendor has arrived in Dome City and is selling new dyes and flair, as well as rare items and pets. The Rare Goods Vendor’s offerings may change from day to day.
  • Added Focus Repair Arm to Robotics Advanced Gear vendor in Uncommon and Rare qualities.
  • Display of Sale Pricing Improved.
  • Item Profiles from the Skill shop are now available for Agenda Points as well as Tokens.
  • New, yet-to-be-announced functionality and content is being pre-loaded.
  • Inspect player default key changed to Right-click instead of Left-click.

Game Play Changes:

  • New Flair Drops from Recursive Colony bots in Dome Defense and Sonoran Raids (Juggernaut Helm, Recursive Android, Recursive Soldier)
  • Dismantler''s cutting laser now has a chance on hit to burst Perfect Target bubbles.
  • Initial changes to tutorial functions (more coming in future patches)

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Normalized sellback prices for T5 dyes. Vendor credit price was reduced significantly in some cases.

Bugs Fixed in Version 1.42

  • Consumables Resources Vendor bug fix: Users can now purchase multiple quantities of Element 212 again.
  • Fixed bug where users could not purchase from CyberCuts and DNA Reconstruction vendors.
  • Fixed bug in which some weapons that you could previously sell back to the vendor for credits could not be sold.
  • Fixed issue where some players could get stuck unable to accept quests required to enter the Sonoran Desert. The guard at the gate in the Transport Area should now provide the starter quest to the chain for characters that haven''t yet completed it.

Map Changes
  • Breach - Himalayan Point - Extended the facility’s forcefield to prevent players from getting through during setup time.