Вышедший патч 80.0.0 исправил много багов

Вышел патч 80.0.0 для старейшей MMORPG Ultima Online от компаний Mythic и Electronic Arts, сообщает официальный сайт игры. В обновлении разработчики сосредоточились на исправлении ошибок – ознакомиться с их объемным списком можно ниже. Были также доработаны торговцы – теперь они, например, взимают свои пошлины постепенно с течением времени (а не раз в день); со всех предметов удален штраф «Vending Penalty»; появилась возможность перетаскивать инвентарь из рюкзака одного торговца к другому, сохраняя цену, и др.

Список изменений  +
Bug Fixes
  • The Ossian Grimoire can now be dyed using Tokuno Dyes
  • Vanilla plants will now display with a light gray color in the plant reproduction and resource gumps
  • Various creatures that were not previously providing spined leather when skinned now provide the correct leather type
  • The Redeemer can now be used to skin animals
  • Jewelers will now purchase all manner of silver rings and bracelets
  • Plain metal chests can now be unlocked using the magic unlock spell
  • An issue with items being unobtainable once placed inside the Sacrificial Altar has been corrected
  • Closing the City Banner purchase gump with a left click will no longer purchase a banner deed
  • Players will no longer be sent to Felucca when they are ejected from certain restriction regions if they do not choose an alternate destination
  • Gargoyles can now use the Lance’s dismount special move while flying
  • The Basket Making Book now has the appropriate item properties displayed
  • Various Peerless keys can no longer have their timers broken
  • All tamable pets will have their speed reset to default speed
  • Players should now be able to enter the Prism of Light while they have other deeds in their backpack
  • Players can now interact with the fortune teller even if they aren’t the owner
  • Vines will no longer spawn in the water when they are spawned by the Vesper Museum
  • The number of mobs spawned in various portions of the Citadel has been scaled down
  • Players can now place the Captain’s Wheel on a Britain Ship addon pad
  • The Staff of Pyros now has a 5% chance to summon a firefield on its target when attacking
  • Newly created Robins Egg candy will no longer fill the tummy of the eater
  • Fruit Bowls, Barrel Staves, Barrel Lids, Gingerbread Cookies, and Runed Switches are now stackable
  • Quest givers will no longer potentially reveal hidden players
  • Players will no longer get stuck inside the Prism of Light if they lose their ticket
  • Elven Shirts can now be blessed using the Clothing Bless Deed
  • Tailors on Siege Perilous will no longer sell Flax
  • The Blessed Statue will now properly display whether they hold reagents or not
  • Players will no longer be able to chop containers when they are contained within a bankbox
  • Casting Nature’s Fury or Wildfire from a scroll will now consume the scroll on use
  • Peerless bosses should no longer be able to be spawned more than once
  • Players should no longer be able to cut up anything with scissors that isn’t in their backpack
  • Passive detection of traps will only occur if a player has at least 75 detecting hidden skill
  • All fish pies are now stackable
  • Golems can no longer be used to exploit combat training
  • The Mythic Character token can now be used to increase the Spellweaving Skill if the player is eligible
  • Players can no longer target hidden or invisible players with shatter potions
  • Shatter potions now require line of sight
  • Players can no longer bypass the 60 second cooldown timer for Shatter Potions
  • Small soulforges can now be used to alter items through the tailoring skill
  • Gargoyles can no longer obtain stone form while flying
  • Healers will now spawn in the proper location in Yew
  • Female Guards will no longer spawn with mannish features
  • The Nether Cyclone spell will no longer effect targets that are out of line of sight
  • Animated Weapon cannot be cast through walls
  • Ethereal Swamp Dragons will match regular swamp dragons when retouched with the retouching tool
  • NPCs near the Zento Dock will no longer spawn in inappropriate locations
  • Certain particle effects have had their likelihood reduced to prevent EC crashes
  • Players will receive a message when they have reached the Highest Path in Honesty
  • Runes marked inside a house will be hued to match the hue of the facet in which they are created
  • The Bracers of Alchemical Devastation now have a lightning effect to prevent paralyzes from being interrupted
  • The Small Snowy area in Malas can now be marked and recalled into
  • Stacks of Obsidian Fragments will not be entirely consumed when combined with a single or partially reconstructed Obsidian Fragment
  • Hit Life Leech and Hit Mana Leech will now have a visual effect when applied
  • Bane Dragons are identified correctly in the Pet Trade Window
  • Players can no longer place items on vendors while vendors are in moving crates
  • Statuettes will now use standard house security
  • Security will not default to “anyone” with bulletin boards any longer
  • Range restrictions and line of sight have been removed when placing and removing house addons as long as you are in the house.
  • New creature icons were made for the Bake Kitsune
  • Exploding mushrooms will no longer spawn under players houses
  • Lava Lobster fishing was fixed
  • Human male face 6 and 7 are no longer the same
  • Pets will now show up correctly on your pet slots
  • Players can no longer mount a pre patched Hiryu with a bola target cursor
  • Certain mobs will no longer leave frozen non lootable standing images instead of corpses
  • Cursor Target Last action should function correctly now
  • You can no longer target invisible pets with stored target and target last action
  • Health Bars should update correctly now in the EC
  • The Always Run user setting will now influence walking and running via the keyboard movement in the EC client
  • Fixed stacking issues when removing items from vendor inventory to your backpack
  • Fixed an issue that stopped players from smelting or repairing items
  • It is now possible to buy items that are too heavy to carry from a player-owned vendor.
    • This is only possible if the buyer’s bank box can hold the item.
    • If successful, the item will be placed directly in the buyer’s bank box
    • Items that are light enough to be carried will never be sent directly to the bank box; these items will be purchased normally
  • Tome of Lost Knowledge can be equipped on a vendor now
  • Building signs have now be localized in various towns
  • Lockdown count for trash barrels will be removed from your house immediately after deletion
  • You can no longer rename runes marked for shops/houses
  • Hanging Skeletons can be re-deeded by the owner of the house or the person that placed it.
  • The goatee no longer appears to be a Van Dyke in the EC
  • Ornate Elven Chest will only take 1 lockdown now instead of 2
  • House signs will update immediately when using a name change token. Please note this only works for player’s primary houses.
  • Items locked down under house signs will be released and moved to the moving crates for classic and customizable houses.
  • Object Handles will no longer remain for items that are deleted or removed
  • Vendors can equip Faction Morph Earrings
  • Players will no longer receive the double bark of I wish to secure this and no longer locked down when securing an item
  • Despise mobs will all start at up to Level 5
  • Luck bonus from the 10th Anniv sculpture should no longer get stuck on players
  • Gargoyle character statues should present properly when using the restore button
  • Hail Storm should no longer flag the caster by hitting allies or player vendors
  • Mooring lines of ships will now not allow you to board a ship while you are a PVP aggressor
  • Players can no longer block the spawning of the Sap of Sosaria; it will be eligible to respawn as soon as it is picked up by a player.
  • Aggression involving one’s own pets no longer blocks access to a player’s house as if the player were a non-consensual PvP aggressor
  • Players can no longer insure items in a locked container
  • On Siege and Mugen the effect of the Crystal Ball of Knowledge will be removed if the item is stolen
  • Game now shows 2 sizes for pixies for EC
  • Hats should no longer twitch in the EC client
  • Lanterns now glow on the paperdoll
  • Hueing of Gargoyle wings should display properly
  • Gargoyle aprons should hue properly in EC
  • Gargoyle kilts should hue properly in EC
  • Female Gargoyles aprons should appear less manly and hue properly
  • Halos on hats and helms have been removed from the EC paperdoll
  • The composite bow will now appear when mounted in EC
  • Flesh Golem has been re skinned and looks AWESOME NOW
  • You can no longer place identical add ons at the same location
  • Davies’ Locker will now show coordinates if you have the appropriate skill for the map’s difficulty
  • Bedrolls will not lose their “Acquired by Begging” properly when used
  • Davies’ Locker will now show South or East sextant coordinates
  • All broken Iron Beetles should mine properly now (submitted thru Ask and Answer)
  • Gingerbread houses can no longer be placed under walls
  • Small bone table is not impassable and has the correct height valuePlayers can no longer walk thru walls on top of the sandstone house
  • It is no longer possible to simultaneously open more than one user interface for modifying character appearance
    • This includes the Disguise Kit, the Hair Restyling Coupon, the Hair and Face Stylist NPCs, and the sex change token
  • When placing a ladder it now requires a two tile gap in line with the ladder on the floor above
  • Corrected height placement to the spooky furniture
  • Oil cloths will now go into the players packs instead of on the ground at their feet
  • Tool tip information is visible on all ship’s hold tiles
  • Guild war or guild sparring will not block ship access
  • Mythic Character token will allow you to reallocate 260 stat points if you have raised your points before using the token, otherwise it will only go to 255
  • You can no longer craft exceptional Grapes of Wrath
  • If you fill a BOD that was used to try to bribe a NPC and then cancelled you will be able to turn it in without it being seen as a bribe
  • Fixed the column labels in the commodity broker gump
  • You can now sell Grapes of Wrath and Petals of the Rose of Trinsic on commodity brokers
  • Runic crafted Weapon damage bonus is now 35%
  • Ship runes no longer go blank during server maintenance when locked down in a player’s house
  • Gorgon Lenses will always be colored with the scales used, having the DO NOT COLOR option does not effect these lenses
  • Salvage bags on Siege will no longer consume charges
  • Player can no longer force Sacrificial Altars into walls with the house decorating tool
  • Fixed an issue that caused permanent debuff icons on a players buff bar
  • Fixed the Ankhs so that Exodus cannot destroy them
  • Players have the option to not mark Dragon Barding Deeds
  • Abbatoirs and Pentagrams will no longer move one tile NW after house customization
  • The Second Age Ice Champ Spawn teleporters will now teleport to a more desirable location
  • Items will now properly sit on top of Stygian Abyss style pedestals
  • Items will now sit properly on the arms of the Blackthorn Throne replica
  • Players will no longer get stuck behind stalagmites as a result of Cora’s AI
  • The Stew in Dungeon Wrong will properly be in the pot
  • Removed errant terrain tiles inside Dungeon Shame
  • Doors in Luna will no longer have a chance to spawn in duplicate
  • The Fisherman’s Suit will now provide the appropriate bonus to the chance of catching Charybdis
  • Commodity deeds can no longer be used on objects that have a lifespan
  • All peerless keys that had a timer of 5 hours now have a timer of 1 week (will display as 6 days)
  • Players who are riding an ethereal mount that get dismounted with the riding swipe special move will not be able to immediately enter animal form
  • Cocoa Seeds that were displaying the incorrect “O’Hii Seed” name when stacked will now display the correct name when moved
  • Exodus will now destroy all items that block his movement
  • You can no longer drink from a bottle while in the trade window
  • It is now possible for owners to simultaneously release and retrieve their locked down and secured items using the new “Retrieve” context menu option.

Vendor Fixes

  • Vendors will now charge their fees incrementally over time, instead of once per day.
  • If the vendor runs out of funds, the player has a one-hour grace period before the vendor packs up.
  • Vending Penalty is abolished and all existing Vending Penalties are removed from all items.
  • Vendors will now charge fees for selling equipped items
  • It is now possible to drag inventory directly from one vendor''s backpack to another, preserving sale price

Moving Barrels

It is now possible to re-deed container house add-ons
  • If the container is not locked down or secured:
    • The contents are dumped to the floor
    • The add-on returns to normal deed form
  • If the container is locked down or secured:
    • The add-on becomes a barrel instead of a deed
    • The contents of the add-on container(s) are stored inside the barrel
    • The barrel is never blessed
    • The barrel cannot be opened
    • Items be added to/removed from/used while inside the barrel
    • The barrel acts like an add-on deed
    • When the add-on is placed from the barrel, the contents are restored

New Buff /Debuff Icons

Grapes of Wrath
  • Horrific Beast
  • Lich Form
  • Vampric Embrace
  • Wraith Form
  • Curse Weapon
  • Reaper Form
  • Immolating Weapon
  • Enchant Buff
  • Honorable Excution
  • Confidence Buff
  • Evasion Buff
  • Counter Attack Buff
  • Lightning Strike
  • Momentum Strike
  • Orange Petals
  • Rose of Trinsic
  • Poison Immunity Resistance
  • Veterinary Buff
  • Perfection Buff
  • Honored Buff
  • Mana Phase Buff
  • Enemy of One Debuff
  • Fandancer Fan Fire Debuff
  • Rage Debuff
  • Webbing Debuff
  • Medusa Stone
  • Dragon Slasher Fear Debuff
  • Aure of Nausea Debuff
  • Howl of Cacophony Debuff
  • Gaze Despare Debuff
  • Hiryu Physical Resistance Debuff
  • Rune Beetle Corruption Debuff
  • Bloodworm Anemia Debuff
  • Rotworm Blood Disease Debuff
  • Faction Stat Loss Debuff
  • Heat of Battle Status Debuff
  • Criminal Status Debuff
  • Splintering Effect Debuff

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