World Of Darkness: внутренний тест демо-версии подошел к концу

Внутреннее тестирование демо-версии World Of Darkness подошло к концу, о чем можно прочитать в Twitter''е главного продюсера проекта Chris McDonough, где он опубликовал массу сообщений о команде тестеров и о том, чем они занимались последние две недели, а также об их роли в разработке новой MMORPG от CCP. В перечне тестированных элементов числятся модели, анимация всевозможных движений и бафов, сетевая часть, управление и таргетинг, а также многое другое.

Полный список участников и их роли в тестировании  +
  • Vestiphobia (Character Art) Put together new female fashion ref for female reference model Dressed base model in prep
  • Vestiphobia (Character Art) Added rough shaders to highlight selected character Worked on new high poly male model
  • Agoraphobia (District Art/Level Design) New Material Editor for Shaders on Objects Identified architectural styles for kits
  • Agoraphobia (District Art/Level Design) Prototype block out tool for making buildings that automate crafting to art kit metrics
  • Agoraphobia (District Art/LD) Began a simulated neighborhood that contains all elements of locations and gameplay
  • Agoraphobia (District Art/LD) Updated history of district to match story timelines Review old assets and gathered for districts
  • Agoraphobia (District Art/Level Design) Defined all elements of districts (gameplay types, locations likes stores, Elysiums etc>)
  • Gibbet (Economy) Working on ability to acquire new discipline aspects improvements in game for testing improv appear on char sheet
  • Gibbet (Economy) Developing NPC workflows and documents Working on District fiction
  • Hyperpole (Punch and Stagger) Seeing characters knocked off ladders and "knockbacked" off of rooftops
  • Hyperpole (Punch and Stagger) Network Improvements Fixed mantling on objects to only happen on 50% approach
  • Hyperpole (Punch and Stagger) Attacks now made interrubtible "Tyrant''s Gaze" Discipline Willpower Attack
  • Hyperpole (Punch and Stagger) Combat improv oriented towards int CCP test in June Attack Chains, ending power attacks with knockback
  • Team MDK (Camera and Selection) Target cycling options,New Keymapping options Seeing some basic celerity powers
  • Team MDK (Camera and Selection) testing control modes for enemy select Improv targeting "stickiness" huh? Porn Music Playing? WTF
  • Team MDK (Camera and Selection) Testing out new camera systems, added camera delays to fast motion to prevent jitter
  • Acme (Animation) Testing different combat anim styles Seeing knock back and stagger anims, jumping across roofs, climbing up walls
  • Acme (Animation) New Character Model and Rig in Game Animation samples for discipline powers
  • Plaid (Pandora) Showing Aura''s and active buffs in combat
  • Plaid (Pandora) Pandora work on "Volumes in Game" Allow for area effects (AOE) disciplines spheres, cones, cylinders
  • Big Iron (Network) Single sign on to use EVE acc to log in to WoD, now on our int WoD web "One Step Towards World Domination"
  • Big Iron (Multicity/Network) Early Work on Multicity char transfer
  • Big Iron (Multicity/Network) Early aperture work to determine visibility of Avatars (Obfuscate)
  • Big Iron (Multicity/Network) swarm node work-Entity Services To move things like AI to sep. server to reduce load on primary servers
  • Khann content browser work in Jessica (our internal design tool) to help edit worlds and organize thousands of assets
  • Khann (Enlighten, Content Browser and Blockout Tool) Enlighten lighting middleware additional improvements
  • Khann(Enlighten,Content Browser, Blockout Tool) Early work on new blockout tool for level design to create quickly modifiable worlds
  • Team Crash and Burn (Server and Builds) Logmonitor internal wiki documentation, Graphs of test results, Network Data for Bottlenecks
  • Team Crash N Burn (Server and Builds)Test Analysis for Network Services, Network Logging Services (all very exciting for the nerds)

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