Вышел патч беты 5 Diablo III

Вышел патч для беты 5 action-RPG Diablo III от компании Blizzard Entertainment, сообщение об этом размещено на официальном форуме игры. С выходом обновления были устранены основные затруднения, встретившиеся игрокам; доработаны классы, квесты и монстры.

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  • There is a slim possibility for characters to use temporary VO when leveling up.
  • A lot of the Battle.net UI art is using temporary art (such as in the Friends List) that needs to be updated. In addition, many pop-ups lack an X button to close them.
  • The /w and /whisper commands do not work. To Whisper a player, click on the Quick Chat Menu beneath your chat log, select a player’s name, and type your message. That will Whisper the player without using the Whisper command.
  • Clicking on "Remember Account" does not remember your account if you exit the game. However, if you logout of the game, it now remembers your account.


Demon Hunter

NOTE: Many of these Impale bugs are because of the skill’s redesign. Most, if not all, of these Impale bugs are fixed internally, they just did not make it into this Beta patch.
  • Impale has been given a new graphical effect. It is now a thrown knife instead of a bow shot. The tooltip’s damage numbers are correct, but the description of the skill is incorrect.
  • Impale’s skill icon does match current functionality of the skill.
  • Impale has a chance to miss targets when fired on an incline.
  • Impale requires a bow to be used even though it is no longer a bow skill.
  • Using Rapid Fire after running out of Hatred will play the animation of the skill but not shoot any projectiles. In addition, holding down Rapid Fire and running out of Hatred will not start the skill up again when your Hatred regenerates.

  • No sound effect is played when Magic Weapon is cast.

  • Explosions generated by enemies with the Mortar affix show up as giant pink squares. These textures are temporary art.
  • The lore entry for the Skeleton still will not play its voice over. The lore entry itself shows up correctly in your Journal.

  • Act 1 - Defiled Crypt: The Matriarch''s Bones event cannot be completed if players click two funerary urns simultaneously during the quest "A Shattered Crown : Search for Leoric''s Crown in the Cemetery of the Forsaken".
  • Act 1 - Cathedral Level 3: The Templar does not speak when you locate his stolen items during the quest "Reign of the Black King : Find the Warrior''s stolen arms and armor".
  • Act 1 - Cathedral Level 3: It is possible for the Templar to use temporary VO during the quest "Reign of the Black King : Find the Warrior''s stolen arms and armor". The Templar will sound like a robot if this happens.
  • Act 1 - The Hidden Cellar: The lore journal “Adria''s Journal” is using temporary VO. Adria will sound like a robot as well.


  • We are aware of issues affecting nVidia Optimus users.

Список багов

  • Experience Shrines are now granting the 25% EXP buff.

  • Clicking on "Remember Account" will now remember your account if you log out of Battle.net.
  • Several issues with the Auction House have now been resolved. Purchase away!


Demon Hunter
  • Several skills will now display elemental damage effects if the player is using an elemental weapon.
  • The Demon Hunter should no longer say "out of Discipline" when she is out of Hatred, and vice versa.
  • Fan of Knives will now be buffed by increased attack speed effects.
  • The player should no longer get stuck when casting and holding down Dashing Strike.

  • Shrines and health wells should now appear on the minimap.
New Tristram
  • The door to Cain’s house will now open correctly. A portal no longer appears on top of it.
  • Bookshelves have had several bug fixes. Loot from bookshelves should no longer drop on the level above the player. Clicking on a bookshelf will no longer attempt to path your player up staircases. Loot from bookshelves should no longer appear beneath players’ feet in multiplayer games.

  • Rare items should now be correctly named.
  • Crafting an item with a full inventory will now drop the crafted item onto the ground.


  • Fixed a bug where “!!Missing!!” would be displayed in the chat log if a player was killed by a Hydra spawned by an Arcane-affix monster.
  • The volume of monster and quest lore has been adjusted to match the volume NPC dialogue.


  • Pressing ESC and clicking “Yes” during a cutscene will now cancel the cutscene.
  • A quest bang should no longer appear on the minimap where the Blacksmith is located in New Tristram.
  • The Blacksmith’s anvil will no longer disappear when he is reforging Leoric’s crown.
Reign of the Skeleton King
  • It is no longer possible to lose control of your Templar after slaying Jondar. Previously, he would become unresponsive on the staircase near the exit of the Cathedral.
  • The Skeleton King boss fight event card should no longer appear when attempting to restart the fight after killing the Skeleton King.

User Interface

  • Cursor trails will no longer appear on screenshots players take using PrintScreen.
  • Hotkeys should no longer reset after a keybinding has been changed to “Not Set”.